How to Generate Exclusive Roofing Leads in Portland (2023)

Roofing Leads Portland (Blog Cover)

If you need Portland roofing leads, your first step is creating a company website. Next, you invest in SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Then, as your brand grows online, leads generate consistently. 

Once your online presence garners enough attention, you no longer need to rely on 3rd-party lead generation services that overcharge you for shared leads.

Exclusive Leads vs. Shared Leads

As a Portland roofer, your goal is to generate exclusive roofing leads. Shared leads are less valuable, and you must purchase them from another company. Conversely, exclusive leads come from your own platforms and convert at a much higher rate while costing less.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads are prospects that contact your roofing company directly. For example, they find your website after a Google search for roof repair in Portland. 

Or they come across your Google Business Profile when searching for roofer near me. These leads convert rapidly and are more likely to become repeat customers.

Shared Leads

You’ve probably tried to buy Portland roofing leads from one of these big-name lead sellers. Unfortunately, these are called shared leads. The company sells the lead to multiple roofing companies decreasing its value and conversion rate. 

Furthermore, the prospects that do convert are less likely to become repeat customers.

Infographic Comparing Exclusive and Shared Leads

Creating a Lead Generation Process in Portland, OR

You may be wondering how to get exclusive leads instead of shared leads. It’s pretty simple (though not easy). You need to construct a lead generation process. Roofer’s Guild outlines the exact steps below:

Step 1: Create a Company Website

Your first step is to create a company website which requires the following:

  • A domain name
  • A hosting provider
  • A website theme (or custom design)
  • On-page content

Depending on your budget, you can hire a professional website designer to craft a custom website for your Portland roofing company. You can use a template theme if you choose to do everything yourself.

Step 2: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the only legitimate way to generate low-cost leads online. You can utilize Local SEO and organic SEO to achieve your goals. You will need the following:

  • Google Business Profile
  • Optimized company website
  • Optimized website content
  • Links and citations

If you have the budget, consider hiring a roofing SEO company to handle your campaign. However, SEO can be a lot of work, and if you need more time, it’s best to delegate it to an expert in the field.

Step 3: Pay Per Click (Google Ads)

Brand new Portland roofers must wait 6-12 months to enjoy the full benefit of SEO. As a result, you can supplement lead generation with Google Ads. Here’s what you need for a strong PPC strategy:

  • Strong landing pages
  • Proper audience targeting
  • Optimized budget
  • High closing rate

PPC is expensive and, therefore, is a bad long-term strategy. We only recommend using Google Ads as a short-term strategy as your SEO matures. If your website is already more than a year old, you won’t even need Google Ads.

Step 4: Social Media Marketing

Don’t believe the hype; most roofing companies get zero leads from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. However, these social profiles do influence their more comprehensive online marketing strategy. As a result, it’s important to create profiles on these platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • TikTok

Social media profiles allow roofers to link to their websites and share content. As a result, a social media presence can indirectly contribute to lead generation. However, if you rely solely on social media marketing for lead generation, you will be very disappointed.

Step 5: Expand Your Network

As a Portland roofer, you want to join credible institutions like Associated Roofing Contractors of Oregon & S.W. Washington. By becoming a member, they can link to your website via their directory. Not only does this count as a backlink from a credible website, but it can bring new business to your company.

You can also join other directories like HomeAdvisor, Angi, and Houzz, along with locally-driven platforms like the Portland Chamber of Commerce. Feel free to connect with other business professionals in your area.

Types of Portland Roofing Leads

Your company may specialize in a type of roofing like commercial roofing. In these cases, you want to know where to find flat roofing leads in Portland. On the other hand, you may seek metal roofing, tile, or hotel roofing leads in different scenarios.

Flat Roofing Leads

Flat roofing leads in Portland are excellent because they are typically high-ticket jobs. Create an individual service page titled “Flat Roof Repair Services in Portland, OR if you have a website. You can also target flat roof queries within your Google Ads PPC strategy.

Metal Roofing Leads

Metal roofing leads can come from residential and commercial jobs. Try creating a service page called “Metal Roof Repair Services in Portland, OR. It helps conversions if you can publish previous examples of metal roofing jobs.

Tile Roofing Leads

Tile roofing leads typically come from residential jobs. So if your company specializes in residential roofing, creating a tile roofing service page makes sense. You can also target tile queries in your PPC strategy.

Hotel Roofing Leads

Frequently commercial roofers look for hotel roofing jobs. You can generate hotel roofing leads by creating a service page titled “Hotel Roof Repair & Installation in Portland, OR.” 

Final Thoughts

Getting more Portland roofing leads is not rocket science. It just takes a little tactful strategy to start increasing consumer interest. For example, create a website, invest in SEO, and expand your professional network. 

Then, in just 12 months, you can start generating a consistent stream of leads. Once you ditch PPC and lead buying, you no longer have to rely on another entity to bring in your leads. Of course, you still need visibility on Google, but with organic SEO, it’s highly cost-efficient.

Best of all, your investment keeps paying off as customers leave reviews on your Google Business Profile. As your reviews increase, so does your trust level with consumers. So ultimately, you rank more frequently in the Local Map 3-Pack and generate a consistent stream of Portland roofing leads.