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Our network oversees vast range of commercial roofing services which include foam roofing, metal roof repair, and industrial roofing. Our contractors are the best in the business.

Roof Restoration Service

Roof Restoration

Roofer's Guild specializes in restoration solutions for building owners. Using premium products, endorsed by Conklin, sets us apart from other national companies in the United States.

Single Ply Roofing

Single-ply membranes have become increasingly popular over the last few decades because of their cost efficiency and ease of installation. Single-ply membrane construction is held to the highest standard.

Storm Roof Damage

Contractors of Roofer's Guild are often called upon after severe storms hit areas. We provide resources to help our network of contractors assist communities damaged in storms.

Contractors On Metal Roof

Who Is Roofer's Guild?

We are a team of commercial roofing experts who represent professional contractors throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide elite customer service, innovative solutions, and superior value, to commercial building owners throughout the country. Join our community today!

A Commitment To Excellence

Contractors Prepping Commercial Rooftop

To remain a part of Roofer’s Guild, contractors must uphold a series of standards and requirements. As a collaborative group, every member must pull their weight. Those dragging down the team, can no longer be a part of it. The good news is that members have all the resources imaginable to maintain a peak level of performance on commercial roofing jobs. The following standards must be met or exceeded:

  • Commitment Fulfillment
  • Ethical Business Practice
  • Positive Track Record
  • Professional Conduct
  • Superior Workmanship

With a nationwide network, our team holds each member accountable, regardless of location. While elements of jobs may vary, the foundational components of a superior roofing job remain in tact. There will never be a vague understanding of performance, but rather a defined and measurable standard that will be met or exceeded. Members are always made aware of their standing. Call Roofer’s Guild at (877) 282-8968.

Commercial Roofing Contractor

The roofing industry is a giant, as they say. This is true in both a financial and practical sense. With the roof being the most important part of a property, and often the most expensive, the demand for services is high. On one hand, expense is always a consideration. On the other, quality is something that will determine how long a new roof lasts, and how well it can withstand the elements of specific climates. One thing is for sure, a wealth of resources can help. There are several qualities that every business owner looks for in a roofing contractor. They include:

  • Affordability
  • Insurance
  • Permits and Licenses
  • References

A reputable commercial roofer should possess each of the qualities above and be able to prove it through documentation, case studies, references, and more. Roofer’s Guild members are asked to uphold the highest standard of performance and behavior. We are a network of roofing contractors throughout the United States of America. No job is too large or too small for our contractors. No matter the size, scope, or expense of the project, customer satisfaction remains the top priority, which is why we treat each roofing job as if it were our only concern. We use Conklin approved materials in every job, so each one will be treated as a priority. Call (877) 282-8968 to schedule your roof inspection today!

Commercial Contractor

Commercial Roof Repair

Contractor Checking Roof Damage
Contractor Repairs Roof
Repairs Can Prevent Expensive Replacement

Any building owner can attest to the fact that commercial buildings are susceptible to wear and tear over the years. That’s why many schedule regular maintenance so that problems are repaired before they get out of hand. Most common roofing problems can be halted through regular maintenance services. Roofer’s Guild helps contractors maximize their performance for commercial roof repairs. Our expert contractors are trained to identify, diagnose, and repair commercial roofing problems. Some of the most common include:

  • Pooling Water
  • Mildew Growth
  • Sagging Areas
  • Water Leaks

The extent of damage often depends on what type of roofing material a structure is made from. EPDM roofing is most vulnerable to water leaks, especially in climates that are conducive to regular rain. As far as preventing mildew growth, ensuring leaves and other debris don’t build up atop a roof is a great place to start. If the material is one of the least expensive types, aging may take place at a faster rate. You’ll be able to see visual signs of aging, such as cracks and sagging, as well as other signs like energy efficiency problems. Call Roofer’s Guild to become an expert in commercial roof repair.

Commercial Roof Replacement

There are instances in which roof restoration is not an option because the damage is too severe, and the material cannot be salvaged. In cases such as these, roof replacement becomes the only viable option. While it is certainly more expensive than restoration up front, the constant repairs and maintenance of a failing roof add up over time. It’s better for the client to stop paying for constant repairs and get their structure back to a functional level. After replacement, average yearly cost should go down substantially for the foreseeable future. Our company provides resources for you to assess the damage to the roof. During inspection, you should review the following:

  • Aging Signs
  • Energy Effeciency
  • Moisture Infiltration
  • Roof Bubbles

Replacement can be expensive, which makes high performance imperative. Clients want a solution that will fit within their budget. At Roofer’s Guild, we encourage superior customer service. Each contractor should review all options to help clients make the most informed decision possible. Many commercial companies are in it for the money alone, and lead building owners to a one-time replacement fee, so they’ll never have to deal with the backlash of a subpar performance. The decision to replace shouldn’t be made until all other options are considered and exhausted. To become a trusted commercial roof replacement company , call Roofer’s Guild at (877) 282-8968.

Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Restoration

Contractor Performs Restoration

Restoration provides many great benefits, especially when compared to roof replacement. In terms of roof replacements, they are notably expensive because of the high labor costs, and the price of tear offs and landfill dumping. Replacements also disrupt business operations because of their invasive nature on buildings. In contrast, roof restoration offers:

  • Low Labor Cost
  • Non-Disruptive Process
  • Zero Landfill Dumping
  • Zero Tear-Off Cost

It’s difficult to find a downside to restoration, particularly when compared to replacement. There are various types of restoration options available to commercial property owners. They include; acrylic, elastomeric, polyurea, and silicone coatings, and can be applied on flat, metal, industrial, and rubber roofing services. To speak with an expert at Roofer’s Guild, call (877) 282-8968.

Flat & Metal Commercial Roof Coatings

Flat Roof
Metal Roof
We Coat Sun Damaged Metal Roofing

Both flat and metal roofing is common for commercial buildings. While their popularity is high, these roofing types do not come without their shortcomings. Over time, each of these materials will require upkeep to maintain a sufficient level of performance. A roof replacement can be a disruptive investment. Not only will it cost clients a large amount of money, but it will shutdown their business operation for a length of time. Commercial roof coatings solve this problem. Liquid coatings are seamless, and allow client operations to remain running on schedule. Coatings offer the following advantages

  • Increased Longevity
  • Leak Protection
  • Non-Disruptive Installation
  • Weather Resistance

Not all coatings offer the same level of protection. Understanding the difference between low-quality retail materials and professional grade coatings like the ones approved by Roofer’s Guild will determine the success of your company. The process is very non-invasive, and client operation can resume during the installation. Our goal is to ensure superior resources for contractors, helping them establish great relationships based on elite performance. When you become a member of our network, you are held accountable for performance, something you will have every opportunity to maximize with our resources.. Call Roofer’s Guild for flat and metal roof coating jobs.

Knowledge Base for Roofers

As a group of commercial roofing experts, we work collaboratively with various contractors, providing us with the resources to answer any industry based question. Putting all of your faith in one service provider is not an ideal scenario. Instead, utilizing the expertise of a diverse group of commercial roofing contractors protects your company against a misallocation of resources. Roofer’s Guild contractors receive the following:

  • Accountability: As a network of commercial roofing contractors, we hold each other accountable
  • Resources: Have access to a collaborative knowledge base, and reliable industry information
  • Standards: Our network defines standards in which each of us strives to meet in each job

As a team that utilizes Conklin roofing products, we are expected to uphold the highest standard of performance for installation, restoration, replacement, and any other commercial roofing job that is required. To continue your membership with Roofer’s Guild, contractors must either meet or exceed the standards established upon enrollment. Conklin has been a leader in roofing products for more than 35 years, and their name alone adds credibility to a commercial project.

Contractors Gather On Construction Site
Becoming a Member of Roofer's Guild
Progress 25%

Roofing Insurance Claims Specialists

White Roof

At Roofer’s Guild, many of our contractors perform re-roofing on storm and hail damaged roofs. The goal is to ensure that claims are handled efficiently and properly by working closely with the insurance companies. Our objective is to restore all properties to their pre-loss condition while providing as much convenience as possible for the building owners and occupants. Our contractors make the process all-inclusive by overseeing the inspection, supervising repairs, reconciling the claim, and conducting a final walkthrough. As insurance claims specialists they are skilled in identifying wind and hail damage on these commercial roofs:

  • Flat
  • Green
  • Metal
  • TPO

The simple truth is that many property owners are uneducated about the insurance claims process. What types of documentation is needed? How does the deductible work? Etc. The best way to understand coverage is to contact the insurance provider and ask for clarification on what is covered and what is not covered under a specific plan. Some policies only offer roof damage coverage to the depreciated value of a structure. Others take into consideration factors like age and expected lifespan. Most insurance companies allow customers to choose a roofing inspector of their choice to assess the claim. With Roofer’s Guild, your company has a chance to become a popular selection. Call (877) 282-8968 to find more jobs in commercial roofing insurance claim inspections.

Silicone / Acrylic / Polyurea / Elastomeric​

Contractor Working on Metal Roof
Acrylic Coatings Discourage Mildew Growth

Choosing a roof coating material can be a big decision with so many options available. Acrylic, elastomeric, polyurea, and silicone are all legitimate options for commercial building owners. Our contractors are instructed to go over each option with clients to help determine the best fit for a particular roof type. Large or small, flat or sloped, there is a solution for every commercial building. Some of the benefits a structure will receive include:

  • Mold Prevention: Discourages mold and mildew growth
  • UV Ray Protection: Protection against harmful sun rays
  • Water Ponding Prevention: Discourages water buildup
  • Weather Resistance: Protection against severe weather elements

Most roofs do not possess a perfect slope, which makes water buildup an ongoing problem. The pooling generally manifests around scuppers and drains which can cause an otherwise productive roof to fail prematurely. With coatings like silicone, acrylic, and others, this failure can be delayed up to 25 years. Not only does this save clients the nuisance of a roof replacement, but it also saves them the expense.

Storm and Hail Damage Re-Roofs

Storm damage can be stressful for business owners but Roofer’s Guild contractors can return a roof to its pre-damaged state. Inclement weather is no stranger to commercial buildings. High winds, heavy rain, and hail can wreak havoc on commercial roofs. In severe cases, this can cause a complete disruption of  business operation. Trying to organize an emergency roof replacement while worrying about  insurance coverage can drive the most stable person into a state of panic. Roofer’s Guild contractors can alleviate that stress. Offering storm and hail damage re-roofs ensures structures return to function as soon as possible. The primary weather threats to commercial roofs include:

  • Hail Storms
  • High Winds
  • Torrential Rain
  • Tornados

In these types of jobs, working closely with insurance companies is important so clients don’t have to worry about complicated claim policies but only about getting back to a normal routine. If a commercial building has been damaged by high winds, hail, or other inclement weather, it is important to assess the damage immediately and provide sustainable solutions that work within a client’s budget. Clients should never risk safety by attempting to climb their roof and evaluate the damage themselves. Trained professionals at Roofer’s Guild know exactly what to look for and how to safely examine all areas of a roofing structure. You can become one of them.

Storm Damaged Roof
Hail Damaged Roofs Require Professional Repair


Contractor Performs TPO Recoat
Recoating Roof With TPO
Contractors Work on EPDM Roof
TPO Is The Most Common Roof Type

Building owners are often curious about the differences between EPDM, PVC, and TPO Roofing. At Roofer’s Guild, we pride ourselves on transparency and information. We like to educate our contractors so that they can make the most informed decision. So what are all the letters about? EPDM means ethylene propel diene monomer. PVC means polyvinyl chloride. Finally, TPO means thermoplastic polyolefin. You can learn more about their characteristics below:

  • EPDM: A black, synthetic rubber that is known for weather resistance
  • PVC: A dual layered material with polyester, known for its durability
  • TPO: A single-ply roofing membrane, considered the most common type, and known for reflectivity

The ideal material will depend on the structure of the commercial building? The good news is that Roofer’s Guild will help you with every aspect of the decision making process. Instead of leading clients blindly towards the most expensive option, we urge you to consult with them, discussing the pros and cons of each type, and how they relate to their specific situation. From there customers can make the final decision based on personal preferences. For more information on TPO, EPDM, and PVC roofing, call (877) 282-8968.

Contractor Works With EPDM
TPO Recoat
EPDM Coating
Single Ply Membranes Are Known For Reflectivity

Why Roofer’s Guild Stands Out For Commercial Roofing

Metal Foam Roof Surface
Roofer's Guild Is a National Network of Roofers

Roofer’s Guild works nationally on behalf of contractors to provide superior repair and restoration services. Our network utilizes Conklin roofing products to ensure the highest quality of materials. Roofer’s Guild stands out for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Accountability and Standards
  • Experience and Knowledge
  • Product Quality and Reputation (Conklin)

35 years and counting, is the time that Conklin has set the standard for commercial roof materials. Conklin is a known innovator. In fact, they are responsible for the advent of white acrylic roof systems. Conklin products are used on billions of square footage, nationwide, and approved by the most notable code approval agencies. Call (877) 282-8968 to join Roofer’s Guild.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Of Roofer's Guild
We Use Conklin Products For Elite Performance