Snap Lock Commercial Metal Roofing

Because a standing seam roof represents a significant investment on your company’s behalf, it pays to find the style particularly suited to your building’s needs. This powerful metal roofing solution falls into two categories: mechanical and snap lock. The latter category supports commercial structures with lower roof slopes. When it comes to snap lock metal roofing, the solution’s fast installation process and lower labor costs make it a favorite among the many cool roofing options on the market!

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Snap Lock Metal Roofing System on Building

Overlapping Panels in Snap Lock Metal Roofing Create a Strong Waterproofing Barrier.


Why Snap Lock Metal Roofing?

As with all standing seam metal systems, snap lock paneling provides a rigid defense against some of the harshest weather conditions ever thrown at your business. It typically utilizes a thick 26 gauge steel (galvalume or galvanized) that can withstand direct hail impact without showing any significant scarring. Communities with strong storm patterns may switch to an even thicker panel.

Snap lock panels are particularly well-suited to low slope roofs (while mechanical varieties are better for steep gradients). While some business owners might worry about uplifting drafts, these metal systems use concealed clips which protected the roof from heavy wind.

The Installation Process for Snap Lock

The name says it all. Unlike mechanical panels, which require special crimping tools to mold the seams, snap lock metal roofing comes with pre-folded edges. Once the decking is completed, the installation crew simply snaps the panels into place. This greatly reduces the labor time required to position the roof, but also increases the square foot cost of the metal material. Layer by layer, the panels quickly fall into place.

It’s worth noting that some panels may come with a small layer of preservative wax just after manufacture. This protects the color and surface of the metal, but must be removed prior to the installation process. A seasoned commercial contractor should know whether your panels require cleaning prior to attachment.

Material Proving

Once again, snap lock metal roofing represents a significant investment in your building’s future. That’s why our contractors from the Roofer’s Guild Directory ensure that their materials truly provide the outstanding protection and durability that metal roofing is loved for. When it comes to snap lock paneling, manufacturers test their materials against strong uplifting winds and water infiltration. They also assess the materials strength against fire, an all-too-common threat among industrial facilities and other businesses. Finally, manufactures work hard to ensure energy-efficiency by minimizing air leaks through the panels.

A Close Look at Panels in Snap Lock Metal Roofing

The Tightly Locked Panels Encourage Rigidity, But Allow That Crucial Room For Thermal Expansion.

Maximizing Your Roofing Benefits

Commercial snap lock metal roofing provides substantial protection against the elements, in addition to lucrative energy savings. With that being said, there are ways to ensure your company earns the longest possible lifetime from your rooftop. Make sure you arrange a cyclical inspection for your commercial roof, especially if you work in a storm-heavy environment.

Choosing High Reflection

Metal is metal, right? It’s going to be reflective in practically any color. While that’s true to some extent, commercial roofers often recommend sticking with brighter hues, silvers, and whites to ensure the highest possible light reflection rate. This reduces heat gain during the daylight hours, relieving your air conditioning system. Considering the enormous expense of keeping your working environment cool, energy saving is one of snap lock metal roofing’s most important roles.

Corrosion and ultraviolet fading may start to dull the color of your metal rooftop after so many years. That’s why we highly recommend applying a protective coating over the surface of your panels. Talk with your contractor about a commercial metal coating.

Maintaining a Snap Lock Metal Roofing System

Low-maintenance is the name of the game. Unlike most commercial roofing systems, you don’t have to worry about weakening seams or water infiltration with snap lock panel roofs. Metal roofing systems may require a fresh coating every ten years to protect against corrosion or ultraviolet fading, depending on your choice of material (steel vs aluminum, respectively). Businesses can easily clean the rooftop with household products, or specialized materials recommended by their contractor.

Snap Lock Metal Roofing on Top of an Apartment Complex

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