56 (Legitimately Great) Roofing Company / Business Names

Roofing Company Names (Blog Cover)

Roofing company names are an essential part of your business plan. Your name can contribute to your marketing, online presence, conversion rate, and overall brand recognition. Of course, your reputation ultimately comes down to performance, but your name can enhance or detract from your services and sales opportunities.

Roofer’s Guild has worked with thousands of roofing companies as a top roofing resource in the United States. We’ve analyzed the factors contributing to a successful roofing business name in 2022. Below are 56 name ideas for roofing companies.

1) HomeRun Roofing

2) Boom Roofing

3) Roofing Thunder

4) Versatile Roofing

5) Village Roofing

6) Momentum Roofing

7) BigBox Roofing

8) BlueMarble Roofing

9) Citizens Roofing

10) Response Roofing

11) GoTo Roofing

12) Green Earth Roofing

13) HighFive Roofing

14) ThunderBird Roofing

15) OnBoard Roofing

16) Helix Roofing Solutions

17) CrossRoads Roofing Co.

18) GoldenAge Roofing Group

19) LightHouse Roofing

20) Fortify Roofing Group

21) Dash Roofing Solutions

22) Strike Roofing Group

23) Champion Roofing Co.

24) Prevail Roofing Inc.

25) Rush Roofing & Construction

26) AllOut Roofing Co.

27) Velocity Roofing Solutions

28) Envision Roofing

29) Arrow Roofing Group

30) Paradise Roofing Co.

31) Hustle Roofing Inc.

32) Dawn Roofing LLC.

33) Boss Roofing

34) Prime Roofing Group

35) Valor Roofing Co.

36) King Roofing Solutions

37) Virtue Roofing Group

38) Deluxe Roofing Co.

39) Platinum Roofing & Construction

40) Propel Roofing Group

41) Infinite Roofing Co.

42) Accelerate Roofing LLC.

43) Faith Roofing & Construction

44) Excite Roofing Group

45) Ascend Roofing Co.

46) Kingdom Roofing 

47) Unity Roofing Solutions

48) Premier Roofing & Construction

49) Empire Roofing Co.

50) Cornerstone Roofing 

51) All-Star Roofing LLC.

52) Aura Roofing & Construction

53) Capitol Roofing Group

54) Crown Roofing

55) Prize Roofing & Construction

56) Rise Roofing

*Always check if a business name is trademarked in your State

You can also check trademarks on Trademark Electronic Search System.

Once you verify your name is not trademarked, check domain availability at Instant Domain Search.

Anatomy of a Roofing Company Name

When naming your roofing business, you want to consider factors like length, marketability, topical relevance, and branding. In addition, since most of your business will come from online channels like Google, it’s essential to consider how your name factors into Google’s algorithm.


Your company name should be concise enough to form a domain name under 13 characters. Although your domain name can be slightly different from your brand name, it should come very close. Furthermore, you’ll also be listing your full name on your Google Business Profile and throughout various online directories.


Generic names are difficult to market, so being creative pays off with a roofing business name. First, ask yourself, “would I remember this name?” If the answer is no, you probably need to return to the drawing board to find a more marketable name for your roofing company.

Topical Relevance

One of the biggest mistakes roofers make is naming their company with the word “construction” instead of roofing. For example, there are better names than All-Star Construction for a roofing company. 

Your goal is to rank on Google for terms with “roofing” in the query. As a result, it’s essential to have “roofing” somewhere in the company name. Including topical relevance ensures strong SEO for roofers.


Your name must be brandable for your online presence, business cards, truck wraps, and other marketing materials. Of course, you’ll want to find out if your name is trademarked in your State and ensure you can legally use the name long-term and scale your business.

You don’t want to change your name later because it can create problems with your website and other online listings. Having worked with thousands of roofers, we know that the name-changing process can set back your marketing campaign by years.

Final Thoughts on Roofing Business Names

A company name is essential to roofing business success in 2022. A name can increase conversion rates and help you rank higher on Google search results. As a result, invest energy into your name choice before going forward with your business plan.

Remember to check your name’s legal availability through trademark search. It becomes a major headache to change your business name after launching a website, so thoroughly vet the name before launching your online marketing campaign.