Buy Siding Leads in 2023 (+ 5 Helpful Lead Generation Tips)

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Roofing companies would love to generate more siding leads in 2023. Think about it; most roofing contractors offer other home improvement services like gutter, window, and siding. 

Branching out into other areas of home improvement is usually suitable for business. By providing more solutions to your clients, they can utilize your services more frequently.

In addition, you can use these services as an entry point into new customer relationships. But first, you must understand how to generate siding leads in 2023.

In the following post, Roofer’s Guild outlines the advantages of buying siding leads and offers tips for generating new siding leads organically. 

Buy Siding Leads in 2023

Leads are the lifeblood of any home service business, so roofers naturally want to buy siding leads.

As a result, an estimated 47,000 active siding contractor businesses are operating in the United States. 

Buying quality siding leads can give you a considerable advantage and help give your business the jumpstart it needs. Here are just some of the reasons you should be buying siding leads in 2023:

List of Reasons to Buy Siding Leads

Exclusive Siding Leads

Any decent lead-generation service should be able to offer you exclusive leads. Exclusive leads mean that those leads aren’t being sold to anyone else but you. 

Exclusive leads have a higher chance of conversion since you won’t compete with other roofers. On the other hand, platforms that sell shared leads are typically cheaper but less profitable.

Qualified Leads

While digital marketing efforts produce the highest quality leads, they also attract visitors who have no interest in buying your services.

Buying prospects from a lead-gen platform ensures qualified leads. With marketing, you may be getting clicks on your site and ads, but not from people ready to pay for your service. 

When you buy siding leads, some services will offer prospects who have already gone through a sales funnel. These are qualified leads and represent consumers who are more apt to make a purchase. 

The downside is that prospects who enter a sales funnel for a 3rd party platform will return to that platform next time they need services instead of your roofing company. As a result, the lifetime value is limited.

No Long-Term Obligation

Most reputable lead-generation services will allow you to cancel at any time. Ideally, buying leads will increase your brand awareness and generate a steady customer base without investing in a service long-term.

Eventually, though, investing in marketing is more sustainable. Once your business makes good revenue, you will want to generate leads through SEO, content marketing, and Facebook Ads.

Service Pause

Some lead-generation services will also allow you to pause your service anytime. For example, if you get slammed with new leads, you might opt to pause the service to tend to all of your new customers.

As a result, you won’t pay for leads you don’t have the time to follow up on. 

Fast Results

Buying leads is a shortcut to all the work and time required for digital marketing efforts. Signing up with a lead generation platform ensures that you will get prospects quickly.

The price you pay is in long-term value, as we noted in the qualified leads section. While you get customers quickly, they don’t view your company as the authority. Instead, they return to the lead-gen platform for services.

Some companies don’t have the luxury of waiting six months to optimize a website and appear on search engine results. Still, it is wise to work on your online presence even as you purchase leads from 3rd parties. This way, you can eventually use your own assets to get customers.

Lead Generation Tips for Siding Companies

You shouldn’t have to buy leads in perpetuity. Eventually, you’ll either go out of business or grow enough to produce your own branded lead generation platforms (i.e., your company website).

While lead buying may always remain a small part of your overall marketing strategy, it should take a backseat as your business starts to pick up steam. 

Remember, you will need to replace it with solid lead-generation tactics. Here are a few ways you can begin to generate new leads without having to buy them:

List of Lead Generation Tips for Siding Contractors

Google Business Profile

You should already be on Google My Business (now called the Google Business Profile). But being on these platforms isn’t enough. When it comes to home services, people want to see what you are capable of – not just read about it. 

Remember to post plenty of high-quality pictures of your siding work and add siding as one of your services. These additions can help you appear on the Local Map 3-Pack for Google search results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a solid conversion rate compared to other facets of digital marketing. It is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. Producing email drips keeps consumers engaged and increases brand awareness. 

Remember that a huge factor in generating siding leads is simply reminding consumers that you are around. In addition, it helps to segment email subscribers by needs, locations, and special considerations.

A friendly email now and then is a great way to keep your brand fresh in the minds of past customers and unconverted leads. In addition, targeting segments with customized emails make your audience feel like you understand their needs.

Reputation Management

Marketing experts agree that customer reviews are powerful lead-generation tools. They can attract leads who are already looking to make a purchase since web surfers aren’t just going to randomly read a review about a siding business. 

Suppose someone reads reviews about a siding contractor. In that case, that means they are interested in siding work if not already prepared to pay for service. 

Be sure that you are present on as many review sites as possible, especially Angie’s List, Houzz, Home Advisor, and Google My Business. Also, be sure to respond to as many reviews (good and bad) as possible. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Getting leads is all about making your company more visible to consumers interested in your services. SEO is the best way to make your company as visible as possible online. 

Through keyword research and on-page SEO, you can rank your website for various terms related to siding. Customers click on your website when they search for these terms, and your landing page converts them.

SEO and digital marketing should be your priority as your siding business gets a solid footing in your local market. In addition, organic traffic is cheaper and more sustainable than having to continually buy siding leads. 

Get Siding Leads From Roofer’s Guild

At Roofer’s Guild, we help roofing companies like yours acquire high-quality siding leads in 2023. Our lead generation process produces a consistent stream of leads using SEO, website design, content marketing, and calls to action. 

Finding trustworthy marketers can be a challenge in the roofing industry. Many agencies look to manipulate roofers by selling them long-term contracts and locking them into a mediocre process. We look to help roofing contractors empower themselves to master their marketing.