Roofing Websites: 5 Qualities of The Best Websites in 2021

Roofing Websites

Your roofing website should be the main point of emphasis in your marketing strategy. That’s because a well-designed, optimized roofing website can generate traffic and leads all on its own. Your website should be a lead-generating machine. So ask yourself: is it?

If the answer to that question is “no,” don’t worry. The fact is that many people struggle with optimizing roofing websites. The main problem is that most people don’t know the essential elements for crafting great roofing websites. 

Of course, there is the technical side to website design, but we aren’t going to be touching on that very much in the following post. Instead, we want to focus on the fundamental pillars of what makes a roofing website great. These are more philosophical principles than they are technical. Still, they represent the first steps you need to take to create an effective roofing website.   

Quality #1 – Updated Content

The basic fact behind this first quality is that fresh content will help your website rank higher. Roofing websites that regularly publish new content rank higher than those that don’t. The concept of frequency is also simple: Google and other search engines prioritize recent content over older content. 

How do you keep your roofing website content fresh, though? The easiest way for a roofer to maintain new content is to publish regular blog posts. Put your knowledge as a roofer to work and answer common questions that customers have about their roof in blog form. 

Blogging can be a full-time job, however. If you don’t have the time to post one or two new posts every week, here’s a little tip: you can update older blog posts to have the same effect. Updating your existing blog content with a new or altered paragraph here and there will still register to search engines as updated. Video content is also an effective way to keep your roofing website brimming with traffic. 

Quality #2 – Excellent User Experience

User Experience (or UX) is a top priority for marketers and web designers alike. The fact is that you only have 10 to 20 seconds to hook a visitor to your site before they get the urge to go to another site. One of the reasons people leave websites so soon is because of poor UX. 

When your page doesn’t load quickly, the navigation is confusing, or people can’t see the critical information they are looking for on the main page, they will leave your website. There is no end to the amount of competing roofing websites out there, so you need to make sure that your website is inviting and easy to navigate. Utilizing a flat architectural website structure is an excellent way to ensure straightforward navigability. Also, make sure there are no dead ends on your website – every page needs to link to another page on your site. 

You also have to consider the needs of browsers researching roofing companies for upcoming service and browsers who happen upon your site. Right on your homepage, you have to have informative and valuable content that both these types of browsers will want to see. 

Quality #3 – Responsive Design

Conversely, one of the worst qualities of roofing websites is broken links. Nothing will drive away a potential customer quicker than clicking on a link only to find that it doesn’t go anywhere. Your entire website needs to be responsive so that people can get the information they require.

It’s not very hard to identify and fix broken links either. There are many free web-based tools you can use to identify broken links on your website. Once you have a list of the broken links on your website, you should replace them with valid ones. Replacing them is more effective, but you need to delete the link if you don’t have the time. 

Having zero dead links on your website will also help you rank a little higher with search engines and enhance your website’s UX. 

Quality #4 – CTA’s

The principle behind quality #4 is elementary: if you don’t ask your website visitors to take action, they won’t. For the uninitiated, CTA stands for Call to Action. A call to action is written content that inspires your visitors to take a particular activity like “Call for a free estimate!” or “Get help with your roofing insurance claim today!”

Clear CTA’s are ideal. Make the action-specific and enticing to the reader. It would be best if you had CTA’s on each page of your roofing website. Preferably, include a link or a button in the CTA that will lead visitors to a page where they can take said action. Also, you must make the CTA relevant to the related content. 

Quality #5 – Quality Content

Last but not least, all the best roofing websites have one thing in common: quality content. Quality means written content devoid of spelling errors and content that conveys the principles of your business. Remember that your website is a window into the kind of business you run.

When you have spelling errors all over the place or low-quality, blurry pictures, your visitors will perceive your company as unprofessional. Your on-page content shouldn’t be too busy or crowded either. Make sure there’s a moderate amount of white space to break the content up.