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Turning OSHA Safety Standards Into a Marketing Opportunity

Imagine sitting down in your office. While budgeting your time for the day, a project manager calls to tell you that OSHA wants to penalize your company over $130,000 for fall prevention violations and other safety shortcomings. How does that make you feel? Not good!

That’s a situation that Five Star Commercial Roofing found itself in this month, after the Indiana state commissioner of labor filed a complaint against the company for OSHA safety violations. According to Star Press, the Hartford City commercial roofing business agreed to pay the fines, in addition to undergoing additional training for fall protection. While the fines and training hours may represent a minor setback for this prolific business, the damage to the respected company’s reputation may take longer to repair.

Worker Follows OSHA Safety Guidelines With Fall Prevention Rails

Safety Guidelines Keep Your Business From Expensive Fines and Bad Press!

OSHA safety standards guide countless roofing construction projects across the US. Even if your state of operation has adopted a different regulatory standard, your business still feels the effects of OSHA mandates. It’s a cross we all have to bear in the industry, but not one without potential benefits. What if you could take all the staff meetings, boring training seminars, and certifications and turn them into fuel for your company’s marketing efforts?

Today, we’re going to talk how to do just that. Here are three steps to turn your OSHA safety guidelines into a lead-generating tool!

Step #1: Go Through the Training Process

To leverage the marketing benefits of OSHA training, you’ll need to complete each of the crucial sessions and certifications required by your state. That means everything from competent person training to fall prevention planning. If you’re wondering about what type of training is required for your company or how to become OSHA safety certified, check out their guide “Training Requirements in OSHA Standards.”

A Team Undergoes OSHA Safety Training

Don’t Forget to Take Photos While Completing Training Courses! Photo Source: osha.gov

As you and your employees undergo training, be sure to take plenty of photos of the team! Not only do these provide visible evidence of your company’s dedication to safety protocols, they also showcase the personal side of your business. You may also want to use these training sessions as topical fuel for your company blog (more on this later)!

Want to enhance the marketing value of your training even more? Start taking quality video of your achievements. Praise an employee for completing special certifications. Make a walkthrough video of completing an OSHA safety checklist for construction projects!

Step #2: Adapt to Your Client’s Point of View

Let’s be honest here. Your commercial clients aren’t wildly concerned with OSHA safety requirements for working on roofs. What does concern them are additional costs and delays to their single ply roofing restoration or specialized foam system installation. Clients look for qualified roofing companies that produce reliable, timely results.

So the real question is: how can your marketing team translate an admittedly mundane activity into something that builds confidence in your client prospects?

A Crane Lifts a Heavy Object Onto a Roof

How Does Employee Safety Standards Help Your Clients Save Time and Money?

For every training seminar and online course your team completes, ask yourself a few questions.

  • What elements of these OSHA safety standards matter most to my team?
  • How does following these guidelines ultimately save time and money for my client?
  • What media can we use to capture and communicate what we’ve learned with potential clients?

If you want your clients to value safety, show them how it matters to you personally, your employees, and your company as a whole. Never underestimate the value of enthusiasm! After all, if you don’t value safety training, your clients aren’t going to either. Try to convey how OSHA safety standards for fall prevention (for example) have enabled your employees to work with confidence, producing faster results and even better quality work!

Step #3: Generating Ideas for Your Website and Social Media

So which media provide the best value for your new marketing material and what platforms should you share the content from? When it comes to digital marketing, we generally recommend launching new content from your website first. That’s because your company website usually offers the greatest exposure and the best potential to convert interested businesses into clients. You can easily spread out the content to social media and other platforms afterwards.

Worker Fulfills OSHA Safety Guidelines During Roofing Project

Video is Considered Rich Content, Providing Better Engagement With Clients.

Now, what sort of media should you consider as you prepare your material? You have many options to choose from, including:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Text

Most companies stick with a simple OSHA logo and a short text insert of their policies. The end result feels more like a disclaimer than a point of pride for the business. Others dedicate an entire page to their OSHA standard compliance, but rarely take full advantage of their hard training. If you really want the greatest impact, start with a page that combines multiple forms of rich media!

Compelling Marketing Strategies With OSHA Safety

We’ve already mentioned some very lucrative ways to showcase your company’s dedication to safety.

  • Celebratory videos of your employees completing competent person training. These go well with blog and community posts!
  • Your team can also create a “What is an OSHA Safety Plan?” video, personally walking through how safety features enhance project timeliness and reduce costs.
  • You may even schedule a recorded walkthrough with a client, pointing out important safety elements involved in the construction project.

Take this content, embed the video in your website, and share the footage on your social media outlets! If your marketing team doesn’t have the capacity for creating a lot of video footage, you can instead explain your OSHA safety standards and benefits in a detailed infographic. Just remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Thick blocks of text aren’t going to convey the values you want to advertise to prospective clients. Video, images, and infographics (mixed with text) offer the best bang for your buck! Optimize your content well, and you may even find your guides showing up in featured snippets on Google search results.

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