Why Roofing is Important for Your House and Building

Why Roofing is Important (Blog Cover)

While many people may overlook their roofs in favor of other aspects of a home, the roof is what shelters man. Of course, shelter is a fundamental need. But, in 2022, roofing is vital for many other reasons. 

Here at Roofer’s Guild, we are on the roofer’s side. We work with roofers and help them expand their businesses. So we wanted to take some time to reiterate the importance of roofing to both roofers and consumers. 

Discover why roofing is the most critical aspect of your home or business. 

Roofs Improve Curb Appeal

In 2022, we have the luxury of building aesthetically pleasing roofs – apart from building them to provide adequate protection from the elements. A roof can improve the curb appeal of your home. The right roof can also make your home more desirable to potential buyers. 

If you plan to sell your home shortly, you should be aware that the quality and looks of your roof will undoubtedly add (or detract) from the overall value of your home. For instance, a new roof can increase the value of your home by an average of $15,000

Of course, much of the ROI will depend on the initial roofing construction, what materials you use, and the quality of the craftsmanship. But these days, people are using their roofs to make a statement. 

With the advent of custom soffits, fascia, and gutter systems, you can dial in the look of your roof to accent the rest of your home and outdoor areas. So if you want to be the envy of your friends and neighbors in 2022, you may need only look to your roof. 

Roofs Help Insulate your Home

Maybe you have never lived in a house that didn’t have an insulated attic or roof. But if you have, then you know how uncomfortable it can get. So another vital role of your roofing system is to provide insulation for the lower living areas. An adequately insulated roof will help keep your living areas cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

That’s not to say that you will never need to use your HVAC system just because your roof is insulated, but it will help keep your cooling and heating costs down. For example, the EPA estimates that proper attic and roof insulation will reduce your heating and cooling bills by 15%.

Modern insulation and roofing materials are also improving at keeping your living areas comfortable in inclement weather. So it stands to reason that your roof will play an even more significant part in insulating your home against the elements as time passes. 

Roofs Protect from Water Damage

Unfortunately, many things can cause water damage in your home: a leaky underground pipe, a malfunctioning water heater, and even overly humid air. But with a properly installed roof, you won’t have to worry about water damage from the rain and snow. 

One of the essential roles of a roof is to protect the structure underneath from water damage. Many people take it for granted but the next time you’re outside, take a good look at the structure of your roof. 

There is a perfect reason why the roof creates eaves – portions of the roof that extend out past your exterior walls. It’s to channel water away from your foundation and the exterior walls of your home. The roof’s slope is also designed to drain water downward off the structure so that water doesn’t get into your attic and damage your ceilings and walls. 

Even your gutters and downspouts help channel water away from your foundation. Everything about your roof’s design protects your home and building from water damage that can cause thousands of dollars in damage and pose a severe health risk

Roofs Add Dynamism to the Structure

Think about your home’s interior design. Maybe you have a sunken living room that you love or recessed lighting that affects just the right atmosphere. Interior design features are made possible by your roof. 

Your roof provides crucial structural support for your home and allows for a more dynamic design. The roof also allows for special wiring and ceiling construction.

Many people like high ceilings that give buildings a more expansive feel. Well, guess what? High ceilings wouldn’t be possible without the structural support of a well-built roof. You can see your roof as the structure that holds your entire house together. 

While every part of the building more or less works together to contribute to the strength of the structure, the roof plays an integral role as it covers the entire building. 

Roofs Speak to the Quality of the Structure

Lastly, the roof is one of the most prominent features of your home or business’s exterior. When your roof looks shabby and unkempt, people perceive the entire building as ragged, bedraggled, and maybe even unsafe.

That’s bad enough for a residence but imagine if that’s how your commercial building looks. Chances are, you’re going to lose out on some customers. With this in mind, viewing your roof as an extension of your property and one of its most critical components is crucial.