Becoming a Conklin Independent Distributor

Members of Roofing Community Work on Project

Having a Network of Commercial Roofers for Support is Invaluable

Many small-scale roofers would like to grow their business, but lack the resources and accountability to realize that vision. A great solution to this common predicament is Conklin Independent Distribution. Becoming an Independent Distributor (ID) allows you to earn instant credibility in your market, and start profiting as a commercial roofer. You will gain access to an expansive library of training material, as well as a management structure that encourages excellence. In summary, benefits of becoming a Conklin Independent Distributor include:

  • Materials: Utilized premium quality roofing materials on your jobs
  • Resources: Gain access to countless training and management resources
  • Structure: Abide by a management structure that encourages success

Regardless of your current location, you can become an Independent Distributor. From New York to Texas, and Illinois to Louisiana, there’s opportunity available to anyone willing to take advantage. The most difficult part of launching a roofing company is earning credibility. A large percentage of consumers will not trust unknown commodities, but affiliation with Conklin allows contractors to establish credibility on day one. This makes marketing much simpler, and encourages growth at a much faster rate. Call (877) 532-3852 to speak with Roofer’s Guild about becoming a Conklin Independent Distributor.

Expanding Your Roofing Business

Many contractors don’t have an official business, but perform jobs based on word of mouth, and friends of friends. Becoming a Conklin ID allows you to turn a side business, into a legitimate company. You might be surprised by how quickly an unknown contractor can increase their demand with a little help from Conklin. There’s so many untapped resources available to contractors throughout the United States, and the time is now to start capitalizing. Ways to expand your roofing business include:

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management Structure
  • Reputation Building

It would be a shame to waste a business opportunity with so much upside, and very little downside. Roofers should view their status as an Independent Distributor as “playing with house money.” If your business ends up failing, you risked very little in the process, and can resume your previous work. Conversely, if you end up succeeding, your business will grow at a considerable rate, and you’ll have access to resources that help you handle the increased demand and workload. Weighing risk vs. reward should help you arrive at the decision that best suits your vision.

A Roofing Community

Still not sold on the idea of becoming a Conklin Independent Distributor? If so, maybe a community of roofers will change your mind. By joining Roofer’s Guild, you will be part of a national group of roofing contractors that holds each other accountable, and assists its members in various tasks, including the process of becoming a Conklin ID. Learn from like-minded individuals, many of who were recently in your same position. There’s strength in numbers, and Roofer’s Guilds’ numbers keep increasing. Join our community today.

Aside from being a community, Roofer’s Guild is also a network. We have members from all across the United States who have come together for a common goal. With an understanding that the industry can be highly competitive, it’s encouraging to have a network of allies who can help you realize your vision. Since each member is working towards individual goals, the support created through membership allows roofers to compare and contrast their current situations, and offer insights that help one another thrive in their respective markets. Call (877) 532-3852 to join Roofer’s Guild today.