11 Ways to Get Roofing Leads in 2022

Generating guaranteed roofing leads presents a significant hurdle for roofing companies. Most roofers have tried everything from digital marketing to direct mail. Established companies often enjoy the majority percentage of leads while the rest of us get in where we fit in. To start producing more clients, check out these 11 methods to generate roofing leads in 2022.

Roofing Leads

What is a Roofing Lead?

A roofing lead is a prospect showing interest in your services by submitting their contact information through an online form or phone call. 

How Do Roofers Get Affordable Leads?

Roofing companies get leads through promotional strategies like paid advertising, organic SEO, and in-person trade shows or canvassing. Some roofers also pay 3rd party brokers to exchange prospects’ contact information, leading to lower conversion rates.

Kinds of Roof Leads

Generally speaking, there are two types of roofing leads; exclusive and shared. Exclusive leads refer to prospects who contact only your roofing company, while shared leads become available to multiple contractors simultaneously.

Exclusive Leads: Apply only to your company (typically come through marketing)

Shared Leads: Apply to several competing companies (typically come through brokers)

Of course, you also have lead variations by industry. For example, commercial roofing leads contrast residential roofing leads in value and accessibility. Metal roofing leads also enjoy distinct advantages over shingle roofing leads, for example. Supply and demand hold significant influence over cost per lead for roofing professionals.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads are contacts for your business, without exposure to competitors. They find your company organically and contact you directly, looking for your brand specifically. Exclusive leads are the most valuable lead-type because they convert at the highest rate and create the most repeat customers. As a result, every company should try for exclusives by investing in online marketing.

Shared Leads

Shared leads come from 3rd party brokers who sell prospect information to multiple companies in the same area. As you might imagine, shared leads convert less frequently and when they do, are unlikely to result in repeat business. Businesses often mistakenly think they can only acquire shared leads, and not exclusive leads, when a simple marketing strategy would allow them to achieve the latter.

But enough of that. Here are 11 cool methods to get more leads in 2022:

1) Google Map Pack

Getting leads from Google’s local map pack is a significant ROI. Since businesses can create free listings, the return is a bonus. Of course, you may hire a local SEO expert to optimize your listing, in which case the monthly retainer changes the ROI. However, compared to other methods, Google Maps rankings still produce a far greater return. 

According to statistics, the 3-Pack appears for 93% of local searches, demonstrating its potential reach for businesses. For roofing companies, in particular, local searches comprise the majority of your prospects, making local SEO an ideal lead generation channel in 2022.

Google’s Map-Pack pulls Google My Business listings and data to give users options for local services meeting the intent of their query. With this in mind, ensure your GMB listing is fully optimized with photos, GMB posts, and accurate contact information. See more resources below:

Google Map Pack

2) Facebook Advertising

In 2022, many roofers ask how to get roofing leads on Facebook. The answer is through paid advertising. Posting promotions on your main page doesn’t work well since Google hides most of these posts from your followers. Instead, running paid ad campaigns reaches the most users. You can use Facebook Lead Ads to grab contact information on the spot. Alternatively, you can run a more traditional ad-style and enter users into a robust funnel on your landing page.

Lead Ads are especially helpful since they pre-populate forms so that users can easily submit their contact information. Drop-offs are common in traditional online advertising forms because users get bored having to fill out all their information, Facebook eliminates this hurdle and increases conversions in the process.

Facebook owns another popular social platform; Instagram, which Facebook advertisers can, in turn, publish the same ads on for their campaigns. With over 1 billion active users on IG, it serves as another method for getting leads for your business. To learn more about Facebook ad campaigns, check out these materials:

3) Search Engine Optimization

SEO for roofers is the best way to generate leads online. It costs nothing to earn an organic position on Google’s first page unless you hire a 3rd party marketing company to optimize your roofing website. Of course, most roofers don’t have time to do the work themselves, which involves writing new service pages and blog posts and then inserting title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords. SEO is an all-encompassing process, but its return can change your company’s position within the industry.

The main components of SEO are technical, on-page, local, content, and link building. While these series of tasks may seem difficult to beginners, a good agency will operate all facets at once. Google’s algorithm gets more advanced each day, so it’s critical to abide by the latest practices to achieve or sustain rankings.

SEO provides the best ROI of any lead generation strategy for businesses. If your company can secure a top ranking for relevant keywords in your area, the CTR becomes 28.5%, meaning users click-through almost 30% of the time. Contrast that with PPC statistics which show the average CTR to be less than 2%. Check out additional material on SEO, below:

Organic SEO

4) Direct Mail

Snail mail seems obsolete, but numbers show its effectiveness remains potent for roofers. Think about it, is a homeowner more likely to check their mailbox or email inbox? The former is the correct answer because of spam. Email inboxes possess almost 1200% more spam than direct mail. 

Direct mail costs about $55 per lead and lowers to $50 per lead when using a proper mailing list. All things considered, traditional mail remains a profitable lead generation technique. Think about how sick people are of getting spam emails. It stands to reason that they are more likely to trust direct mail than anything in their Gmail inbox.

Mailers with appealing photos and clear calls to action work best, just as they do in online formats. While some percentage of your list may toss your mailer in their recycling bin, enough will consume the content to make the campaign worthwhile. Check out more resources below:

Mailbox for Direct Mail

5) Hail Chasing

Hailstorm chasing is not the best idea, but it would be misleading to suggest it doesn’t work. Using tracker apps like Hail Trace, roofers can monitor storms and prepare their team to hit up impacted towns. There’s no dignity in chasing chaos, but there is money involved. Ultimately, hail storm leads are precious and often create a window of growth opportunity for roofing companies.

Businesses can utilize storm tracking apps to get notifications each time a storm passes through their service areas. By allowing technology to assist with your lead generation campaigns, you are streamlining your business for 2022. Depending on how large your sales team is, you can deploy teams throughout different areas.

Residential homeowners are more likely to respond to sales pitches after a storm when they need immediate repairs. In normal circumstances, residents like to put off significant roof repairs until they notice a leak from their ceiling, or something worse. Hail storms provide a great opportunity for lead generation. Check out some materials below:

Roofer's Guild Hail Damage Leads Keys For Contractors

6) PPC Advertising (Google Ads)

Google Ads helps new roofers get on top of Google rankings fast. Even at about a 38% click-through rate, Google Ads still garner engagement from a significant part of the user base. Costs per click are rising because of high competition, but PPC ads remain a legitimate lead generation method for roofers depending on your local area.

Aside from Google, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) also offers PPC opportunities per business. CPCs are lower on Bing because they have a lower search engine market share. However, users still use Bing enough to make running the occasional ad worthwhile, in certainly worth testing.

Whichever platform you use, your ad’s success will come down to engagement. Make sure you design an appealing ad with a convincing CTA which will improve CTR and maximize your budget. Only target buyer intent keywords, as some other types of queries, won’t result in sales. Learn more about the subject below:

Google Ads for Roofers

7) Door Knocking

Door knocking is harder during Covid-19, but wearing a mask can make it worthwhile. The best time to door-knock is after hail storms since most homeowners seek roofing services directly after the damage. Contractors can utilize storm tracking apps to keep track of recent storms in their service areas. Most residential roof services happen after the damage is present, which makes your introduction after storms the most important sales point.

Deploying your salespeople is critical to getting conversions, as some might have specific strengths or be familiar with particular areas. Smaller companies are left to do all door knocking on their own, which can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you are working in a non-storm area.

Despite its potential downside, the numbers don’t like about door knocking’s effectiveness. A recent survey indicated that 76% of roofing companies still utilize the tactic in some form. While other marketing strategies have emerged in the past decade, preserving some traditional methods remains valid. Learn more below:

House for Door Knocking

8) Trade Associations

Most trade associations suspended shows during COVID-19, but they will remain invaluable going forward as a lead generation platform. The main benefit of trade shows is networking. You can build partnerships with suppliers and other industry giants for future lead generation avenues. Your representative should present value when attending association shows so that potential partners have an incentive to work with your company.

Keep track of how much you pay for trade show tickets because you’ll want to make back more in residual revenue. If you are just attending shows to shoot the breeze with other industry folks, you could be wasting your resources. Set up a booth and provide something of value in exchange for contact information.

You may not reap the rewards of trade show leads for months or even years down the road. However, if you do your due diligence, you will benefit in some way. To check out some of the top trade shows, see the materials below:

Trade Show Venue

9) Email Blasts

We spoke about direct mail as a superior version of email marketing—fewer people open emails in 2022. Still, with the right marketing format, you can convert people through email blasts. The key is customization and personalization. Getting people on your email list is easy, but getting them to respond to flyers, coupons, and specials is far more complicated. That’s why strategizing a personalized email marketing campaign is critical to success in 2022.

Too few roofing companies engage in any type of email marketing, which reduces their lead generation stream. The irony is that sending mass emails is now easier than it’s ever been, and open rates can be increased through personalization.

Statistics show that follow-up emails can increase sales by almost 80%, which makes them a viable strategy for any business. While the thought of sending bulk emails may turn off some companies, the results make it worth it. Learn more below:

Email Blast Tool

10) YouTube Marketing

Roofer’s ability to market videos has grown over the past decade. Most smartphones have HQ cameras to capture roofers at work and on the job. You, too, can get involved with video marketing by uploading your branded videos to YouTube and then embedding those on your website. YouTube is a search engine in itself, meaning some prospects may find you while browsing the popular video platform. Others may see your video on your websites since Google factors in videos when ranking pages on search.

More adults consume YouTube than any other form of social media content, making it a great platform to push your company and brand. Plenty of roofers have popularized themselves and their business using YouTube, and their channel has reaped the rewards. Be sure to study other success stories to get more ideas for your channel.

As for setting expectations for your YouTube material, you don’t have to make it big to have success. In other words, you can still generate leads without becoming an Internet celebrity. Additionally, pumping out YouTube content is a great way to expand your online presence, which may allow you to get leads through other channels.

YouTube Marketing Screenshot

11) Business Partnerships

Joining forces with suppliers can help roofers generate leads in 2022. Whether it’s more prominent brands like Menard’s and Home Depot or smaller, regional suppliers, roofing contractors can get a leg up on competitors. Sometimes roofers can even earn an inbound link from one of the supplier websites, which can indirectly boost lead acquisition through SEO marketing.

You might look for other referral partners, such as real estate agents and land developers, who might be able to toss you some leads from clients. The more extensively you can grow your network, the better chance you have of acquiring supplemental leads.

In an increasingly digital marketplace, it makes sense to partner with online influences, as well. Consider joining people on their podcasts to discuss roofing, marketing, and other ventures applicable to your industry. Not only will people enjoy your insights, but you can spread brand awareness in the process.

White Board for Business Partnership