9 (Fresh + Unique) SEO Tips for Roofers in 2022

SEO for Roofers

SEO for roofers helps roofing companies rank for industry keywords on Google Search. As the industry has grown more competitive, rankings are harder to achieve. Many roofers grow frustrated with the process, whether using a 3rd party marketing company or performing SEO themselves. In either case, some useful SEO tips can help roofing companies keep their sanity in 2022 and start generating leads.

What is SEO for Roofers?

SEO for roofers is a set of practices to improve rankings and visibility in organic search results. SEO tasks include on-page optimization, keyword research, user experience enhancement, technical refinement, etc.

How Do Roofers Utilize SEO?

Roofing contractors can utilize SEO through their website and local business listings, like Google My Business. Ranking in organic search results drives free roofing leads to your website and business profiles.

Unlike paid ads, SEO is sustainable, affordable, and produces excellent ROI.

Kinds of SEO for Roofing Companies

You can break SEO into two primary categories, organic SEO and Local SEO. Organic SEO refers to the traditional ten blue links on most search engines. In contrast, Local SEO deals with Local Map-Pack listings and Google Maps results.

Organic SEO: Traditional ten blue links on Google search results

Local SEO: Map-Pack listings and Google Maps results

Organic SEO and Local SEO influence one another, so roofers should invest in both variations. For example, a robust roofing company website makes your Google My Business listing more likely to rank higher. Similarly, a popular GMB listing can drive traffic to your primary website.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO was once the only way to rank on Google search results. Although many new SERP features have appeared on Google over the years, organic SEO remains integral to your overall optimization strategy. Your goal is to rank on organic search results with your primary website. You want to rank for industry keywords, local keywords, and your brand.

Local SEO

Local SEO has grown steadily over the years and is now perhaps the essential part of an SEO strategy for roofing companies. Map-Pack results appear on top of traditional organic results for most local queries, making your local optimization efforts crucial to online success. Aside from proximity, relevance, and prominence, brand reputation is an essential Local SEO factor for roofing contractors.

As promised. Here are 9 SEO tips for Roofers in 2022:

1) Domains Make a Difference

One of the most overlooked components of a successful SEO strategy is the roofer’s domain or web address. Many roofers operate under the false narrative that any domain can rank on Google. While you can build a domain from scratch, it will take at least 12 months to start ranking for significant keywords (in most cases.)

Some companies have old domains that haven’t been worked on for years. Others have a live website but have failed to invest resources in an effective SEO strategy. You can check your domain age by looking up the WHOis information or checking with your registrar. Existing domains have a far better chance of ranking quickly, particularly if they possess the following qualities:

  • Age: Domains registered over a year or more ago rank better
  • Backlinks: Domains with an existing backlink profile rank better
  • Keywords: Domains with keywords in the web address rank better
Domain Age

You can check domain age at whois.com

2) Not All Content is Useful

Another misnomer in the SEO industry is that content is king. There’s an idea that writing a bunch of content guarantees a high ranking for your website. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, thin content can have the opposite effect on your rankings. 300-word blog posts, for example, hurt roofing websites in most cases, especially when they cover topics already detailed throughout your website.

Another example of thin content is city pages or doorway pages that use the same headers and similar content to rank for multiple cities. When contractors mass-produce these types of landing pages, they dilute their site’s overall content quality and may restrict their crawl budget. Producing higher-quality content less frequently is a better optimization strategy in 2022.

Dallas Roofing Content

Well-written content helps rankings, but thin, low-quality content hurts them

3) Local Links Are Crucial

Roofing companies tend to get caught up in follow links vs. nofollow links when the more important distinction has to do with location. A nofollow link from a local directory is more valuable than a follow link from a furniture website in Boise, Idaho. Industry-related links for roofers are also beneficial.

Google doesn’t expect local roofing websites to have national links from Forbes and USA Today, but they value links from local chambers of commerce and other reputable institutions. For example, a link from a regional roofing directory is far more relevant than a random citation on an unrelated national platform.

Roofer Link Profile

Local and industry links instill trust in your website

4) Google Map 3-Pack is Key

Ranking for organic terms is nice, but the local map pack gets the most clicks. Local roofers should focus on ranking within the Map 3-Pack and present the best possible Google My Business listing with reviews. Since prospects can compare your company against others in the area, most of the conversion process happens directly on the SERP.

Google’s Local Map algorithm considers proximity, relevance, and prominence. You can’t influence proximity unless you move your address. Relevance considers your company name and category with the searcher’s intent. On the other hand, prominence looks at your reviews and reputation, along with your attached website URL.

Google Map Pack

Google Map 3-Pack rankings generate the most local traffic

5) User Experience Should Take Priority

Since SEO is a form of marketing, some roofers get caught up with the result and lose sight of the process. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a great user experience for website visitors, which takes care of SEO. Consider things like site speed, navigation, internal linking, and the most obvious need for quality content.

Although Google says bounce rate does not impact SEO, you can be sure that user experience (however defined) influences rankings. Search engines aim to provide the best results to its users, and your website must hold up its end of the bargain by providing a satisfactory experience.

User Experience Test

Websites with strong performance enhance user experience

6) Service Pages Rank Better

Some roofers try to rank for all their services on a single page. Here’s some advice, bullet points won’t do the trick. You can’t include TPO roofing as a bullet point on your homepage and expect to rank for the keyword. Instead, you should create the bullet point along with a separate service page for TPO roofing. It would be best if you linked to the service page from the homepage so that Google crawls the URL more easily.

It’s important to publish unique content on each service page, as using duplicate content can lower your overall quality and appear as spam. Search engines prioritize pages with the most narrow intent, meaning a page about TPO roofing will outrank a general page that merely mentions the term.

TPO Service Page

Breaking your services into individual pages helps them rank higher

7) Keyword Research is Changing

SEO professionals used to rely primarily on tools like SEMRush for keyword volume, but we learn each year that many keywords fall through the cracks, especially in terms of volume. Local keywords may have a much larger search volume than such tools would indicate. It’s best to use your Google Search Console data to monitor queries, impressions, and clicks and cater your content to target those keywords.

Another factor to consider is user intent. For example, a search query like epdm roofing may imply multiple intents, including information and transactional. Long-tail queries like epdm roofing services clarify that intent as transactional. You can also use lesser-known keyword tools like Answer The Public to gain new insights.

Search Console Query

Queries with location modifiers may have higher volume than keyword tools indicate

8) Multimedia Engages Users

Text-based content remains essential for rankings, but multimedia is now vital for engagement. Pages with video, audio, and images foster higher engagement than those without such elements. Video, in particular, can keep visitors on your website longer, create familiarity with your company, and increase conversion rates.

You don’t have to host videos directly on your website as they will take up a lot of space and may slow down your site speed. Instead, upload a video to YouTube and embed it onto your homepage, service pages, and blog posts for the ultimate effect.

On-Page Videos

On-page multimedia can increase user engagement

9) Branding Influences Search Visibility

One of Google’s primary jobs is to weed out spam websites from their search results. When Google showcases brands to its users, they can feel comfortable that, at the very least, the user is dealing with a legitimate roofing company. So how does Google determine what a brand is?

Consider things like your staff and equipment’s unique photos, a robust about us page explaining your company vision, and clear and accurate contact information throughout your website. Each of these things helps establish your roofing company as a brand, which helps with SEO in 2022.

Branded Photo

Unique staff images help establish your brand

(Bonus Tip) CTAs Help With Conversions

SEO services aim to bring in more sales for your roofing company. The best way to convert your traffic is to implement engaging calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout your website. Your site’s header is a great place to showcase your company’s phone number, while the middle part of the homepage is an ideal place for a contact form.

Be sure to create urgency around your CTAs with phrases like Free Estimate or First Time Discount. Remember, search engine optimization generates high-quality leads for your roofing business.

Call To Action

Showcase CTAs with urgency

SEO Services for Roofing Companies

If you need help implementing strategies shown on this list, reach out to Roofer’s Guild today. Our team of marketing experts can optimize your business on search engines like Google and help you convert traffic into sales. Our company specializes in website design, SEO, and reputation management, with a full-service marketing strategy that features unparalleled lead generation.

We look forward to helping you achieve your business goals online in 2022.