Roof Inspections

Do you want to ensure your roofing system is in the best condition? Schedule a roof inspection today! At Roofer’s Guild, we supply thorough roof inspections to fortify your home’s roofing system. Our roof inspection services address every aspect of your structure, assessing it for vulnerabilities and areas in need of reinforcement. We are a roofing network that puts clients in contact with roofers in their area. We are a roofing community that extends throughout the entire United States, so wherever you live, we are able to help you.

Our roofing contractors inspect roof materials, caulking, seals, structure and more. Once inspection is complete, they will notify you of damages and problem areas while working with you to restore your roof back to its optimal condition. For all of your roofing repair or replacement needs, Roofer’s Guild provides top-notch services and is ready to aid and assist you in every way possible. Call (877) 532-3852 today for a roof inspection for your residential roof.

For a Roof Inspection, Call Our Roofing Network!

Roof Inspections and Their Advantages

Roof Inspections Are Incredibly Beneficial for Your Roof.

Roof inspections are a vital activity critical to keeping your residence protected against inclement weather and gradual property damage. With that said, the fact is many people do not get roof inspections or maintenance as often as they should. Having your roof inspected and maintained at least once a year is strongly advised. There are several benefits to get a roof inspection for your residential roofing system.

  • Discover Water Damage: For the most part roof leaks are pretty easy to detect, but there will be times when your roof has a leak and you don’t even know. A roof inspection can find these hidden roof leaks.
  • Helpful for Insurance Purposes: In those situations where your roof has been severely damaged by a storm, its a good idea to get a roof inspection for your insurance claim.
  • Extend the Life of Your Roof: While roof maintenance is a big service that helps extend the life of your roof, roof inspections are also a service that can add extra years to your roof’s lifespan.
  • More Affordable Than Repairs: Roof inspections are able to uncover damage so that roofers can make the necessary repairs. Roof inspections are going to be more cost-effective than roof repair or a replacement.

For homes impacted by severe storms, additional inspections are recommended. Severe storms can be unpredictable and produce everything from high winds to softball sized hail. Keeping your roof healthy will increase its lifespan and save you substantial money over time. After inspections, vulnerable areas to storm damage can be repaired, ensuring your roof is prepared for the next big storm. To set up an appointment for a roof inspection, call us today!

Signs You Require Roof Inspection

There are many signs of a roof in need of inspection. It is crucial for an inspector to assess the damage and determine if repair or replacement is required. These are so common reasons that you need to call a professional for a roof inspection.

Worn Materials



Ventilation Problems

If you need a roof inspection for your roofing system, Roofer’s Guild is here to help. The roofers in our roofing network will always suggest informed solutions for your roof system and consult with you about preferences and specifications.Our roofing services are designed to meet the needs of each customer and meant to provide the best customer service. Let’s get started on your roof today! Give us a call at (877) 532-3852 for a roof inspection you can trust.