Roofing Marketing: 18 Promotional Techniques for Roofers

How to market a roofing company: it’s a simple question with a complicated variety of answers. Roofer’s Guild has dedicated its life to the cause. For us, it comes before eating, sleeping, and even breathing.

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What is Roofing Marketing?

Roofing marketing is the venture or commerce of vending and promoting roofing services and products through publicity and advertising. Marketing can materialize in various forms, including online endorsement and traditional print advertising.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing for Roofers

How do you market a roofing company?

You market a roofing company with various promotion forms, including search engine optimization, Google and Facebook advertising, and content marketing. You can also utilize traditional methods like door knocking, billboard placements, newspaper ads, and radio / TV spots.

How much does a roofing company owner make?

A roofing company owner makes between $50,000 and $200,000 per year, depending on location, tenure, and quality. Of course, salaries both higher and lower than that typical range exist in specific cases. 

What are roofing leads?

Roofing leads are potential consumers who initiate inquiries or interest in a roofing service or company. A lead may represent a consumer on varying points in a sales funnel, from someone ready to purchase immediately to someone seeking introductory information about a company, service, or material.

Is a roofer a good job?

Roofing is an excellent job and career for many people. Individuals who possess tremendous organizational skills along with the requisite physical capabilities make ideal roofers. Professional roofers can earn upwards of $200,000 annually with hard work and dedication.

What About Commercial Roofing Marketing?

Commercial roofers sometimes question whether marketing techniques apply only to residential campaigns. The answer is no. While you must alter elements of a campaign to target retail consumers specifically, the framework remains unchanged. The same methods (SEO, PPC, SMM) work for commercial roofing companies. The most important thing is to research your audience and understand who you’re targeting for services.

18 Marketing Tips for Roofing Companies

Roofer’s Guild will separate modern marketing techniques (digital marketing specifically) from traditional marketing ventures for organizational purposes. Modern marketing can be fast-paced and intimidating to roofing contractors across the world. Still, the possibilities introduced from online promotion are limitless and provide roofers with various channels to grow their business. Let’s review them.

1) Search Engine Optimization

SEO for roofers provides the highest ROI of any competing marketing technique. However, it comes with caveats that sullen its reputation. First, SEO is much like the wild west because regulations are sparse, and con artists dilute the industry. Since Google conceals its ranking algorithm, some SEO elements are nothing more than an educated guess. Choosing the right digital marketing agency to implement your SEO strategy is critical to your long-term success.

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2) Email Marketing

Roofing email marketing remains an effective strategy for internet promotion. With email blasts specifically, there is a right way and wrong way to execute the method. For instance, blindly sending out email blasts to every one of your subscribers is ineffective and provides negative ROI. In contrast, personalized and custom emails (based on the subscriber’s behaviors) regularly boost sales for roofing companies throughout the U.S.

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3) Content Marketing

Think of content as a currency for roofing lead generation. As more users interact with your content, whether it’s blog posts, YouTube videos, or even podcasts, more prospects materialize as a result. Marketing your content requires two primary steps. First, content creation can be challenging for roofers with limited experience on-camera or behind a computer. The second is content distribution, which demands an understanding of syndication platforms, including various social media channels.

Content Lifecycle

4) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for roofing companies is often left unattended despite its documented benefits for properly implementing brands. Facebook and YouTube, in particular, are goldmines for roofers. We’ve witnessed countless examples of outgoing roofing owners generating engagement through videos distributed through social media platforms. Most roofing professionals have sales experience, which can easily translate to video with experience and trial.

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5) Pay Per Click (PPC) / Online Advertising

Roofing companies looking for quick responses often invest marketing dollars into paid advertising through platforms like Google, Facebook, and other digital media. Google Ads and Facebook Ads, in particular, have grown in popularity over the past decade. Though PPC is a worthwhile venture for most roofers, it’s ineffective for long-term branding. Consumers attribute your service to the 3rd party platform (like Google) rather than your company, limiting the likelihood of repeat business.

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Traditional Marketing for Old-School Roofers

Though digital marketing is now front and center for roofing marketing campaigns, old-school methods are still useful in many cases. Traditionalists may favor old-school techniques over contemporary tactics, but combining traditional and modern marketing practices can produce spectacular results in 2022. Let’s review some of the more conventional roofer marketing methods below.

6) Billboard Promotion

Promoting your roofing company on a billboard can generate interest, particularly in high-traffic areas. Its impact can occur quickly but tracking precise results is a significant challenge. Billboard advertising works on consumers’ psyche and often on an unconscious level, creating ambiguity regarding its ROI. Additionally, billboards are very costly and can run roofers up to $15,000 in expenses.

Roofing Billboard Example

7) Print Advertising

Print ads and newspaper ads, in particular, remain useful for reaching local consumers. Unlike billboards, newspaper ads are affordable and flexible with changes. The primary downside to print advertising is the increasingly limited amount of viewers. Most newspaper subscribers have migrated to online versions of the news, contributing to the rise of digital marketing for roofers.

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8) Radio / Televison Spots

There was a time when roofers relied heavily on radio and TV spots to gain notoriety within their local community. For example, towns hit with hail storms would often hear roofing company ads on their local radio stations, which helped maximize lead generation for roofers. Like with print ads, a large share of radio and TV platforms have been replaced with podcasts and streaming services, respectively, emphasizing the importance of digital marketing ventures.

Roof TV Spot

9) Door Knocking

Before COVID-19, door knocking remained one of the most effective marketing techniques for roofing contractors. Door knocking is simply a numbers game with an even greater closing rate than telemarketing. Despite its upside, door to door sales presents a set of unique challenges. Perhaps the most poignant is that it’s too time-consuming. Roofers often hire canvassers to scout neighborhoods while they focus on other aspects of the business.

10) Direct Mail

Think of direct mail as traditional email marketing, that when properly implemented, still works. Some older clients respond to conventional mail more favorably than email and may leave promotional materials around their house or apartment for later viewing (unlike emails). However, measuring open rates and other micro-targeted metrics is impossible. Furthermore, response rates are typically lower than email marketing.

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Roofing Marketing Ideas To Consider in 2022

Succesful roofing companies all utilize some form of marketing. Finding unique ways to increase visibility can be competitive and challenging. Roofer’s Guild works with various contractors across the United States to identify innovative measures for lead generation. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective roofing marketing ideas your company can invest in right now:

11) Custom Website Design

Most roofers have a website, but how many of them are custom? With prominent website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, custom websites stand out among the crowd. A custom WordPress website can appeal to a greater cross-section of users and please Google’s algorithm in areas where template-based designs fall short.

Custom Commercial Roofing Website

12) Social Proof

Generating traffic is the first-step but converting it into a sales funnel entry requires additional measures. Users repeatedly cite social proof as one of the essential factors in informing a purchase decision. Showcasing positive reviews or jobsite check-ins can help humanize your roofing company and instill the necessary trust in future clients as they make a final decision.

Social Proof for Roofers

13) CRM Software

Organization is critical to every aspect of your roofing company, including marketing. As you close more sales and perform efficient jobs, clients improve your reputation through online endorsements. A CRM that requests reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms helps your marketing efforts and expands your reach.

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Roofing Advertising Ideas To Ponder in 2022

There’s a saying in business that you have to spend money to make money. Since its inception, advertising has been part of American culture, and roofing companies with substantial profit margins almost certainly engage in some form of advertising. Intelligently allocating advertising resources towards the proper channels often separates top-rated roofing businesses from their inferior competitors. Let’s spitball some ideas.

14) Hail Storm PPC

Some contractors might cringe at the thought of targeting towns recently hit by significant hailstorms, but believe it or not, hail storm PPC is one of the most popular advertising ideas for roofers. Sometimes local roofers can strike gold when their primary service area gets hit with hail. They may already have a reputation, and investing in some timely PPC ads can bring them to the next level. If you choose this route, make sure you work only with a qualified and competent PPC campaign manager.

Hail Storm PPC Screenshot

15) Ad Retargeting

If you’ve ever browsed the web and noticed similar or identical ads on multiple websites, an advertiser is retargeting your IP address. Roofers can utilize the same strategy for potential customers. Both Facebook and Google Ads support retargeting mechanisms that allow you to get in front of qualified prospects while they browse the internet. Repeated visibility often makes a difference in large ticket items like roofing services. 

Retargeting Example

16) Industry Influencers

Not every roofer is an email or social media marketing expert or has a large enough audience to warrant considerable ROI. But rest assured that people within your industry have a larger audience than you, and many are willing to promote your services on their platforms. Whether someone has a popular roofing YouTube channel or a massive Instagram following, you can pay them to plug your company. Of course, most social platforms now have rules that require the influencer to tag the post as #sponsored so that users know about money changing hands.

Roofing Influencers

Source: YouTube

Bonus Marketing Techniques for Roofers

Most blogs are going to cover the same types of marketing techniques for roofers. While they may put an innovative spin on some of their suggestions, they aren’t going to tell you anything you haven’t already considered. For the following two strategies, Roofer’s Guild will present ideas that you have probably never even thought about. Though these methods are only viable if you properly execute other parts of your marketing campaign, they can take you to the next level if properly executed.

17) Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing targets neural signals to gather insights from customers and projects their behaviors, responses, and other activities. There is some controversy surrounding the concept since it can manipulate consumers without them realizing their motivations. In other cases, however, neuromarketing can increase brand appeal without breaking ethical boundaries. For example, designing your logo with red, white, and blue can activate patriotic responses from potential customers.

18) Affiliate Marketing

Selling services is not the only way for roofing companies to make money. Did you know that you can make money as a referral partner for other companies? Let’s say your website ranks for a phrase like best vinyl siding cleaners. As an authoritative company that does roofing and siding services, you do have a chance to rank for terms like these. You can link out to product pages for the best cleaning products in exchange for a commission on each sale.

Final Thoughts

Marketing your business is a challenge in 2022. While more options exist than ever, choosing the right strategies takes an understanding of the roofing industry and your business’s growth trajectory. Some methods work better than others depending on your personality, region, and experience. Still, it helps to understand all the options available for your business. If your competitors are using a specific technique, you should research what they are doing. If you need help optimizing your marketing strategy in 2022, contact us at Roofer’s Guild.