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Roofer's Guild Owners

Co-Owners of The National Roofer’s Guild

Becoming part of the Roofer’s Guild association instantly multiplies your contacts within the roofing industry. But we’re not just any roofers. To maintain membership in our association, contractors must demonstrate consistent excellence and abide by the standards and regulations set forth by our company’s founders. You shouldn’t have any problem doing so, since we are all working towards the same goal of improvement.

We offer a litany of resources to roofers throughout the United States. From educational documents, to verified case studies, becoming a member of Roofer's Guild can help grow your company exponentially. Our community consists of commercial and residential roofers alike, so apply for membership today by calling (877) 282-8968.

Your Dependable Roofing Community

The goal for us as a community is to provide mutually beneficial resources to each of our members. By joining our group, you are making a commitment not only to yourself, but to your fellow contractors. The incentive is great considering the amount of revenue increases that can result from methods work shopped in the Roofer’s Guild community. As most roofing companies can attest to, there is strength in numbers. Stop trying to handle the industry by your lonesome, and come join a community that will have your back.

When you are ready to get started, give us a call at 877-282-8968 and schedule a membership screening. We will discuss what your company is looking for specifically, and how Roofer's Guild can meet those unique needs. If it is determined that our community is a match for your company, we will welcome you aboard with open arms. We are dedicated to providing an excellent members experience for each contractor belonging to our association. Together we can address modern roofing challenges across the nation.