3 Great Conversation Starters for Your Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a strange role in your overall promotional plan. When the concept first came into focus earlier in the decade, it met with very mixed responses.

  • “Why on earth would we create content that doesn’t focus on promoting our brand?”
  • “Isn’t that the territory of home improvement magazines?”
  • “We don’t have the writing talent to create these materials.”
  • “That sounds like it takes too much time to keep up!”
  • “Why should we be the ones to strike up these conversations? Consumers already do that.”

Taking time to write outside of your immediate service portfolio might feel uncomfortable (or even unnatural), but so many businesses profit from the enterprise. Today, we’ll talk about how your roofing company can profit from a sophisticated content marketing strategy. Be sure to look for our 3 conversation starters that offer natural ways to lead back into your services! Let’s get started.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Material Earns a Featured Snippet on Google Search

Content Marketing May Also Land You Featured Snippets Like These!

Before we go any further, we need to define content marketing. This is the process of engaging potential clients through insightful, well-crafted, and valuable content. The focus is not necessarily to promote your services and/or products, but to show context(s) that your services might shine in. You’ll see some fitting examples of context-building in our suggestions later on.

There are many types of media that roofing contractors use to engage with their target market. Popular examples include:

  • Company blogging
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Infographics

For new roofing contractors, our team at Roofer’s Guild typically recommends beginning with a simple medium like blogging. You can easily write about questions your customers like to ask, such as how to choose a new roof or similar topics. It doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise, and the consistent production of new content on your website looks good for roofing SEO. 

Content Marketing is Not Aimless

Contrary to popular belief, writing about just anything that comes to mind doesn’t provide value for your business or your clients. Content should be at least loosely related to your services and topics you know clients really care about. While it may be fun to write about your latest hunting or fishing trip, you need to focus primarily on the industry and related client concerns. Brief mentions are okay since they showcase your team’s personality, but leave the full stories for your personal Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The best content marketing campaigns address prevalent situations that your clients will look online to research. If you don’t know how to find these hot topics, try utilizing some helpful consumer research tools. Answer the Public is a favorite among our writers at Roofer’s Guild! You can also try typing in some common questions in Google and looking for “People Also Ask” features in the results.

The Lifecycle of Content

A Diagram of the Content Lifecycle

Content Lives On Long After Publication. Source: Content Strategy Inc.

Taking the time to create fresh content may feel like a time-consuming challenge, especially if the material only lasts for a short while. Thankfully, roofing contractors can easily reuse and refine content over the years to create even more value for their business and clients. Since the industry doesn’t change very quickly, this means that content has a longer lifetime before it needs changes.

Roofing systems naturally require maintenance and repairs to keep their functionality. Likewise, content needs to be updated to reflect current industry standards and practices. For instance, if Conklin products change over the course of a few years, you’ll need to update your blog posts or videos to show it.

3 Topics for Roofing Content Marketing

Odds are you’ve already discussed these topics with your clients. They naturally segway into common roofing services, but they also provide real client value. We’ll talk about how to take each topic and develop a working content marketing campaign.

Energy Saving Home Improvement

Energy-efficiency offers a very lucrative conversation for bringing up premium roofing solutions like metal panels, foam, PVC, and others. That’s because homeowners and businesses crave savings, especially when coupled with enhanced property values. Many roofing contractors like to utilize this topic. However, too many fall into the trap of turning their “Consumer Guide” into a glorified service pitch. That sends readers running for the hills. While all content marketing materials should end with a short section for your company, keep in mind that 90% of your conversation must focus on consumer topic.

A Roofing Company Writes a Blog for Content Marketing

You’re a Roofing Company. It’s Okay to Talk About Roofing Issues! Source: Apex Roofing

How to Tackle Energy-Savings

  • Do your research!
  • Find respected authorities on the subject and quote them (ex:;
  • Create a list of applicable solutions.
  • Incorporate related, high-quality photos.
  • Write a blog.
  • Review and make your edits.
  • Have someone else do an error check, then publish.
  • Post a link and short description of your blog in Facebook and/or Instagram.

Protecting Your Home From Storm Damage

This one ties in directly to roof damage repair and emergency services, which makes it a compelling topic for roofing companies across the nation. Perform your own localized spin on the subject and throw in some handy tips that only an experienced professional can offer. Without overselling, you might even relay a personal experience or how your team might handle a situation. Focus on targeting the emotions a homeowner or business owner would feel in this stressful situation, and how they can prevent that in the future.

How to Tackle a Storm Damage Post 

  • Draw from personal and professional experience.
  • Try using a client’s story.
  • Create a step by step guide for handling damage.
  • If you feel comfortable, create a helpful video tutorial.
  • Share with your Facebook Business and other social media profiles.
A Content Marketing Blog About Storm Damage

Find Your Client Hot Topic and Start Answering Questions! Source: Beartooth Exteriors

How to Handle Insurance After Storm Damage

Again, we have another easy tie-in for companies that offer insurance claim assistance. Post-storm damage repairs represent a very stressful challenge for homeowners, especially when insurance gets involved. For first time homeowners that aren’t familiar with the process, a simple how-to guide may provide all the insight they need. It will also familiarize them with your brand for future projects, or maybe even win you the repair project!

How to Tackle Insurance Discussions

  • Include a real life example.
  • Focus on the step by step process with a numbered checklist.
  • Provide insights into key consumer decisions (repair or replace, for example)
  • Include an FAQ section on related hot questions (consult Google’s “People Also Ask”)
  • Share on social media.