7 Eye-Opening Ways Roofer SEO Has Changed in 2022

Roofer SEO

All forms of marketing and advertising are fluid. The same goes for roofer SEO. Search Engine Optimization, since its inception, has never been static. SEO is a living, breathing, and growing tactic thanks to constant changes in search engine algorithms. People’s tastes are changing too. 

People search for things on the internet, and how they search has changed dramatically over the last decade. These changes also influence the shifts in SEO that we see on a nearly unceasing basis. 

We mention this only to bring home the point that staying on top of these changes is crucial if you want to market your roofing business successfully. Roofing SEO, like all industry-specific SEO, has changed significantly over the past ten years. So in the following post, we will review some of the most game-changing shifts in roofer SEO over the past decade to help you maintain an edge over your local competition. 

1) The Death of Keyword Stuffing

The advent of SEO was a much simpler time. Back then, SEO was relatively easy; do your keyword research and make sure those keywords showed up as much as possible in your on-page content. 

In 2011 though, keyword stuffing died, and SEO had to pivot quickly. The Panda Google algorithm update penalized keyword stuffing and other shady tactics. The Panda update essentially began filtering out spammy, keyword stuffing content to present Google users with more relevant and higher quality content. 

The problem was that people couldn’t find quality content because of the massive influx of keyword spamming content that was:

A) Very easy to pump out in high volume and 

B) Very seldom valuable for the user

This commitment to filtering out and penalizing low-quality, keyword-spamming content with dismal rankings continues today. Google and other search engines continue to refine their algorithm to present only the finest-crafted content to their users. 

So, stop if you are keyword stuffing as part of your roofer SEO strategy in 2022. Plain and straightforward, you have to invest in quality content if you want people to find your website. 

2) Refinement of Local Searches

In 2014, Google rolled out its Pigeon algorithm update. The new update provided more accurate and relevant results on local searches. The update rewarded optimized sites, particularly locally optimized sites. Conversely, it penalized sites that lacked optimization.

The update went hand-in-hand with the overwhelming momentum of mobile device searches at the time. To provide people with accurate local information when they were on the move, Google began refining its local search signals. 

Today, local search optimization is still a considerable part of roofer SEO. Mainly because roofing is a local business, it’s not like an Etail business where you can be based in Seattle and send your wares to people all over the country. 

In your Roofer SEO strategy, you must intently target your local market. There are a few important ways to do this:

  • GMB Listings: Google uses its own Google My Business platform to index local businesses on relevant searches. It would be best to have a Google My Business profile with accurate and detailed location, service, and operation information. 
  • Schema Markup: Schema is essentially the language that the Google algorithm speaks. When you have Schema map data on your website, it is easier for the Google web crawlers to find your website and rank it higher.
  • Consistent NAP: Having a broad-reaching online presence is a good thing. Having a profile for your business on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Angie’s List, and other online platforms is essential to generating leads. You have to make sure your NAP (name, address, and phone number) are listed consistently across all platforms. 

3) The Rise of Mobile

Today, 60% of American consumers use their phones or other mobile devices to search for local goods and services. Mobile device usage has been rising over the past decade, and it still has an upward trajectory. The newest trends have changed how many marketers have gone about their SEO strategies. 

For instance, most marketers now place a very high emphasis on mobile website design. Your website has to be responsive to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. If it isn’t, you may risk losing leads to the competition. Here are a few quick yet vital tips for optimizing your site for mobile users:

  • Compress Images: Ensure that your images’ file size is as small as possible and help your pages load quicker. 
  • Top of the Fold: This old newspaper tactic emphasized placing the most important content on top of the fold so people could see it. The top of the fold for mobile pages is the content people can see without having to scroll down.
  • Larger Buttons: Ensure the buttons on your mobile pages are large enough for people to click on smaller screens. 

4) Content Marketing

Content marketing is currently one of the hottest ways to boost your rankings. Since search engines are scouring the web for quality content now more than ever, a solid content marketing strategy can be very effective. 

Content marketing can include blog content, video content, and social media posts. Rich content is now the preferred way for consumers to get information on local businesses and services such as roofing. 

Other content-driven platforms like YouTube can also provide a significant SEO boost for roofing companies in 2022. For instance, uploading a keyword-driven video to YouTube allows it to rank on YouTube and Google search results. In addition, you can link your YouTube video to your website within the description.

5) SEO Tools

Just as Google has evolved since 2010, so have 3rd-party SEO tools to help roofers rank. For example, tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, and SurferSEO have all emerged as top-rated SEO tools in 2022. Many of these tools help you perform everything from extensive keyword research to competitor link analysis.

There’s no question that SEO is harder in 2022 than it was in 2010. However, the tools mentioned above make it easier to identify ranking signals. For instance, Surfer SEO helps roofing companies compare thousands of ranking factors in real-time compared to other URLs ranking for a target keyword.

While having the top content score does not guarantee a #1 ranking, it does help you close the gap between competitors. Furthermore, if you can generate high-quality backlinks in addition, ranking #1 will be a far more frequent occurrence with Surfer SEO.

6) More SEO Agencies

As the SEO industry has grown, so has the number of available SEO agencies. However, with so many marketing companies emerging, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Many new agencies are one-person shows and lack the resources to properly implement roofers’ high-level content and link building.

Conversely, more transparency now exists with SEO agencies because of their industry competition. An agency can no longer generate clients by being the only game in town. Instead, marketers must adapt their services to stand out from new competitors and ensure that clients are treated with respect.

Just like roofing companies, agencies have public reputations for consumers to evaluate. Next time you research an SEO agency look up their rating on Google Business Profile and read through the reviews. You might find that they are a better or worse fit than you initially anticipated.

7) AI & Machine Learning

Google’s algorithm has grown increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence, making solving the puzzle nearly impossible for analysts. However, AI content writers like Jasper have also emerged to allow content creators to produce SEO-driven content more quickly.

While Google’s algorithm was never public, ranking #1 using various loopholes was common as recently as five years ago. In 2022, those loopholes have closed, and the days of gaming Google’s algorithm have mostly passed.

We can expect AI and machine learning to continue to expand into Google’s search landscape, and roofing companies must adapt. One thing remains clear; however, establishing a web presence that benefits your target customers is the best way to maximize roofer SEO in 2022.