6 Convincing Reasons for Roofing Companies to Use TikTok

Tik Tok for Roofers (Blog Cover)

TikTok for roofers might seem like an oxymoron to most roofing contractors. After all, TikTok is for teenagers, right? Not necessarily. Reports show that promoting your roofing company on TikTok can increase brand awareness and generate more leads in 2023.

Do Roofers Need TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform that will only get more popular. And as a marketing rule of thumb, you should be present where the consumers are. As of September 2021, TikTok has 1 billion users, representing a 45% increase from the previous year. 

TikTok is known for short, video-based content, which presents an opportunity for roofing contractors. But it goes much deeper than that. TikTok should be a part of your content/social media marketing strategy, along with Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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Reasons to Use TikTok for Your Roofing Company

Running a roofing company is about priority. Of course, TikTok should not be your #1 priority or any social media platform. However, if your goal is to expand brand awareness and generate more leads, TikTok is something you should absolutely pursue. 

Below are six convincing reasons for roofing companies to use TikTok.

1) TikTok is User-Friendly

Of course, you need to have a high-performing, optimized website for your roofing company. But aside from that, you need to build a social media presence. One of the great things about Tik Tok is that it is very easy to create a profile and start posting. 

You probably hired a web designer to build your site. But with Tik Tok, you won’t need to employ any experts. The platform gives you all the tools you need to create engaging content. You don’t need to know anything about coding or have any experience in web design. 

As long as you have used your apps on your smartphone, you will probably find Tik Tok to be very intuitive and user-friendly. 

2) TikTok Helps you Reach your Target Demographic

There are about 80 million people who use TikTok every month. About 60% of those users are between the ages of 16 and 24. As a roofer, this probably isn’t your target demographic. But 26% of TikTok users are between 25 and 44, which certainly is your target demographic. 

We know what you are thinking: 26% doesn’t sound like much. But when you consider that 26% of 80 million is 20,800,000, you realize you are still dealing with a vast pool of people. And people between the ages of 25 and 44 will most likely be first and second-time homeowners: the same people who are very likely to have many questions about their roofs. 

3) TikTok Helps you Target the Local Market

With TikTok, you can aim your content (and your ads) at people in your direct vicinity. So, for example, we know that it wouldn’t do a roofing company much to have their content seen by someone in a different state. 

But TikTok allows you to target users in your city, town, or county so that the people most likely to hire you will see your content. Local targeting is part of what makes it a great local SEO and marketing tool. 

Aside from location, you can filter who sees your content by criteria like age, interests, and gender. First-time users should try location filtering initially. Then, however, you can start fine-tuning your demographic targeting as you get a better sense of your audience.

4) TikTok Content is Recyclable

If you create something specifically for TikTok, you can use it on other platforms like Instagram. However, if you make a particularly popular or helpful video, you may even want to consider publishing it on your own website or your company’s YouTube channel. 

YouTube offers a variation of TikTok content with YouTube Shorts, which are 60-second or fewer videos that serve a similar purpose to TikTok videos. Users quickly consume these kinds of videos by browsing through the YouTube Shorts section.

It’s best to think of TikTok videos as commodities you can spread across all your online outlets to increase visibility for your company. While recycling TikTok videos may not always be the best idea, it’s good to understand that it is always an option. 

5) TikTok is a Great Platform for Instructional Videos

Instructional videos and short “how-to” guides are viral on TikTok, especially after the pandemic. As a result, people are willing to use the platform they already spend a lot of time on to learn to do simple tasks. 

The how-to format of videos provides a golden opportunity for roofers to make guided videos regarding roof maintenance. Many people have questions about their roofs, and new homeowners are likely to take to TikTok to answer those questions. 

The only question now is: will you be the one to answer them?

6) People Buy Through TikTok

Will TikTok earn you more customers? That depends on the effectiveness of your posts. But what is certain is that TikTok users are more than willing to use the app to make purchases. 

TikTok is the number one platform for purchases of goods and services. Not only that, many TikTok users follow businesses they purchase from. While social media isn’t going to convert at the same rate as your website, it can funnel new leads into your business and help grow your brand.

Tik Tok for roofers is undoubtedly a powerful and essential tool in 2023. Some contractors think about social media as a waste of time, but the influence on your brand can be significant. Roofing business owners that expand brand awareness through platforms like TikTok gain an advantage.