Roof Decking

When we think of the roof, the first thing that comes to mind are the actual roofing materials. However, there are elements that are important to the function of the roof. Roof decking or sheathing, is a waterproof surface that roofers use as a base to install the roofing material. While this is a sturdy material, there are times when it will need to be repaired or replaced. If you need the assistance of a professional roofing contractor, call on Roofer’s Guild! We are a roofing network that helps connect homeowners with seasoned roofers in their community. From roof decking repair, replacement, or even installation, we are the team to contact, so call us today at (877) 532-3852,
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Why Do You Need Roof Decking?

A Roof Deck is Integral To Every Roof.
The biggest reason that we need a roof deck for our residential roof is so there is a place for the roof material to be installed. While this is extremely, there are other reasons why roof decking is such an essential part of the roof.
  • Provides structure and support for a roof.
  • Solid protection against roof leaks.
Some roof materials are going to be heavier than others, which will require the support of roof decking. Roof decking wasn’t always a thing for roofs, but become more popular over time because roofs would leak more frequently because the boards used at the time didn’t provide the best protection. With a roof deck, your home and roof will have better structural integrity and your roof won’t be as prone to leaking. At Roofer’s Guild our roofer are able to install, repair, and replace OSB (oriented strand board) and plywood decking. To find out if your roof deck needs repairs or a replacement, you can call us to set up an appointment for a roof inspection.

Signs You Need Roof Decking Replacement

There will be a couple of times when roof deck repair just won’t cut it and the whole roof deck will need to be replaced. While this can be stressful, it is important as it is the structural backbone for any roofing system. Here are signs that you need a replacement for your roof decking.
  • Rotting Decking
  • Broken Decking
  • Thin Decking
When the roof decking needs to be replaced, you also need to do a full roof replacement. In order to have this taken care of by a professional roofer, call Roofer’s Guild today! You can reach us at (877) 532-3852, where we’ll put you in touch with a local, experienced, and highly-rated contractor. Don’t wait for the situation to get worse; contact us today for exceptional roofing services.