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Can You Live in a House While The Roof is Replaced?

Can You Live in a House While The Roof is Replaced

When preparing for roof replacement, homeowners have a simple question: can you live in a house while the roof is replaced?

Roof Replacement: What to Expect

Key Takeaway

You can live in your house during roof replacement, but there are annoyances you will have to endure during the process. The most important thing is securing your pets and ensuring any outdoor furniture is out of harm’s way.

Whether or not you can stay home is the most obvious thing to consider when replacing a roof.

The answer is yes… but there are some caveats that we will get into later.

Roof Replacement: What to Expect

There comes a time for most homeowners where the worst-case scenario happens: you need to have your roof replaced. We all hope to avoid dealing with it but may have to deal with it during our time as homeowners.

The need to replace your roof can come for several different reasons. One of the most common is in the wake of a hefty storm. Rain and wind damage can lead to several parts of the roof that are broken, which means you have to replace the roof as a whole.

It could also be due to the age of the roof. If your roof has not been replaced in a long time, weather and age can take a toll on your roof, which can leave it less than effective in protecting yourself and the rest of your home.

Whatever the reason, there can come a time when you need to replace that roof and upgrade to something more effective and current than what you might have had. This doesn’t have to be a nightmare scenario if you choose the right roofing company.

But the one question you might have is, “can I live at home while my roof is being replaced?” After all, if the roof is under construction, you might feel like you aren’t protected from the elements, so how can you live there while the roof is being worked on?

You Can Stay Home When Your Roof is Being Replaced

While it can be a sizeable inconvenience to your life, you can still live at home while your roof is being replaced. A roofing company worth their salt will take special care to ensure you are not inconvenienced during the replacement.

Roofers fully understand that you have things to do: raising the kids, household responsibilities, cleaning, taking care of the pets, and any other things that you might have to do.

Of course, you will want to know how long and when to wait for the roofing job to be completed, so you don’t plan any family gatherings or have friends over during the repairs, as that could cause inconveniences to the roofers.

FAQs About Staying Home During Roof Replacement

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

There are things that you will have to put up with, but as long as you follow a few safety guidelines, you should be able to do so without any major concerns or issues while replacing your roof.

How Loud is Roof Replacement?

The replacement process can be very loud, and depending on your noise tolerance, it might annoy you considerably. Take a listen for yourself:

Do Roofers Need to Come Inside?

It depends on where you are in the replacement timeline. There will be periods when the roofer must access the indoors to inspect the attic. But this is done before the replacement.

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

With a quality roofing contractor, the job should take a few days to complete, and you can still live and work about your home as normal. However, in some cases, a replacement can take up to 14 days (2 weeks).

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take

Most roof replacement projects conclude in just a few days, but larger homes may require more extensive projects that can last up to two full weeks or 14 days.

Other Considerations During Roof Replacement

Keep Your Pets Secured During Replacement

One of the more important things to keep in mind during this process is to keep your pets secured during the entirety of the roof replacement. Because there are many new and different things happening, they may not adjust well to these noises and new people in the area.

If possible or necessary, you might want to take the pets out of the home during the repairs that are being done and then bring them back later. You will be thankful that you did it for both the sake of your pets and your sanity.

This might be a good protocol to follow with your kids as well. Make sure that they are not playing around the house while the roofing is being done, and make sure they know to only stay in the house or within designated areas so that they do not put themselves in harm’s way or get in the way of the roofers at work.

Cleanup Your Outdoor Area

For those with outdoor furniture or any items of value that might be outside, make sure to remove those items before the crew arrives. The last thing that you want is to have something damaged during the process that could have been simply stored away.

Anything that can’t be moved should be properly covered and protected to ensure that it is not damaged in any way. It can also help to make the roofing company aware of these things, especially if they are larger items that can’t be moved out of the way easily.

Another thing to remember is that the replacement process can be fairly noisy. While this is easier to deal with within your home because you are aware of it, your neighbors might not appreciate it very much. Give them the heads up that you have scheduled to have your roof replaced so that they can make proper accommodations for dealing with the noise during this time.

Coordinate With The Roofing Contractors

Ultimately, the roofing replacement process is more of a team effort than you might think. You need to work with the roofing company to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that everything is accommodated. When this isn’t the case, it can make for a rough and uncomfortable experience.

A proper, professional roofing company will take any and all special care to coordinate with you and let you know what is happening each step of the way. Safety is paramount in these situations, and if there is any major inconvenience that you may have to deal with, the roofing company will be sure to communicate that with you.

Since your roof is your home’s first line of defense, keeping it in the best condition possible is paramount. Keeping it in great condition is important for the investment that is your home and for increasing the equity of your home.

The right roofing replacement professionals will take the most care possible each step of the way and will communicate any issues along the way. It might not be the ideal scenario, but having your roof replaced does not have to be a massive inconvenience.

It might be a few days of things being out of the norm, but you will be able to move forward with a brand new roof that will protect you and yours for a long time to come.