11 Best Roofers in Fort Worth, TX (w/Ratings)

Best Roofers Fort Worth, TX

Are you searching for the best roofers in Fort Worth, TX? Roofer’s Guild has compiled a list of the top 11 roofing contractors in the city, many of whom also service surrounding areas.

Finding the right roofer for your project can be challenging – even with all the resources available on the internet. You will want a roofer who is communicative without being a distraction, affordable without skimping on quality, and one who offers excellent customer service.

These are the attributes that make for the best roofing contractors. Here at Roofer’s Guild, we offer commercial roofing services in Fort Worth, TX. We also house an online community of the best roofers globally so that businesses and homeowners can find a certified roofing company in their area.

We have put together this list of the 11 best roofers in Fort Worth for two reasons:

1) We want to help any home or business owner out there find the right contractor for their roofing needs and

2) To help aspiring roofing contractors see what others are doing right so that they can emulate their success.

If, at any time, you want to connect with a professional roofing contractor in your area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Roofer’s Guild. But for now, let’s take a look at the best roofers in Fort Worth.

1 ) Fort Worth TX Roofing Pro 

For consumers, Fort Worth TX Roofing Pro is a staple because they offer a wide variety of roofing and home improvements services such as garage door repair and siding services. They also stand out from a business/marketing standpoint because their website is clean and provides all the information someone may need on their landing page.

Rating: 4.8 Stars

2) Ramon Roofing 

Ramon Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor company capable of installing and repairing a wide variety of commercial and residential roofs. They put their customers at ease by displaying several professional and industry certifications right on their website, which is also an excellent digital marketing practice.

Rating: 4.4 Stars

3 ) Patrick’s Roofing

Patrick’s Roofing Company is an exemplary contracting business that stands out because of its emphasis on customer service. They provide many useful video content right on their website and plainly describe how they carry out their work on the customer’s property. They even go out of their way to list and describe the types of roofing products they use to give customers confidence in the quality of materials.

Rating: 4.8 Stars

4) Pitts Roofing Inc.

Pitts Roofing has been around for a long time, and in the roofing business, longevity is a sign of reliability. Pitts Roofing and Construction has been around since 1992, and you don’t last that long in this business if you are not doing quality work. Their experience is a clear advantage to consumers. In addition to the city itself, they provide services in surrounding areas and make it easy to book an estimate online.

Rating: 4.3 Stars

5) Lon Smith Roofing & Construction 

Lon Smith Roofing & Construction is an example of being successful as a roofer during this pandemic. They clearly explain that they practice safe social distancing when they service their customers’ properties. They also provide a detailed breakdown of some of their more popular services, so their customers know what to expect.

Rating: 4.8 Stars

6) Pro Select Roofing 

If you are looking for a company that values customer service, Pro Select Roofing is a great choice. They provide helpful assistance when you need to file a roofing insurance claim and make it a point to be very responsive to customer inquiries. 

Rating: 5.0 Stars

7 ) Jeff Eubank Roofing Co. Inc

This company stands as a shining example of the value of superior technical proficiency. Jeff Eubank Roofing Co. Inc is capable of large scale, complex roofing projects, and they have gained a reputation for being able to complete jobs on time. 

Rating: 4.3 Stars

8) Compass Roofing

Keeping up with the times is very important in any business. Compass Roofing is a roofing contractor business that understands this very well. They utilize hi-tech infrared imaging to assist in their roofing inspections. And on the marketing side, they are also a company that understands the importance of customer reviews. 

Rating: 5.0 Stars

9) Alliance Roofing

It is often helpful in the roofing business to carve out a specialty niche. Alliance Roofing has done just that, which is why they are one of the most prominent roofing contractors in the Fort Worth area. They are known for quality flat roof installation and repair and offer different specialty commercial roofing services.

Rating: 4.3 Stars

10) DK Haney Roofing

DK Haney combines both special training and experience in their roofing services. They focus on commercial roofing services and have been around since 1991. They boast an impressive portfolio and have a track record that any roofing contractor would find envious.

Rating: 4.4 Stars

11) Top Rated Roofing

Last but not list is Top Rated Roofing – a company that values a high degree of craftsmanship. They are a full-service roofing company that goes above and beyond for their clients – meeting with claims adjusters, providing free roofing inspections, and using premium materials. For fellow contractors, Top Rated Roofing has been able to achieve sustained success in part by offering a variety of home improvement services like painting and light carpentry.

Rating: 5.0 Stars

For Customers and Contractors

Whether you require a professional roofer you can count on or a roofing contractor looking for more resources to help you reach your potential, we are here to help. Roofer’s Guild is all about giving contractors tools for success and putting customers in touch with only the industry’s best roofers. For all things roofing, reach out to us here at Roofer’s Guild. 

5 Factors to Consider Before Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial Roof Installation Factors (Cover)

Commercial roofing is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Because the scope of commercial roof installation jobs is usually significantly broader than residential roofing jobs, commercial roofing work tends to be much more rigorous. Also, codes commercial roofers must adhere to are particularly stringent.

However, the more rigorous it is for the contractors, the more complicated it is for the property owners. As the property owner or project manager, you have to consider which contractor to go with, what type of roofing system you will need, and many more while keeping your budget in mind. 

There are no two ways about it; commercial roof installation is a very involved process. But if there’s one thing we know here at Roofer’s Guild, its roofing. That’s why we wanted to compose today’s blog all about what you can expect before, during, and after a commercial roof installation project. 

We will also be taking a look at some of the most popular types of commercial roofing systems and how they can benefit your property.

1) Cost and Timeline Considerations

At the outset of your project, you need to determine your budget and timeline carefully. These will be the most important guiding factors for the project and will inform every decision you make. But how do you calculate commercial roofing costs? That will depend on the roof’s size, the materials used, and whether you are building a new roof or replacing an old one. For example, if you opt for a single-ply membrane roof typical for commercial properties, you can expect to pay $3.40-$7.50 per square foot. And if you are replacing an old roof, add ten cents to four dollars per square foot for preparation/removal.

And because commercial roofing work varies so much, the timeline will also be determined by the roof’s size. But in general, if the weather permits, an average commercial roof should be a 2-3 week job.

2 ) Contractor Selection 

Choosing the right contractor for your commercial roof installation is crucial. It would be best if you went with a local contractor with much experience. Ask for references, ask to see pictures or a portfolio of past work, and make sure they give free estimates. One sign of the right commercial roofing contractor is detailed consultation. When they come to provide an estimate or at a later time set aside expressly for consulting, they should be able to break down the job for you in great detail, including an estimate of how many materials are needed, how many men will be on the job, the type of work that will occur and a general timeline.

And it would help if you insisted on a licensed, insured, and bonded commercial roofing contractor. Also, please don’t take any contractor at their word. Ensure that they show you a current commercial roofing insurance certificate, or you could be left holding the bag.

3) Roofing System Selection 

Your contractor should be able to help with roofing system selection. But before you go into any consultation or entertain any estimates, you should know about some of the most versatile commercial roofing systems available for your property:

Built-Up Roofing 

Built-up roofing systems have been around for a very long time. It’s hard to go wrong with this type of roofing system because it is fool-proof. It is essentially multiple layers of seamless roofing fabric layered on top of each other and topped with gravel to reflect the sun’s rays. The layers are adhered together (and to the roofing substrate) with asphalt. Built-up roofing provides adequate weatherproofing and lasts an average of 15-30 years, with some systems lasting up to 40. 

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen roof systems are installed similarly to built-up roofs because they are layered. Modified bitumen is a type of asphalt that is incredibly flexible and strong. The combination of flexibility (which gives the entire roofing system the ability to expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate without cracking) and strength (modified bitumen is strong enough to withstand regular foot traffic and inclement weather) make it one of the most common types of commercial roofing systems.

Single Ply 

Single ply roofing membranes usually come in rolls and apply with an adhesive or seam welding. Single-ply roofing membranes are known for superior rain protection because they are virtually seamless. They are also relatively simple to install and don’t put a lot of added pressure on the existing structure.

4) Business Operations

Operations are where project length comes into play. If your business is already running, you need to ask yourself how long you can afford to shut down operations during installation. In some cases, you won’t have to close your doors, but severe and comprehensive safety precautions are necessary to keep your workforce and patrons safe during construction. 

5) Warranties

Before the project begins, find out what type of labor warranties your contractor offers. You should also find out what kind of material warranties are available from the manufacturer, either by contacting them directly or asking your contractor. Be sure to get all warranty information in writing and keep them safe for your records. 

Commercial Roof Installation Professionals

The best way to implement all the tips we have mentioned in this post is by selecting one of the contractors from our directory. We work with no one but the best, most reputable, and accomplished commercial roofers nationwide. Our contractors will help steer your project in the right direction and be there to answer questions every step of the way. Let us help your commercial roof installation go off without a hitch.

Irving, TX Hail Damage Roof Repair Guide

Irving, TX Hail Damage (Guide Cover)

Irving, TX gets its fair share of extreme weather. In fact, over the past 12 months alone, Irving, TX has been under severe weather warnings a staggering 57 times. And much of those warnings were due to reports of or at least, high chances of hail fall. Hail is one of the most destructive natural forces. It causes bodily injury and millions of dollars of damage in the United States every year. Texas had the highest amount of hail events in the United States in 2019 with 872.

If you have lived in Irving or in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for any amount of time, you know the dangers that hail can pose firsthand. So we wanted to provide our community and visitors with a guide on the roof repair process and how you can protect your home from the ravages of hail. And please remember that if you are in need of immediate roof hail damage repair, our directory features the finest emergency roof repair contractors in the area. 

How to Prepare your Home for a Hail Storm

Before we get into the steps you need to take to repair your roof after hail damage has occurred, it is important to know how best to avoid roof hail damage and protect your home in the first place. The fact is that Texas typically gets the most hail of any state in the country. So when was the hail storm in Dallas, TX? It was only about 5 months ago on March 28th

Hail is a fact of life if you live in Irving or pretty much any portion of the state. So make sure you know how to prepare your property for a hail storm. Steps you can take to safeguard your home from hail include:

  • Boarding up Windows – Injuries and damages caused by broken glass are all too common in hail storms. But if you know a storm is coming, you can prevent this type of damage fairly easily. Plywood is cheap and it can protect your windows and glass doors from shattering under the impact of hailstones. Securely board up your windows with lengths of plywood, a hammer, and nails.
  • Storm Shutters – Storm shutters are a more permanent and elegant solution to glass damage in a hail storm. They are permanently affixed to the exterior of windows and can be drawn at a moment’s notice to protect from hailstones. If you live in Texas, they may be a wise investment for you. They come in a wide array of styles and materials including aluminum, colonial, wood, and metal. 
  • Inspect Your Roof – If you can safely get up on your roof and give it a good look, be sure to do so before a hail storm. Keep an eye out for missing shingles especially. But cracked, loose, or curled shingles can also be a big problem in a hail storm. If you notice any of these conditions, replace the shingles as soon as possible. But if you cannot inspect your roof yourself or replace any missing or damaged shingles, it is always best to call a professional roofing contractor.
  • Move your Possessions Inside – If you have patio furniture, gardening equipment, tools, outdoor décor, or any valuables that you usually keep outside, move them inside to avoid hail damage. This is especially true for your vehicles. Hailstones can chip paint at best and break windshields at worst so be sure to move your cars, trucks, and vans inside the garage.
  • Review your Insurance Policy – A lot of homeowners simply forget what their insurance covers. But as a resident of Irving, TX you should be sure that your roof insurance covers hail damage. If you are unsure, be sure to contact your insurance provider with your policy number to make sure your roof is covered. If it isn’t it would be wise to invest in a more comprehensive policy.

And while you are riding out the storm indoors with your loved ones, make sure that everyone stays clear of windows, glass doors, and skylights.  Even if your windows are boarded up or protected by storm shutters, it is best to steer clear of these areas to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

The Irving TX Hail Damage Repair Process

Once the storm has passed, it is best to have your roof inspected by a local roofing contractor. While you can look for roof damage yourself, it is often not the safest choice. Chances are the roof may be wet, slick, and slippery. There may also be ice dams that aren’t readily visible with a cursory inspection but are nonetheless dangerous. Here are the steps you need to take after a hail storm:

  • Have your Roof Inspected – Yes, even if you had your roof inspected before a storm, it is a good idea to have it professionally inspected again after the storm – especially if you suspect any kind of damage. Take a look at your metal shingles. If you can see multiple dents and pockmarks on the metal, just think of what may have happened to your shingles. An inspection may cist a bit up front but it can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.
  • File an Insurance Claim – The contractor you hire to inspect your roof should also be able to help you file your roofing insurance claim. If not, get on the phone with your insurance provider as soon as you can and file the claim yourself. This process can take months so it is important that you get the claim started as soon as possible.
  • Fixing the Damage – Now if you had your roof inspected before the storm and took care of any small repairs, your roof may have held up in a hail storm pretty well. In which case, you may only need to replace a few shingles. If so, here is a helpful guide on how you can do that yourself. But if the inspection shows significant damage, you will need to hire a professional to take care of the work. In most cases, the contractor you hire to inspect your roof should also be able to take care of any necessary repairs as well. Make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded before the work begins (check out the best roofers in Irving, TX) and let your insurance carrier know the name of the company.

It is important to note that roof hail damage can range widely. It can be as light as replacing a few cracked shingles or it can be as heavy as a complete reroof. So it’s important to know for sure how extensive your roof damage may be.

Get Professional Roof Hail Damage Repair Help

Here at Roofer’s Guild, we can connect you with a certified roofing contractor that can take care of your roof hail damage quickly and thoroughly. We only work with proven, professional, and reliable roofers, so we can guarantee our customers the very best in roofing service. If you live in Irving, TX or the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us for all your roofing needs.

11 Best Roofers in Irving, TX

Best Roofers in Irving, TX

Here at Roofer’s Guild, we are committed to the trade. Whether it’s helping consumers find the right roofing contractors for their particular project or helping roofing contractors improve their business, our goal is to promote the best of the best in roofing. To that end, we have put together a carefully curated list of the 10 best roofers in Irving, TX.

At a glance, the following list will be helpful for consumers in the Irving area that want to know who they can rely on for their roofing needs. But for all the contractors out there, the following list will also provide some insight into how to market their business. Not only will we be listing the 10 best roofers in Irving, TX; but we will also provide a brief breakdown of what it is that makes these companies stand out from a marketing standpoint. There is a lot of ground to cover so let’s get started.

1) Steel Dynamics

We start our list with a roofing contractor company that stands out because of the specialty services they offer. As the company name suggests, Steel Dynamics specializes in metal roofing. Apart from a long list of custom metal fabrication services, Steel Dynamics offers full metal roof installations and repairs – making them a reliable choice for many commercial and industrial roofing projects. 

2) Roofer’s Guild

Roofer’s Guild provides credible roofing services in Irving, TX. We provide services like roof inspection, roof repair, and roof replacement. Though Roofer’s Guild is focused primarily on commercial roofing services, we also provide residential services as needed. The contractors are always licensed and insured so Irving residents won’t have to worry about getting involved with a fake roofing company. There’s little more reassuring to consumers than a trustworthy contractor.

3) TX Platinum Construction

TX Platinum Construction has an impressive portfolio of work. But more importantly; they put this portfolio on display for all to see across multiple platforms. This deft use of images is a great example of how high quality photos can attract more customers to your business. Search Engine Journal explains why companies like TX Platinum Construction rank so well when they state that high quality images help search engines understand what your content is all about. And when search engines can make more sense of what you offer, they can show it to more people.

4) StazOn Roofing

Offering roofing repair, roofing installation, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, metal fabrication and more, StazOn roofing is a prime example of how helpful a comprehensive business profile can be. Not only is StazOn Roofing one of the best-rated residential roofing companies serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but they have made sure to claim their business across all review formats so that more people have the opportunity to see what they are all about. 

5) Salinas Flooring and Roofing

Salinas Flooring and Roofing has been around for almost 2 decades. And they offer bilingual service to reach a broader audience. One of the things that stood out the most to us about this company was their detailed bio. When you read it, you really get a sense of the company values and the type of service you can expect from them.

6) Dwell Roofing & Exteriors

This next entry into our list is a prime example of how impactful customer reviews can be. According to Bright Local, 76% of customers rely on customer reviews when they are researching a business. And Dwell Roofing & Exteriors has plenty of positive customer reviews across multiple platforms. Offering roof installation, tile roof services, roof cleaning, roof sealing, metal roofing services and more, you can be confident that this company will do a professional job from the wealth of shining reviews.

7) Quality Tops Roofing Inc.

Longevity counts for a lot on the roofing business. Quality Tops Roofing Inc. is a great example of that fact. They have been in business since 1981 and offer a helpful list of roofing services in Irving and the Dallas/Fort Worth area including insurance claims help, gutter installation and chimney cap repair.

8) Restore Roofing and Remodeling, LLC

Displaying the various certifications you have earned on your website is a great marketing strategy. It instills more of a sense of trust in your business from consumers. Restore Roofing and Remodeling, LLC understands this strategy and implements it well. They have a wide service area and do both commercial and residential roofing work.

9) Brotherhood Roofing

If you offer specialty roofing services, make sure you let the world know. Brotherhood Roofing, which offers gutter cover installation, flat roofing services and other specialty roofing services stands out for consumers who have specific roofing needs. 

10) Swan Roofing LLC

Swan Roofing LLC is a bonded and insured roofing contractor company that provides pretty much every roofing service you may need for your home. They have plenty of reviews so you know they are trustworthy, and they make sure to let their customers know that they will answer the phone to an emergency roofing call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And in case their 38 years in the business isn’t enough to impart a sense of reliability, they are also Angie’s List certified. 

11) Total Roofing Systems, LLC

As a roofing contractor, it’s very helpful to let your customers know what kinds of products you use. As a consumer, you want to know that the contractor you hire uses quality materials. Total Roofing Systems, LLC is a company that understands this dynamic well. They inform all their customers as to which brands and products they use. And from reroofing projects to thorough inspections, you can pretty much count on Total Roofing Systems, LLC to take care of all your residential roofing needs. 

Join The Guild Today

Each entry in our list of the best roofers in Irving, TX has something unique that makes them stand out. And if you want to get your roofing contractor business seen by more people too, become a member of Roofer’s Guild. Our directory features the best roofing companies in Irving, TX, and beyond, and we specialize in connecting consumers with high-quality contractors. People trust our directory every day to find roofers who fit their specific needs. 

6 Reasons Roof Heat Cables are Ineffective for Ice Dams

Roof Heat Cables

If you have ever had to deal with busted up shingles and roof leaks due to an unchecked ice dam, you have probably considered roof heat cables. Roof heat cables, for those who haven’t ever had to think about them, are pretty much exactly what they sound like: lengths of cable, tape or wire that is installed on top of your shingles that heat up to prevent water from freezing on your roof.

It sounds like an innovative and clever way of preventing ice dams from forming on your roof. But before you haul off and pay someone to install them for you, take a minute to peruse our list of reasons why roof heat cables are actually not a great idea. 

1) They Can Be Dangerous

Think about it; you are putting heated pieces of wire on top of your roof. According to a Washington Post Safety notice citing a Consumer Product Safety Commission report, roof heat cables are responsible for around 2,000 structure fires every year and over 100 injuries. So are roof heat cables dangerous? They absolutely can be. But roofing safety isn’t the only concern related to this de-icing method.

2) They are not a Cure-All

A lot of people who start to shop around for roof heat cables have the same misconception: they think that they will clear off all the ice from the roof. That isn’t how roof heat cables work. Roof heat cables only melt snow and ice directly around them. When they are working, you will usually see thin streaks that are the clear paths that roof heat cables melt in the snow and ice. Their function is simply to clear enough space and melt enough ice to prevent ice dams and provide a channel for the water to flow to the gutters. That being said, roof heat cables will not protect your roof if your gutters are clogged, and they will certainly not clear all the snow and ice from your roof.

3) They are an Added Utility Expense

If you have an average-sized roof then you will be looking at an average cost of $7.25 per day to run your roof heat cables. In the winter months when you will most likely need to run your roof heat cables all day for days at a time, that adds up to a lot of extra money. Now the argument can be made that $7.25 per day may still add up to less money than repairing a collapsed roof, which is true. But in most cases, homeowners don’t actually need to install roof heat cables. Some regular maintenance and a bit of due diligence are enough for most homes to avoid dangerous ice dams in the winter. For instance, raking your roof (safely) when snow accumulates on it is an effective and cheap way to protect it against ice dams.

4) They Require Precise Installation

If the contractor you hire to install your roof heat cables doesn’t have a lot of experience and the utmost investment in the project, your cables can very well become more of a problem than if they were never installed at all. That’s because the ice that they melt can simply refreeze again on other portions of your roof if they are not installed very cleverly and strategically. They need to be placed in such a way that they channel all melted ice to the ground or gutters.

5) They are a Bad Look in the Summer and Spring

Unless you live in the Arctic Circle you aren’t going to need your roof heat cables year-round. While the snow covers most of the cables up in the Winter, in the Summer and Spring months, the cables are on full display to the neighborhood – think broken Christmas lights are strewn atop your roof all year long. And roof heat cable uninstallation isn’t exactly DIY work. In short, it isn’t worth it to take your roof heat cables down every year and then having them installed again every winter – especially when the average cost for roof heat cable installation in the US is $400-$700. So you may want to avoid the eyesore altogether. 

6) There are Better Ways to Address Ice Dams

Perhaps the most important reason why roof heat cables are ineffective for preventing ice dams is that there are much better ways to prevent them. In most cases, ice dams are caused because heat is escaping from inside, melting snow on top of the roof and the melted snow runs down to a colder area of the roof and refreezes. Fixing these heat leaks is the most effective and beneficial way to prevent ice dams – and lower your heating costs to boot.

Roofer’s Guild Can Help

So are roof heating cables worth it at the end of the day? In most cases, no. But here at Roofer’s Guild, we can put you in contact with a professional roofing contractor who will be able to solve your ice dam problems guaranteed. Our roofers are rated among the best in the United States and have the licenses to verify it. Find a roofing contractor in your area today.

Patio Roof Repair Guide (Cost, Techniques, & FAQ)

Patio Roof Repair Guide

When it comes to patio roof repair, questions come up often. We know patio roofs are a great way to get more out of your backyard or other outdoor areas. They provide shelter from the harsh rays of the sun in the summer. And in the winter, they allow you to engage in outdoor activities even in inclement weather. But the sun, rain, wind, and hail can wreak havoc on your patio roof no matter what material it is made out of. 

Chances are if you have a patio roof, you paid good money to have it installed. You should be able to protect your investment as a homeowner or building owner. As a contractor; you should know the simplest method for patio roof repair. But whether you are a DIY dominator or a roofer just starting out in the trade, we have a patio roof repair guide that will be of help to you. 

Here at Roofer’s Guild, we are all about providing commercial property owners, homeowners, property managers, and contractors the resources they need. In the spirit of providing useful, practical information and resources to our community, we wanted to share today’s blog post which is a basic patio roof repair guide.

First Things First

Safety is always the top priority during any roof repair project. And you need to be extra cautious when repairing a patio roof. That’s because patio roofs aren’t as fortified as a normal roofing structure. As much as possible, try not to actually step on the patio roof. Instead, do your best to carry out all the work while putting most of your weight on the actual roof itself. You should wear boots with plenty of grip and use a sturdy ladder firmly planted on level ground.

Make Sure the Roof is Clean

Once you are up on your roof, take a minute to observe your patio roof. Are there a bunch of leaves, twigs, and other kinds of debris on it? Before you can get to the heart of the matter you will have to clean away all of this debris. In general, it is a good idea to keep your roof clean because moss, fungus, and other damaging growths can make their home on your patio roof if debris isn’t regularly cleared away. This can cause serious damage to your patio roof. The good news is that this kind of debris is easy to clean away. Simply use a sturdy push broom and push off any debris from the patio roof. Try to get as much dirt and dust off the surface as well.

Perform a Deep Cleaning

This next step will require a pressure washer and a roof cleaning solution. You can pick up a variety of roof cleaning agents at your local hardware store. This article by A Cleaner Choice also gives a helpful list of some of the best roof cleaning products. But if you don’t want to go out and buy a roof detergent, you can use a simple mixture of one part bleach and three parts water. Apply whatever cleaning agent you choose in sections. Pour the mixture over one part of your patio roof and then rinse it away with the pressure washer before moving on to the next section. It is important to keep a few things in mind when you are using your pressure washer:

  • Start off by using the lowest pressure setting. If that isn’t enough to lift mildew, moss, stains and debris, move up to the medium setting. You should never use the max setting when pressure washing your patio roof.
  • Keep the spray head at least a foot above the surface of the patio roof. Too much pressure , or painting the wand too close to the surface can strip shingles of their protective granule, damage the shingle or even blow the shingle away entirely. 
  • Chances are, your patio roof is flat but you should always spray your pressure washer downward or toward the edge of the roof line. Spraying upward toward the ridge of the roof can lift up shingles and cause water damage. 

Dry and Seal

After you have pressure washed your patio roof, let it dry for a few hours. It may take a full 24 hours for it to completely dry. The important thing is to be certain that it’s dry all the way through in order for the sealant to take hold. When it’s dry, apply an even layer of sealant over the roofing material with a roof brush and on any affected spots (leaks). Here is a helpful list of some of the best roofing sealants.

Patio Roof Repair FAQ’s

How much does patio roof repair cost?

That will depend on the size and material of your patio roof and whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. In general, DIY patio roof repair projects will cost around $60-$100. Hiring a professional to repair a mid-sized patio roof will cost anywhere between $200 and $1,000.

How much does it cost to build a roof over a patio?

Typical installations will cost between $6,000 and $10,000. But that is the typical price for a 20’x20’ patio cover. Keep in mind that the larger the patio cover needs to be, the more the project will cost.

What is the best material for a patio roof?

Aluminum is a popular choice because it is affordable, low-maintenance, and provides reliable protection from rain and other environmental hazards.

Trust the Professional

Here at Roofer’s Guild, we have been putting private residents and business owners in touch with high-caliber roofing contractors in your area for many years. Our contractors consist of nothing but the best, most experienced and most reliable roofers from around the country. No matter where you live, we are sure we can connect you with a quality roofer who can repair your patio roof and then some. We hope you have found our patio roof repair guide helpful.

10 Best Roofers in Frisco, TX

Best Roofers Frisco TX (Cover)

Knowing the best roofers in Frisco, TX is helpful for both consumers and contractors. As a consumer, you may need some roofing work done for your home or business. Naturally, you will want the most value for your hard-earned dollars. As a contractor, you have to know what the best roofers in Frisco, TX are doing that you may not be doing.

Most of the time, it comes down to marketing. Most people who need roofing work in Frisco, TX will Google something along the lines of “best roofers near me” or “roofing contractors in Frisco, TX.” While you may be a lot more experienced and skilled than some of the roofing contractors that rank highest on searches like these, it will be hard for the customer to see you and become aware of your service. 

So in today’s post, we will be taking a detailed look at who ranks among the best roofers in Frisco, TX. We will discuss what it is that makes them come up in Google searches and why people have favored these companies so much. The goal here is to help you as a roofing contractor, understand how you might better market, and target your services. 

We will be focusing mainly on Google search results. The reason we use these criteria is that quite simply; Google reviews are hugely important. 63% of online consumers state that they check Google reviews before choosing a business and that these reviews help them make purchasing decisions.

And as always, you can contact us here at Roofers Guild for more help with expanding your roofing business. Let’s get started.

  1. Kilker Roofing & Construction – Having been established in 1976, Kilker Roofing has stood the test of time. As fully-insured roofers, they have a major leg up on competitors. This family-owned roofing company is trustworthy and credible, both critical factors for consumers. You really can’t go wrong with these professionals whether you are in Frisco or elsewhere in North Texas.
  2. Team Enoch Frisco – First of all, this company offers the basic roofing services that most people need: roof repair, roof installation, and roof inspection. Secondly, Team Enoch doesn’t just do roofing. They offer a number of other services including electrical and plumbing work. Furthermore, they are a Google guaranteed business which means that the customer can get their money back if they are not satisfied with the services of these contractors.
  3. Envision Roofing – Envision Roofing is a company operating in Frisco that is a shining example of how to market and deliver excellent customer service during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you click their banner on Google, you see right away a list of services they offer that are specifically implemented to prevent the spread of the virus.
  4. High Performance Restoration – This company makes it clear from the gate that are a trustworthy company. One of the ways they do this is by making their Better Business Bureau A+ rating visible for all to see. They also offer some specialty roofing services like skylight repair and installation.
  5. Olympic Exteriors LLC – Not only does this company have a perfect 5.0 rating from 31 customers on Google, but they are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But what’s more, is they make the fact that they are available at all hours clearly visible on their website and their Google Business bio.
  6. Elevated Roofing – This is another company that is Google guaranteed. And another huge advantage that Google guaranteed companies have over ones that are not is that they get this seal of approval after Google performs a thorough background check on the business itself and the owner of the business.
  7. Nimbus Roofing, LLC – Besides having a spiffy website that was clearly designed by professionals, Nimbus has gone through the rigorous Google roofer screening and qualification process. In this process, Google seeks to confirm the licensing and insurance documents. In the case of Nimbus Roofing LLC, Google inspected and confirm these documents for the peace of mind of consumers.
  8. Rowley Roofing & Construction – Google will sometimes highlight companies that have undergone third-party certifications. In the case of Rowley Roofing & Construction, we see that they are certified by Networx which is a reliable resource for homeowners and buyers that connects them with quality contractors like Rowley Roofing & Construction.
  9. Sarris and Mackir Roofing and Construction – While 12 customer reviews don’t sound like much, it still means a lot when they are all 5-star reviews. That is the kind of customer response we have with Sarris and Mackir Roofing and Construction who serve Frisco, Allen and McKinney.
  10. 123 Remodeling & Roofing – Serving a wide area can be helpful to grow your business if you can manage to get around logistics and staffing challenges. 123 Remodeling & Roofing is a company that has certainly figured that out. With a huge service area covering most of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and a perfect 5-star score on Google reviews, this company is a shining example of how excellent customer service can be maintained over a vast operational area.

Breaking Down The Best Roofers

As you can see from our list of the best roofers in Frisco, TX you can see that there are many ways you can rank high too. Having a lot of good reviews, high-quality pictures that detail your services, providing certification information, having your business certified by Google, covering many different cities, providing basic and specialized roofing services, doing commercial and residential work and having a professional and attractive website are all ways you can increase traffic to your company. Some of these tactics are simple and others will take more time but they are all things you could be working toward right now to rank among the best roofers in Frisco, TX.

Roofer’s Guild Can Help

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, joining our directory of approved contractors is a great way to start. We would love to have you as a member so get in touch with us here at Roofers Guild.

Commercial Roof Insulation (Tips, Tricks, & Ideas) for 2020

Commercial Roof Insulation Blog Cover

The roof of your commercial building is essential, as obvious as that might sound. It keeps the elements off your head, sure, but it also keeps your product, equipment, and employees safe and protected. Without the roof, you would be in serious trouble and so would your business.

But the insulation on your roof plays an even more integral part. In this guide, you will not only learn the importance of that commercial roof insulation, but the role it plays, the types there are, and more. Consider this your commercial roof insulation guide, providing you with all that you need to know on the subject.

What is Commercial Roof Insulation?

Before we can begin, it is important to know what commercial roof insulation is and what it does. Putting it simply, commercial roof insulation is a layer of material that is installed under the membrane of the roof itself.

This layer is meant to create a thermal barrier between the inside of the building and the elements that it has to deal with outside. Commercial roof insulation plays a very critical role when it comes to reducing heating and cooling costs for not only your commercial building but in residential properties as well.

Ultimately, the goal is to limit the amount of thermal transfer between outdoor and indoor temperatures. Commercial roof insulation can be more of a substantial concern when it comes to areas that have extreme climate fluctuation. This can be either in hot or cold scenarios as both can have a substantial impact on your roof.

The more that you invest in the maintenance of your building temperature, the more that you need to think about installing the right kind of commercial roof insulation. Finding the right R-value the first time around is essential to the life of the commercial roof insulation and it can provide substantial energy savings in the process.

Without the proper commercial roof insulation, your building could struggle to regulate its temperature in an efficient manner. When this happens, your HVAC will go into overdrive to make certain the building stays at the proper temperature. That means far more costly HVAC bills, leaving you frustrated and paying far more than you need to.

Different Types of Commercial Roof Insulation

There are quite a few commercial roof insulation materials out there. They will range in material type, installation methods, R-value, and who manufactures them. Generally speaking, a skilled contractor should be able to recommend the best type of commercial roof insulation for the project that you have tasked them with.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of roofing insulation types out there:

  • Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso)
  • Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Mineral Wool
  • Spray Foam
  • Fiberglass

Each has its own unique set of benefits and detriments and it is important that you know what values to look for out of commercial roof insulation before making your decision. Again, a contractor worth their salt will work with you to decide which insulation best suits your needs before the installation process.

Performance Aspects of Commercial Roof Insulation

Since the roof insulation materials are installed right below the roofing membrane, the installation of the insulation all depends on the current roofing system being implemented and what the manufacturer recommends.

Insulation can be composed of a variety of materials and can range from things like rigid boards to liquid applied foam as well as insulating concrete. Simply put there is a litany of materials out there and each offers its own distinct benefits, so understanding the differences beforehand can be very important.

Here are a few key considerations when evaluating your insulation choices:

Insulation R-Value (Thermal Resistance)

R-Value is the measurement of just how well a layer of insulation is able to resist the flow of heat. The R-value of commercial roof insulation will take into account all the layers in the complete roof system. The insulation layer, meanwhile, will contribute the most R-value to your building. When comparing R-values, the higher the R-value – the more effective the material. Keep in mind that a material’s R-value will degrade over time as the material ages.

The thing to remember is that you may not always want to invest in a high R-value roof system. It is essential to consider what kind of R-value is appropriate for the environment and building as not every building is created the same.

R-value generally follows the law of diminishing returns; after certain thinness, you will no longer be getting the same level of benefit from any additional layers of insulation. Additionally, too much insulation could lead to increased stress on a roof membrane through the effects of things like a thermal shock.

Impact Resistance and Insulation Durability

Durability is one of the most crucial parts of commercial roofing and outdoor materials on the whole. Mother nature can throw some very harsh conditions our way. The goal here is that you want all of your roof elements to be able to withstand and protect your commercial building.

Your roof membrane should be able to serve as the watertight layer and all-important first line of defense in impact resistance when protecting your building. Next up is the insulation layer itself. Insulation plays a role in the impact resistance of the roofing system. It must also be able to withstand the impact conditions that can occur on in the rooftop environment.

Impact resistance for commercial roof insulation is still something of ongoing development within the industry. This is due to a result of more recent performance standards. Proper insulation selection and system design are absolutely essential to a roof system’s impact performance on debris, hail, and any other objects that may fall on your roof.

Insulation Fire Resistance

Fire-resistant roofing materials can also play an absolutely crucial role in preventing fires and limiting the damage that they can cause. Proper fire testing and certification is important if you want your roof to be protective, safe, and long-lasting. When selecting a fire-resistant roof system, it’s usually recommended that the system in question has a UL Class A fire-resistance rating or FM Class 1 rating.

Fire resistance is something that often flies under the radar when considering the right roofing insulation. But it is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety and protection of your commercial roof insulation.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your fire resistance rating because it can be what saves your building in the event of a fire. When your building suffers severe damage, you don’t want to be wondering if you should have taken the more pricy but also more reliable option.

Ask your contractor to explain the fire resistance ratings, what they mean, how they apply to your current roofing system, and whether they think it is a proper fit for your current roofing system.

Protecting Your Commercial Roof Insulation

No matter how effective the insulating material, it is absolutely crucial to keep it dry. If additional moisture is able to make its way to your roof insulation, the material can become saturated and will no longer do the job it is meant to.

This saturated material holds in water and is then made to be far less effective. Wet insulation that is holding water can also transfer that additional moisture across your roof system. This can result in leaks elsewhere in your building. These leaks can be a serious issue as excess moisture can lead to things like structural damage, portions of the roof being rendered damaged and ineffective, and so much more.

Commercial roof insulation that has water damage will also provide a lower R-value and can affect the uplift performance of a roof system. This is particularly dangerous in any high-wind area as those winds can cause profound damage to the roof, the structure, and otherwise.

When the design requires, making use of a vapor barrier to limit moisture drive into the system from the building interior. From the exterior, the use of a durable, high-performance membrane can help protect your investment and keep insulation dry, maximizing its useful life.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to keep that excess and unwanted moisture out from under your roofing system and away from the insulation. Water that is able to get under your current membrane can be bad enough, but when it soaks the insulation, it can create an unsafe environment.


While it should go without saying that your commercial roof insulation is one of the most integral parts of any commercial roof, it should be emphasized just how important it is. Take the steps to have regular maintenance performed so that any problem areas can be revealed before they near catastrophic levels.

Talk about your options with your roofing contractor and see what he has to say about the matter. A contractor worth their salt will be able to guide you towards the proper commercial roof insulation that will help to properly protect and insulate your building for a long time to come.

4 Common TPO Roofing Problems to Consider in 2020

TPO Roofing Problems Blog Cover

There are many different kinds of roofing systems out there but one of the more common is known as TPO or a single-ply membrane. There is another kind of single-ply membrane in commercial roofing known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM), but we will focus on Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) for now.

TPO is a membrane that is currently one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing systems out there. They are made up of a single layer of synthetics as well as reinforcing scrim that can be used when covering flat roofs.

This makes for a highly efficient and effective roofing system for commercial roofing buildings that tend to lean towards flat roofing. As good as these roofing systems are, there are four common TPO roofing problems to be aware of.

Why TPO Roofing?

There are a plethora of benefits to implementing a TPO roofing system onto your current commercial roof. It has great strength, durability, and flexibility. That means being able to stand up to a build-up of dirt, resistance to tears, and mold growth as well.

Perhaps its best trait is that it is energy efficient. TPO membrane is meant to reflect and resist those UV rays that can heat up a building, making it easier and more efficient to keep the building cooler. This, in turn, means that the building doesn’t need to use the HVAC system to compensate.

1) Easily Punctured Membrane

Of all the TPO roofing problems there are, this is the one that is probably the most problematic. While this roofing system can be walked on and it is both flexible and lightweight, the membrane itself can be easily punctured.

With commercial roofs, one of the more common TPO roofing problems is that there is a high volume of foot traffic when compared to other types of buildings or roofing structures. The single-ply membrane roofing doesn’t have a hard-top layer that is meant to protect the layer of synthetic rubber from things like gravel, dropped tools, or loose screws.

Common TPO roofing problems like this see those materials pushed into the rubber membrane, breaking or tearing it by creating holes in the rubber and insulation. This leaves the roofing system more vulnerable to leaks further on down the line.

With a proper primer, you can take this one off the list of TPO roofing problems by giving it an extra layer of insulation and protection that it did not have previously.

2) Expired Warranty

Here’s a key tip: when you have a new roofing system installed, purchase the warranty. This is because most manufacturer warranties will require the contractor to perform those repairs for the first couple of years after the initial install.

Warranties can also be anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Common TPO roofing problems can be solved by having a warranty on your side. Stay on top of it, because when your warranty expires, you could find yourself susceptible to higher maintenance and repair bills, especially if your facility has been encountering problems.

It cannot be emphasized enough that having a warranty is a great way to keep TPO roofing problems in check. Things happen, leaks occur, damage can be done, and having a quick, reliable fix on your side is far easier than having to find a repair service on your own and eat the costs out of your own pocket.

Keeping yourself protected is maybe a little more costly than you may have thought but it is a great way to keep yourself protected from persistent problems or future repair bills. That alone makes it worth the cost alone.

3) UV Rays Degrading the Adhesives

Wear and tear is certainly one of the most common TPO roofing problems. Actually, scratch that. It is one of the most common problems with any roofing system out there. This is because it is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That also means constant exposure to the sun. Those harmful UV rays can perform significant damage to a roofing system over time. It can happen in a lot of different ways but the most common of TPO roofing problems is when those UV rays degrade the adhesives that are used to attach the membrane to the substrate.

Not only that, but those adhesives are also what seal the seams of the membranes together to create the waterproof seal that keeps your roof safe in even some of the harshest of weather conditions. Without that seal, your roof is vulnerable.

When there are punctures, tears, or other damage to your roof, those UV rays can come into contact with the adhesive layer and can cause a lot more damage when those adhesives become deteriorated. That is why it is important to ensure that the membrane sheets are overlapping during installation. This will block the adhesives from exposure to the UV rays and prevent those TPO roofing problems from occurring, at least not on a consistent basis.

4) Longevity

Perhaps the most common of TPO roofing problems is that they tend to not last as long as some other roofing systems. TPO roofing is definitely strong and durable but it is still something of a young technology in the roofing industry.

That means that the formula that is used to produce this TPO material is still far from perfect as the manufacturers attempt to find a balance between affordability and durability. This means that, along the way, some of these roofing systems have had common TPO roofing problems like material failures and seam cracks.

There are improvements that have been made along the way, but it may be sometime before the formula perfected. Still, TPO roofing systems are not only affordable, but they tend to be durable more often than not.

All of these TPO roofing problems are fairly common and that means that they are relatively easy to solve as well. Keeping this in mind, it is easier to keep them working optimally and avoid having to deal with major issues or damages to your roofing system.

Find a Roofer in Milford, CT

11 Best Roofers in Milford, CT

Looking for the best roofers in Milford, CT? You’ve come to the right place. Roofer’s Guild has created a list of the top 11 roofing contractors in Milford Connecticut. Our goal is to help you find the best company for your needs. Whether it is commercial roofing, residential roofing, or siding there is a solution to your unique demands.

Best Roofers in Milford, CT Cover

1) Advantage Roofing

Advantage Roofing in Milford, CT provides both residential roofing services and commercial flat roofing services. The company shows seven 5-star reviews on Google My Business and one 5-star vote on Facebook. They bill themselves as a company that offers reasonable prices to the community and has been in business for more than 25 years. 

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s List5/52
Roofer’s Guild96/100N/A

2) Cruz Roofing & Siding

Cruz Roofing & Siding in Milford, CT shows several certifications on their website including the notorious GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractor. With six 5-star Google reviews and four 5-star Facebook votes, they are well-thought-of in New Haven County. They provide services for roofing (residential and commercial), siding, and gutters.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s ListN/AN/A
Roofer’s Guild95/100N/A

3) Rick’s Roofing & Siding LLC

Rick’s Roofing & Siding provides roofing & siding services (because of course, they do) and also provide window services. Their website promotes a free no-obligation estimate on roofing jobs which makes them a low-risk or no-risk option for Milford residents with roofing or window issues. Rick’s has 11 Google reviews with an aggregate rating of 4.6/5 and one 5-star Facebook vote.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s ListN/AN/A
Roofer’s Guild94/100N/A

4) Berkley Exteriors

Berkley Exteriors is more than just a roofing service, they are a home improvement company and can help Connecticut residents with roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters, and decking. Their aggregate Google review rating is identical to Rick’s Roofing & Siding with a score of 4.6/5 and 11 total reviews. They also show two 5-star votes on Facebook and 18 5-star reviews on Angie’s List.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s List5/518
Roofer’s Guild94/100N/A

5) A Plus Exterior

A Plus Exterior is a GAF Certified roofing contractor that offers warranties for many product installations. In addition to roofing and siding services, they offer skylights, dumpster rental, and snow plowing. As a Jack of all trades, Milford residents can expect a quality service. This is reinforced when checking a 4.9 rating on 49 total Google reviews to go along with 26 Angie’s List reviews with an aggregate rating of 4.8.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s List4.8/526
Roofer’s Guild94/100N/A

6) Brown Roofing

Though their physical address is in Seymour, CT, as a service area business, Brown Roofing services Milford residents. They won Angie’s List’s 2019 Super Service Award and provide roofing services for both residential and commercial properties. They show a 4.8/5 Google review rating on a total of 41 reviews to go along with 22 5-star votes on Facebook. The company also has 27 5-star reviews on Angie’s list, showing a diverse portfolio of positive testimonials.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s List5/537
Roofer’s Guild94/100N/A

7) Kellner Roofing

Kellner Roofing lists its main address in Stratford, CT but shows Milford, CT as one of its top service areas. Kellner provides both residential and commercial roofing and has been in business for 26 years. The company is BBB accredited with an A + rating. They show 31 5-star Google reviews along with 6 5-star Facebook votes. Yelp has them at 4.5 aggregate rating over 10 total reviews. 

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s ListN/AN/A
Roofer’s Guild94/100N/A

8) New England Roofing & Home Repair

New England Roofing & Home Repair is officially located in nearby Orange, CT but services Milford, CT residents. They sport an impressive list of HomeAdvisor accolades on their website including the Best of HomeAdvisor 2018 winner badge. They are also BBB accredited with an A+ rating. NER has 59 Google reviews with an impressive aggregate star rating of 4.9/5.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s ListN/AN/A
Roofer’s Guild94/100N/A

9) Valley Roofing & Siding

Though they are located in Ansonia, CT … Milford, CT is listed as one of their service areas. Valley Roofing & Siding provides services for roofing, siding, and window repair. Like many others on this list, they are BBB accredited with an A+ rating. They show 23 Google reviews with an aggregate rating of 4.3. The company also has 11 5-star Facebook votes.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s ListN/AN/A
Roofer’s Guild93/100N/A

10) Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows

Burr Roofing is officially located in Stratford, CT but their service areas include Milford, CT. In fact, their website actually shows reviews of customers living in Milford. In addition to roofing, siding, and window services, Burr also provides deck, porches, and porticoes work. Their aggregate star rating on Google is exactly 4.0/5 over 26 reviews. Burr also has 13 Facebook votes with a 4.7-star rating.

Review PlatformRatingVolume
Angie’s ListN/AN/A
Roofer’s Guild93/100N/A

11) Roofers Guild

Roofer’s Guild provides roofing services in Milford, CT including roof repair, roof installation, roof replacement, and more. They do both residential and commercial roofing projects with affiliated contractors in Milford and surrounding areas. Considered the #1 authority on commercial roofing, Roofer’s Guild is well-respected by contractors and customers throughout the U.S.

Where Can I Find a Roofer in Milford, CT?

It’s pretty simple to find a roofer in Milford, CT. Just reference our 11 choices above and call the one that best suits your needs. Roofer’s Guild compiles lists like these to save you time on research, and so that you can always choose a qualified roofer in your area. If you’d like to do further research, we recommend visiting the websites of each of the candidates and looking at their service pages, testimonials, and any visual content they publish about previous work.

Which Roofing Reviews Should I Trust The Most?

3rd party reviews are more trustworthy than on-site testimonials unless the roofer is using a plugin that scrolls through Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews straight from their website homepage (which is getting quite common). But reviews that don’t cite Google or another 3rd party platform beneath them may not always be the most credible. Our list abides by our own philosophy, as we’ve only included roofers who have reviews from 3rd party sources.

Why Types of Roofing Services are Available in Milford, CT?

You can find just about any roofing service you imagine among the candidates from this list. Whether you are looking for commercial roof repair, residential roof repair, or siding work, someone in this group will have you covered. At Roofer’s Guild, it is our goal to match you with the best possible roofer for your requirements, and we can actually walk you through the process over the phone. We look forward to discussing your roofing options in Milford, CT.

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