Roofing Leads Seattle: #1 Lead Generation Guide for Roofers

Roofing Leads Seattle (Guide Cover)

Roofing leads in Seattle come from various sources, but they are all acquired through the same tactics: SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, Referrals, and Digital Marketing. Sometimes, traditional methods like door-knocking also generate leads in the Pacific Northwest.

The question for Seattle roofing contractors is – do you want to buy leads or generate them yourself? Buying leads is more expensive and less sustainable than manual lead generation. However, many roofers face the problem of not getting any leads, especially when first starting.

In the following guide, Roofer’s Guild breaks down how to generate roofing leads in Seattle, Washington. Before you know it, you can be the king of lead generation in Emerald City.

Buying Leads vs. Lead Generation

Lead Generation Infographic

The first decision you have to make is buying leads or generating leads. At Roofer’s Guild, we recommend lead generation because it produces more ROI and helps build a sustainable roofing business. However, some contractors may have to buy leads at the very beginning. Even so, you should still set up your own lead generation process.

Buying Roofing Leads

You can buy Seattle roofing leads from places like HomeAdvisor or Angi at an average cost of $50. However, buying leads enters your roofing company into the gig economy, making it dependent on another entity for new customers. While using this strategy in the short term can keep you afloat, you must parlay it into your own branded lead generation sources.

Generating Roofing Leads

Your business will ascend once you establish reliable lead generation sources under your brand. For example, your company website, Google Business Profile, and social media pages will serve as roofing lead sources in Seattle. You will not need to purchase leads once you start getting consistent leads from these branded online assets.

Lead Generation Methods for Seattle Roofers

There are some tried and true methods to get more inquiries online. Many roofers have been utilizing these strategies for decades, while others have lagged and suffered the consequences. The good news is that it’s never too late to implement these tactics and start getting new clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the best way to get Seattle roofing customers in 2023. You can expect a consistent stream of organic leads by optimizing your website and Google Business Profile for the right keywords. 

The best part about SEO is that your rankings are free. So you don’t have to pay when somebody clicks on your website page or business listing. Local SEO is a sub-category of search engine optimization which involves ranking your Google Business Profile in the Local Map 3-Pack results.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is another way to get new customers by paying for clicks. Google Ads is the most common platform for PPC, as roofing companies can advertise a lead capture landing page for specific Google keywords.

PPC lacks the long-term ROI of SEO since roofers must pay each time a person clicks on their ad. In addition, these clicks may be lower quality than organic ones in some cases because customers ready to buy roofing services often distinguish paid results from their organic counterparts.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are similar to PPC in that roofers pay to advertise their services on a popular platform. The difference with Facebook Ads is that you can target consumers based on demographics and interests. 

You can also create Facebook Lead Ads to capture new clients directly on the Facebook platform. Facebook Ads are typically more visual than Google Ads, and intriguing the audience requires a creative advertisement.


Once your company starts getting customers through various online sources, you will see an uptick in referrals. Essentially, a satisfied customer will tell friends and family members about your services, and you will get calls from those conversations. 

Some Seattle contractors even set up referral programs to incentivize existing customers to spread the good word about your company. These customers might get a discount or coupon for each referral they send to your business.

Online communities like Nextdoor present an opportunity for digital referrals, as homeowners may spread the word about a positive roofing experience to their online neighbors. You might also consider joining Seattle-area roofing associations to expand your network.

Digital Marketing

Roofing companies can use other forms of digital marketing to get new customers in 2023. For example, email marketing is a method of sending automated emails to potential customers or even existing ones needing future services. 

One way to build your email list is by offering a lead magnet on your website. Maybe you make a white paper or PDF available for download after visitors submit their email addresses. Even if these users don’t become clients immediately, they may eventually use your services.

Seattle Roofing Lead Generation Chart

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Emerald City Roofers

Now that you know the methods for lead generation let’s explore the top platforms on which to implement these strategies. Of course, most companies know that Google is the leading search engine in the United States, but other platforms can also help Seattle-area roofing companies get customers.


Google is the #1 search engine globally and certainly in Seattle. You can employ multiple strategies to get leads from Google, including SEO and PPC. In addition, Google Business Profile is a free business listing that allows you to rank for Seattle-area keywords on the Local Map 3-Pack.

Of course, you can also rank your website on traditional organic results. In addition, Google Ads is the top PPC platform and can yield reasonable costs per click with the correct keyword research strategy.


Facebook is the top social media network in the U.S. and will continue to grow with its Meta brand initiative. The Metaverse is the future of the internet, and Seattle-area companies should utilize this platform ASAP.

For now, a Facebook Business Page remains a viable source of lead generation, especially if you’re willing to run Facebook Ads targeting homeowners in the Seattle, Washington area. 


YouTube is great for building your company’s brand and establishing trust and credibility in Emerald City. Roofing contractors comfortable sharing their on-the-job work in video form can benefit from the exposure.

YouTube also helps your company website if you embed your videos on high-traffic pages. Video content is proven to convert visitors at a higher rate than only text content. In addition, you can share YouTube videos on social media platforms like Facebook.


Nextdoor is an online community for neighborhoods. Just as neighbors would spread positive and negative feedback about roofing companies to their neighbors pre-internet, they do the same thing now online. 

As you know, word of mouth travels much faster in digital form. As a result, building credibility in Seattle neighborhoods can get the word out quickly about your roofing business.

Screenshot of Nextdoor page for Seattle, WA

The Bottom Line for Seattle Roofing Companies

Whether you buy leads or generate them yourself, the inquiries come through the same platforms and use the same methods. Therefore, to grow your business long-term, you must take ownership of the lead generation process rather than paying a 3rd party that utilizes that process.

Buying leads keeps your Seattle roofing company in the gig economy and hinders its growth and sustainability. In contrast, building branded lead-gen sources across the internet landscape can produce consistent leads and put your company on the fast track to success.