Spanish Tile Roof Repair

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Property owners look for certain characteristics in a residential roofing system. First, the structure should enhance the appearance of the home aesthetically by improving its curb appeal. Second, the roofing should be able to withstand impact from inclement weather, sunlight, and other possible threats. Spanish tiling is one of the few roofing systems on the market that meets both criteria.

Although they are known as incredibly stable roofs, Spanish tile roofing that doesn’t get regular maintenance will require repairs. Homeowners who fail to schedule semi regular checkups inherit the risk of harmful water leaks that can gravely damage the interior of a home. If you notice problems with your roofing, Roofer’s Guild is a roofing network that connect you to a roofer in your area that has the knowledge and experience to provide professional Spanish tile roof repair. Call us at (877) 532-3852 to learn more!

Spanish Tile Roof Issues

Signs of leaks or pooling water on the roof membrane are the result of damage that has gone unattended. Once these signs are apparent, repair services are inevitable.This is the reason roofing upkeep is critical, so individuals can prevent costly repair services in the future. See below for very common issues:

  • Broken Tile: Shattered tile roofing tends to occur during severe storms which include hail and very strong winds.
  • Missing Tile: Spanish tile roofing is not typically nailed down, which makes displacement fairly common
  • Natural Residue: Leaves, twigs, and other remnants can breach your roof due to unsealed tiles

If damages are excessive, replacement might become a superior option to repair. Our expert roofers will assess the damage and discuss all possible options before moving forward. To ensure your tile roof is in good condition, call us to get a roof inspection through the roofers in our roofing community.

Call for Spanish Tile Roof Repair or Replacement

Because of its complexity and rarity, not all roofers are qualified to perform Spanish tile roof repair. Spanish tile roofs require contractors with documented experience of working with this material. Not only can an unqualified roofer botch a repair job but they can further damage to the point where roof replacement becomes mandatory.

The roofing contractors through the roofing network at Roofer’s Guild have the training, knowledge, and qualifications provide Spanish tile roof repair and replacement service. To schedule an appointment time for Spanish tile repair services or other services for your premium roofing, contact us today at (877) 532-3852.

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