10 Best Roofing SEO Companies for 2022

Roofing SEO Companies

Roofing SEO companies are few and far between. While some agencies provide SEO services to roofers, very few of them specialize in the roofing industry. Trusting a general SEO company to handle your roofing campaign comes with risk since their data lacks the narrow targeting required to maximize a roofing SEO campaign in 2022. But rest assured that some companies do focus specifically on roofing. Here are ten roofer SEO companies you should consider in 2022:

1) Roofing Webmasters

Roofing Webmasters is the cream of the crop for roofing SEO. As the Dale Earnhardt of roofer SEO, you can’t go wrong with this agency. They charge an affordable monthly rate with no long-term contracts for newer roofers, so you can really boost your Google presence. Best of all, they offer custom roofing websites with schema markup and a great tool called DataPins, making local SEO easier than ever before.


  • Considered Top in The Industry
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • DataPins Included


  • Credit Card Required

Rating: 10/10

Webmasters Logo

Roofing Webmasters is widely regarded as the best SEO company for roofing companies in 2022. They provide full-service digital marketing allowing roofers to maximize their rankings on Google.

2) Roofer’s Guild

Roofer’s Guild is the next best option for roofers though they focus more on marketing and overall web presence. They help with your website, SEO, and content, but they allow roofing companies to spread their wings in 2022. Their pricing packages are very reasonable, and like Roofing Webmasters, they do not force you into long-term agreements. 


  • Understands the Roofing Industry
  • Great Resources
  • Affordable Monthly Fee


  • More of Marketing Than Strictly SEO

Rating: 9.5/10


Roofer’s Guild is an industry-trusted marketing firm that helps companies expand their online presence in 2022. Hundreds of roofers throughout the U.S. trust Roofer’s Guild for its marketing services.

3) Roofing SEO Bros

The relatively new kid on the block of SEO is Roofing SEO Bros. This company looks promising, and we know from word of mouth that they are the real deal. Their prices are once again affordable, and their work with local SEO is innovative and cutting-edge. They focus on long-tail keywords to help roofers rank for outlier services while building more traffic to their primaries. The result is happy clients who stick around long-term.


  • Reasonable Monthly Pricing
  • Custom Websites Included
  • Works With All Kinds of Roofing Companies


  • Less Appealing To Established Roofers
  • Relatively New Service

Rating: 9/10

SEO Bros Logo

Roofing SEO Bros brings innovative search engine optimization techniques to the roofing industry in 2022. They provide custom websites to impress consumers and boost local keyword rankings.

4) Roofing Leads Boss

Roofing Leads Boss focuses on lead generation, but you’ll see that they use SEO as their primary process when looking a little closer. Their lead generation system helps local roofers secure qualified and exclusive leads through organic search. Their strategy includes ranking your website and Google My Business listing for relevant keyword terms, which turn into branded exclusive leads for your company.


  • Pay Per Lead Model
  • Innovative Lead-Gen Strategies
  • Willing To Work With New Roofers


  • More Focused on Leads Than SEO
  • PPL Has its Downside

Rating: 9/10

Leads Boss Logo

Roofing Leads Boss focuses on lead generation, which some companies prefer over traditional digital marketing services. Keep in mind that this agency still utilizes SEO to get leads.

5) Better Bistro Media

Better Bistro Media is based in Warner Robins, GA, and works with roofing contractors and other types of services. They wrote one of the highest-ranking guides on search engine optimization for roofers, which shows how effective they are at getting results. The agency offers a full range of digital marketing services, including web design, PPC, and social media marketing.


  • Proven Results
  • Reasonable Fee
  • Works With Several Roofers


  • Works With Industries Besides Roofing

Rating: 9/10

Better Bistro Logo

Better Bistro Media produced one of the best SEO guides for roofers, which speaks to their attention to detail as an agency. They also work with other kinds of businesses besides roofing.

6) On The Map Marketing

On The Map Marketing is a Miami-based SEO agency (with several other offices worldwide) that works with roofing companies, among other industries. They were selected for numerous awards over the past several years and have a very large team to support their efforts. In addition to search engine optimization, OTM provides web design and paid advertising.


  • Works With Lots of Roofers
  • Large Team and Countless Resources
  • Awards From Inc 5000 and More


  • Not Specific to Roofing Industry

Rating: 9/10

7) Roofing SEO Now

Roofing SEO Now is a niche-specific SEO agency specializing in roofing. You can rest assured that their SEO campaigns focus on roofing contractors, and they have years of campaign data to work with. 


  • Very Cheap Pricing
  • Keyword Research Included


  • Subpar Reporting Metrics

Rating: 8/10

SEO Now Logo

Roofing SEO Now focuses exclusively on the roofing industry, which should give companies confidence in the strategy.

8) Roofing Pro SEO

Like many other companies on this list, Roofing Pro SEO focuses on the roofing industry specifically. Instead of dealing with general SEO companies, give these guys a chance since each of their marketing materials is dedicated to your service industry. 


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Comes With Website Design


  • Support is Questionable

Rating: 7.5/10

Pro SEO Logo

Roofing Pro SEO may not offer the best customer support but they build high-performance websites that target local keywords for roofers.

9) Roofer Web Marketing

Roofer Web Marketing is a Southern-based SEO company for roofers. If you reside in the south, you may want to give Roofer Web Marketing a call and allow them to handle your campaign. Their pricing is reasonable, and their existing clients can attest to their outstanding performance.


  • Great Web Designs
  • Provides Service Pages


  • Websites Don’t Have Many Pages

Rating: 7/10

Web Marketing Logo

Roofer Web Marketing is another agency that targets roofing-only campaigns. You can feel comfortable with their affordable rates

10) BrandREVU

BrandREVU wrote one of the best SEO guides for roofers, and that knowledge translates to their services. While they also serve other industries like pest control and foundation repair, they have enough knowledge of roofing to get the job done.


  • Incredible App for Roofers
  • Helps Roofers Rank on Maps
  • Helps Roofers Get More Reviews


  • Website Not Included
  • Might Still Need A Separate Web Design Service

Rating: 10/10

BrandREVU Logo

BrandREVU is a software tool that helps roofing companies rank on Google. They also provide accompanying services with their app.

Other Factors To Consider With SEO Companies

Once you narrow your choices down to the top two or three, it’s wise to vet those companies further and get a more personal feel for what they provide. Call or email the service through their website and ask them to explain the components of their process. The most helpful providers will detail exactly how they produce results on your behalf. Make sure to get a better feel for the following components:


Most companies advertise a specific price point, but do they detail how they charge their clients? For example, are you locked into a long-term contract or are you free to leave after each monthly payment? These are the types of questions you must ask your potential agencies before signing on the dotted line. Be aware that several SEO companies will attempt to lock you into long-term agreements.


It’s always wise to check reviews on as many platforms as possible before putting your faith in a company’s word. The best place to check for reviews is Google since businesses can only create a listing once they verify their mailing address via postcard. Very few agencies will have perfect 5-star ratings, but anything over 4.5 is impressive today. You might also check out which companies other roofing companies are using in the industry.


Ask yourself how you heard about the company in the first place. If you found them through a Google search, it indicates that the agency knows how to properly implement SEO since they are proving the results with their web properties. Of course, just because they rank their own website doesn’t mean they put the same resources into yours, but that’s a question you should ask them upfront before agreeing to a deal.