11 Essential Qualities of The Best Roofing Websites in 2022

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Think of your business website as a digital business card for your roofing company. In the following post, Roofer’s Guild will outline the qualities shared by the best roofing websites on the internet. 

We know a thing or two about website optimization as we help roofers enhance their brand online throughout the country. Pay close attention to how these web design qualities directly impact the companies’ bottom lines.

Your roofing website serves as the central hub for your online marketing strategy. Each of the top-performing roofers throughout 2022 showcased a high-level professional website. 

Not only can your website help generate roofing leads through SEO and content marketing, but it can enhance your reputation and increase conversions.

Be aware that website qualities span from technical components to front-end traits, contributing to the site’s performance and appeal. 

1) Customization

In 2022, a duplicated WordPress theme reeks of amateurism. Suppose users notice your website looks like every other C-rate roofing website on the web. In that case, they will apply those tenants to your company overall. 

As a result, the highest-performing roofing websites showcase custom themes that provide unique value to visitors. Perhaps it’s an innovative design that catches users’ attention. Maybe it is a cutting-edge visual component.

In any case, custom themes win out consistently both in terms of search engine optimization and conversion. As a result, roofing companies can gain ground on competitors by simply customizing their WordPress theme ASAP.

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2) Personalization

The best roofing websites feature personal photos of their staff and equipment alongside consistent logos and color schemes. 

Just as you wouldn’t buy food from a restaurant with no brand or ownership, your customers won’t purchase roofing services from nameless, faceless entities.

The top-rated roofing sites feature high-quality images and videos of their owners, staff members, and on-site jobs. You can quickly implement these things into your website as well. All it takes is a little updating.

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3) Optimization

To the surprise of nobody, the best roofing company sites appear at the top of search rankings due to search engine optimization. Several factors determine SEO for a roofing website, but the best sites master all of them.

The primary components of SEO are on-page, technical, local, and off-site. Of course, SEO for roofers requires additional steps to ensure top performance on both Google Search and Google Maps.

Your bottom line is directly related to how frequently you appear on search engines, making it a critical aspect of your marketing strategy. The top-performing roofers have often invested in SEO for several years.

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4) Conversion

A website can contribute to increased brand awareness and lead generation, but the top websites convert customers on the spot. Web designers typically achieve this goal through urgent calls to action.

A call-to-action or CTA is a website element that prompts the user to contact your company, typically through a phone call, text, or email form. The strongest sites create urgency around CTAs, like limited-time offers.

Not every website visitor is prepared to buy instantly, but several are ready. Diversifying contact methods allow you to welcome all kinds of consumers, from old-school and boisterous to new-school and reserved.

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5) Engagement

The best roofing contractor websites of 2022 engage users with written and visual content. Long-form blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube video embeds are all methods roofers use to keep their visitors engaged this year.

Attention spans have shrunk over time, and users now expect entertaining content in all parts of their buying journey. The good news is that producing these types of content pieces is easier than ever before.

Some of the best places to start are with a blog and YouTube channel. Later, you can move on to podcasts by installing a plugin like PowerPress that connects your WordPress website with your Blubrry Podcast account.

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6) Authority

There are various ways to measure website authority through tools like Moz, AHRefs, and Majestic. The top roofer websites score high on all of the indicative metrics because they have robust backlink profiles.

Links from other authority sites serve as an endorsement and transfer link equity. Conversely, links from low-quality spam sites reflect poorly on sites they connect with. Popular roofing companies naturally earn links.

Some links are built manually, often known as nofollow links. These types of backlinks come primarily from social media profiles and business directories. While they won’t put your authority over the top, they are a good foundation for improving credibility.

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7) Branding

In 2022, the most visited websites brand their company on other platforms. The days of attracting consumers strictly from Google Search are over. Unless consumers recognize your brand elsewhere, you limit your SEO potential.

When a user searches Google for a specific roofing company name, that indicates brand authority to search engines. As a result, it is easier to rank higher because Google assumes people already know of your business.

The highest-performing roofers run ads on Facebook and stay active on social media to get users talking about their brand. The natural SEO benefit becomes apparent as you see a spike in rankings on Google.

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8) Experience

A website may hold all the qualities above and still fail its visitors through poor performance. One example of this is slow site speed. Any website that fails to load within 3 seconds will lose most of its visitors.

For a roofing website to achieve its goals, it must provide a superior user experience. This goes beyond site speed, as well. For instance, clean navigation and mobile usability create a positive user experience for visitors.

When users have a pleasant experience, they are more likely to complete the call to action, let alone stay on the site long enough to do so. Analyzing user behavior on Google Analytics helps diagnose UX problems.

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9) Tracking

The top contractor sites track their visitors so they can continuously improve their websites. For example, which pages do visitors visit most? Which pages cause the most exits? These are the types of metrics that help improve a website.

The top websites of 2022 regularly evaluate their data and have previously used metrics to improve the site you see today. These roofers understand that diagnosing minor problems can lead to significant results and have reaped the rewards.

It’s easy to install Google Analytics tracking code on your website, as it is with Google Search Console. In addition, WordPress websites have various plugins that make these processes seamless and require zero technical acumen.

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10) Security

Every great roofing company website is secured with an SSL certificate and protects itself and its visitors against malware. Unfortunately, nothing signals a red flag like an insecure website, as users may become vulnerable to viruses.

Aside from the apparent threat to users’ computers and other devices, a non-secure website reflects poorly on the roofing company it represents. When users don’t trust a website, they won’t trust the company associated.

The good news is that securing your roofing site is relatively simple with the right tools. In addition, most hosting providers offer free SSL certificates, which you can install with one click. Still, it’s crucial to regularly backup your website in case it gets hacked.

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11) Innovation

The best of the best innovate, whether it’s in their company or their website. But, of course, the best sites hover the line between innovation and going overboard. Of course, users must feel comfortable using your site, but some unique elements can make it stand out.

One example of innovation is dynamic calls to action, which change based on the user’s location. For instance, the call to action will reflect your location if you visit a roofing company site from a town 10 miles north.

Other examples of innovation are dynamic headers and background images, which appear similar to a video. The roofing sites that choose innovation make sure they don’t sacrifice user experience as a result.

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