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What Is Roofer's Guild?

We are a network community of professional roofing contractors throughout the United States focused on collaborative solutions to common industry challenges. As a group that is dedicated to innovation, we abide by the ideal that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Membership with Roofer’s Guild includes access to an extensive list of resources, but perhaps most importantly, a camaraderie with fellow contractors throughout the nation.

Benefits of Membership

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Becoming a member Roofer’s Guild is an accomplishment in of itself. Membership includes access to a number of valuable resources as well as a forum through which to network with like-minded peers. Because of the standard established by our founding members, contractors are held accountable to their pledge, which is to execute services with ethics and professionalism. As a member of Roofer’s Guild, contractors will have access to:

  • Case Studies
  • Community Discussion
  • Exclusive Downloads
  • Featured Content
  • Industry Insights

As a nationwide association, our creed is inclusive and we welcome contractors throughout all corners of the United States. From the East Coast of Connecticut and New York to the West Coast of California and Washington, our community transcends regional divisions. Let’s not forget the South with Florida, Oklahoma and Texas or the Midwest with Illinois, Nebraska, and Ohio. To apply for membership, call Roofer’s Guild today at (877) 282-8968.

Roofing Industry Adaptation

The roof industry has changed significantly over the past 10 years, and its evolution continues before our very eyes. From the advancement of digital marketing to the adjustment of Federal and State regulations, there’s reasons for roofing contractors to be both apprehensive and hopeful. Having a community to help you navigate through modern adaptations of roofing helps alleviate some of the stress that every small business owner feels. Relinquish the burden of having to face new challenges alone, and embrace community and all of its perks. Consider:

  • Digital Marketing: New ways to reach consumers through media
  • Equipment & Supplies: New tools and methodologies have altered standards
  • Industry Regulations: Subtle changes in State and Federal regulations

Roofing is not alone in its evolution to modern times. Almost every small business owner faces a similar challenge. Roofer’s Guild addresses these obstacles through the power of community. While there’s no question that modern technology can be overwhelming to a business that is based in ground action, but there are ways to use new tools to the benefit of our collective performance. From promoting your brand online, to communicating with existing customers, Roofer’s Guild can help you sort through an overwhelming current.

Knowledge Base for Roofers

As a group of roofing experts, we work collaboratively with our fellow contractors, creating a community of resources that can answer almost any industry based question. Utilizing the expertise of a diverse group of professional roofing contractors protects your company against a misallocation of resources. Roofer’s Guild contractors benefit from the following:

  • Accountability: We hold each other accountable as roofers
  • Resources: Access a collaborative knowledge base & reliable industry information
  • Standards: Abide by defined standards for each roofing job

Our members are expected to uphold the highest standard of performance for installation, restoration, replacement, and any other commercial or residential roofing job that is required. To maintain your membership with Roofer’s Guild, contractors must either meet or exceed the standards established upon enrollment. Call (877) 282-8968 to join Roofer’s Guild.

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