Buy Exclusive Metal Roofing Leads

Metal Roofing Leads

Are you looking to buy metal roofing leads in 2022? Roofer’s Guild has you covered. The Roofer’s Guild network provides metal roofing lead generation to contractors throughout the United States. Our system uses various marketing strategies to produce exclusive metal roof leads. Let’s take a look at the components of the Roofer’s Guild Lead-Gen System.

Components of a Metal Roofing Lead-Gen System

Make no mistake, whoever you buy leads from uses a process to generate those leads. As a metal roofing contractor, you should ask yourself, how do I implement the strategy for my brand? If you can successfully master this system, you won’t need lead brokers or sellers any longer. Instead, you will get the same leads they once got without giving them a percentage. Let’s review the components:

Organic SEO

The best way to generate metal roof leads is through organic SEO. You can get leads when users type in terms like metal roofing near me or metal roofing services into Google. The results are a combination of Google Ads, Google Maps, and organic search results. Your website can rank in the organic search results and garner regular clicks for related keywords. In addition, optimizing your website helps you generate consistent leads.

Local SEO

Another great way to get metal leads for roofers is to rank in Google’s Local Map 3-Pack. You achieve this by optimizing your Google My Business listing and generating customer reviews. As you gain more reviews and optimize your profile, you begin satisfying the three local ranking factors: relevance, prominence, and proximity. In addition to helping your GMB profile rank on the Map 3-Pack, reviews also help you convert potential customers. Using local SEO software like BrandREVU can make a big difference.

Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)

Running PPC ads is another way to get roofing leads for your local company. You can bid on groups of keywords relating to metal roofing, both commercial and residential. While Google Ads yields fast leads, it does cost more than SEO to implement and sustain. In contrast to SEO, PPC ads cost money every time users click on an ad, whether they convert or not. Still, PPC can be a beneficial factor when looking to generate metal roof leads in 2022.

Types of Metal Roofing Leads 

There are several variations of metal roofing leads, each holding different values for roofing companies. For instance, shared leads hold lesser value because multiple companies get alerted of the prospect. Conversely, exclusive roofing leads have greater value because only your company gains access to the prospective client. Of course, value is demonstrated in pricing, though there are ways to generate leads for free, as well.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads give a single roofing company access to the future client. Exclusive leads convert better because of the lack of competition and the fact that the consumer demonstrated interest in your brand rather than a 3rd party platform. You can buy exclusive leads from 3rd parties, but they will cost much more than shared leads from the same providers. However, you reserve the option to generate exclusive leads from your own branded efforts, which Roofer’s Guild can help you with also.

Shared Leads

Shared leads are the worst type because they convert less than any other variation. Metal roofing companies should avoid shared leads if possible because they cause more trouble than they’re worth. Furthermore, shared leads don’t help sustain your roofing business long-term. While getting some quick jobs might seem wise for startup companies, the reality is that those consumers will not seek you the next time they need work done. In their mind, you are simply a contractor for the lead broker brand, whom they trust.

Free Leads

Free leads can be good or bad, depending on their nature. A lead given to you from a friend or relative is often hit or miss but can help your business. Referrals are one of the best ways to grow your roofing company long-term. However, word-of-mouth leads also come with their downside. Some people aren’t serious about using your company, and others don’t understand the problems with their roofing system to begin with, making them less likely to invest in a serious project. Never trust free leads advertised online since there’s almost always a catch. Of course, if you generate leads through your website, they are free, in a sense.

Guaranteed Leads

Guaranteed metal roofing leads are mostly a myth in 2022. The only guarantee you can have is to speak with the customer, which doesn’t mean you service their home or property. The reality is that having multiple lead generation platforms can help sustain your roofing business. However, as you know, there are no guarantees in the roofing business. You can do your part by investing in the most appropriate lead sources and doing great work on your performance. Eventually, you won’t need any guarantees because your business will thrive in the market.