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EPDM Roofs Are a Budget Friendly Options For Property Owners
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Extend The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Roofing Structure

If you have a commercial building, the protection of the interior likely represents a prime concern. After all, you must not only guarantee the well-being and health of your workers, but also the condition of your products and machinery. Decades’ worth of stability from a roofing structure should give business owners peace of mind. An EPDM roofing system offers plenty of intriguing benefits for commercial buildings. EPDM roofs supply:

  • Budget-Friendly Cost
  • Durability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Weather Safeguards

For expert technicians that focus on the repair and restoration of EPDM roofs, choose Roofer’s Guild. In regards to installation, our network of contractors exhausts every detail to produce superior service for clients. It’s a fruitless effort to apply EPDM roofing with amateur contractors, as it will end up requiring costly repairs going forward. With Roofer’s Guild, EPDM represents a long-term investment in the health and vitality of your structure. You can trust our national network to execute a flawless installation. Call (877) 532-3852 for EPDM roofing services.

EPDM Roof Installations That Impact Your Building

Although one of the main benefits of an EPDM roof is its durability, there are additional advantages that make this roofing system an amazing selection for your office building. They include:

  • Affordability: Known as one of the more affordable roofing options in the commercial industry
  • Ease Of Installation: Entails a simple process involving adhesive, which is applied to the surface so that the material can be rolled on
  • Energy Efficiency: The reflecting material that is utilized in EPDM roofs reduces your office cooling costs and is able to conserve heat inside with it’s incredible insulation
  • Longevity: Because EPDM roofs have such a solid material, they can last up to 20 years and even longer when properly maintained
  • Weather Resistance: An EPDM roof is a good solution for most climates because the roof can widen during warmer seasons, or contract when colder

For EPDM installation services, feel free to call Walker Roofing at (877) 532-3852 today. We offer exceptional and affordable EPDM roofing constructions throughout the United States. We pledge to provide superior performance and customer service, and hope to be the company you choose for all of your commercial roofing solutions.

Ease Of Installation Is One Of Many Benefits

Do You Need EPDM Roofing Repair?

EPDM roofing is known for not scratching easily and for being weather resistant, it can still need repairs down the road. Knowing when to get roof repair for your EPDM roof can save you a lot of money and stress down the road, not to mention preventing a complete EPDM roof replacement. There are a couple of issues that an EPDM roof can exhibit that indicate that roof repair is needed. The biggest reason that you need EPDM roof repair is if you notice any leaks. Roof leaks can cause water stains on your ceiling and walls, mold growth, and elevated moisture levels. Another less obvious sign that you need repair is if your energy bills increase. The reason that roof repair and expensive energy bills go hand in hand is because EPDM roofing is very reflective, so if the roof is becoming damaged or losing its reflectivity, it will result in higher energy bills. Other issues that an EPDM roof can display are bubbles or blistering due to heat damage. If you think that you need roof repair for your EPDM roofing system, please call Roofer’s Guild. Our network of roofers extends to every part of the United States, so if you live in Oklahoma or New York and need EPDM roof repair, there is someone in our roofing community who will be able to help you. Call us at (877) 532-3852 to schedule an appointment!

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If you are looking for a roofing system that requires little to no maintenance, EPDM is the perfect solution for you. The contractors at Roofer’s Guild have several years of experience attaching EPDM roofing to office buildings. We are a dedicated team of experts who mandate the strongest quality materials imaginable at an inexpensive rate. Each of our materials is approved by Conklin.

Faulty installations can lead to costly repairs and jeopardize the security of your building, and the health and safety of the individuals inside it. With our professional roofing contractors, you never have to worry about incompetence. Our experience and attention to detail ensures we do each job correctly the first time. For a roofer who values customer service and provides high-quality EPDM roofing construction, call Roofer’s Guild today at (877) 532-3852!