What Is a Cool Roof?

Cool Roof
A Cool Roof Is a Structure That Reflects Solar Energy At A Notable Level
Overview of Cool Roof
Cooler Roofs Translate To Cooler Building Interiors

A cool roof is a structure that provides greater solar reflectivity than traditional roofing material. Property owners looking to increase their building’s energy efficiency, should invest in a cool roof from Roofer’s Guild. Heat from sunlight is absorbed by many commercial roofing materials, and when a roof gets too hot, the heat transfers to the interior. Cool roofs combat this problem by reflecting UV rays from the sun, away from your building structure, providing the following advantages:

Energy Reduction

Reduce the amount of energy used from your HVAC system, which cuts down emissions, as well as lowering energy bills.

Indoor Comfort

Building occupants will notice a difference with cooler roofing. The interior temperature will, as a result, be more comfortable.

Lifespan Extension

One of the greatest costs a commercial property can incur, is roof replacement. Cool roofs extend the lifespan of your structure!

A cooler roof temperature translates to the building’s interior, and therefore lessens the need for HVAC usage. Some of the most popular cool roofs on the market are roof coatings and single ply roofs. For more information regarding cool roofing, call Roofer’s Guild at (877) 532-3852. Our network utilizes several different cool roofing materials, approved by Conklin, and we are ready to help you select the ideal one for your commercial property.

Reasons to Install a Cool Roof?

HVAC Unit On Top of Roof
Cut Your HVAC Usage By Investing in Cool Roofing

Energy efficiency is the most obvious reason to install a cool roof, but this roofing type also provides various additional benefits to commercial property owners. First, normal wear and tear the sun causes to roofing materials, is a non-issue with cool roofs. Avoiding heat degradation prevents repairs, and lowers the cost of your roofing structure over time. Speaking of time, cool roofs are expected to increase the lifespan of your roof which, needless to say, defers the cost of a replacement.

Additionally, since cool roofs decrease the temperature inside your building, your AC systems will be less strained. As a result, they last longer, and you will save money by avoiding the cost of an HVAC system replacement. Lastly, cool roofing is eco-friendly because it reduces the emissions from your building, due to the decrease in energy usage. Not only is its environmental impact good for the planet, but its also good for your bank account. Single ply roofing and roof coatings are excellent cool roofs for commercial properties, so if you want to learn more about these types of commercial roofs, call us today!

Cool Roof Repair Service

Call Us To Repair Your Cool Roof!

The biggest thing that a cool roof can do for commercial buildings is decrease inside temperatures, which in turn can reduce the cost of energy spending, as well as minimize the need for HVAC repair. When a cool roof is doing its job, your cooling system won’t have to work as hard, so you have a more efficient HVAC unit and also a building that is comfortable at all times. 

If you have been noticing that no matter how low you set the temperature, your building isn’t getting as cool as usual, it is worth calling Roofer’s Guild to get repairs for your cool roof. A cool roof will eventually need repairs to fix any UV damages, cracks, or water ponding that it might have acquired. Whenever you need cool roof repair, call us at (877) 532-3852. We can find a roofer in our roofing network that will work within your budget and provide your cool roof with professional repairs.

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Looking for more information about cool roofs, and how to purchase one for your commercial property? The network of experts at Roofer’s Guild are happy to answer any questions you may have. We only use a premium grade of single ply roofing and roof coatings from the number one manufacturers in the industry. Precise installation with strong material is critical to extending the lifespan of your roof, and avoiding costly repairs.

Unlike other roofing networks, we pledge to get your installation right the FIRST time.  Each of our contractors are licensed, and possess the necessary experience to perform a premium quality job on your cool roof installation. After your installation is completed, you won’t have to worry about roofing until its scheduled maintenance takes place, at which point our contractors will audit and reinforce your structure. If you already own a cool roof and are in need of repairs, we are able to help with that, also! To learn more about cool roof installation, call (877) 532-3852 today!

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