Synthetic Shingles Repair & Installation

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Do you like the look of tile, slate, or wood shake but are looking for a more budget friendly roofing option? Consider synthetic shingles! Synthetics offer a great deal of advantages for homeowners. If you are looking for a roof that has luxury appeal at a reasonable price, then take a close look at these durable materials!

Roofer's Guild is a roofing network that has professional roofers who are ready to work with you! The roofers in our roofing company have extensive roofing knowledge that allows them to provide flawless installation of synthetic shingles. The quality of a roof’s installation heavily impacts future functionality and lifespan of the roof. Choosing expert contractors from the Roofers Guild network ensures you want deal with the stresses of a faulty installation.

If you are in the market for synthetic shingles installation or even repairs, call us at 877-282-8968.

Get Synthetic Shingle Installation and Repair Service!

The Benefits of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Roofing Solutions Have a Ton of Benefits.

Manufactured to look like slate, wood, or tile, synthetic roofing provides an appealing, and reasonably priced option. The chief benefits of synthetics come from their price and relative durability. The shingles are also weather-resistant, an important characteristic that can save homeowners an impressive amount on repair and replacement costs. If you are still hesitant about choosing synthetic shingles for your home, consider the advantages below:

  • Durability: If staying power is a priority, then you can’t go wrong with synthetic. Crushed slate, rubber, and steel combine for a long-lasting product that will sustain itself for multiple decades. Homeowners can save a great deal of resources on repair costs with these shingles.
  • Style and Appearance: Those of you who want the appearance of an expensive shingle without the cost should know that synthetic varieties appear nearly identical when observed from the ground. A wealth of options exist to customize your shingles even further, not the least of which is design and shape flexibility.
  • Weight: Combining ceramic and slate shingles becomes problematic because of their weight. Not every house can hold the mass of slate and tile roofing shingles, at least not without strength reinforcements. These shingles benefit from a light density that eliminate any concerns about weight. Roofers can also expedite installation with this lightweight material.

Synthetic Solutions

These are the most popular synthetic shingles in the residential roofing market.

  • Synthetic Slate Shingles ServicesSynthetic Slate Shingles Synthetic shingles will just about flawlessly adopt the look of stone or slate. They also way far less than natural slate tiles.
  • Synthetic Tile Shingles ServicesSynthetic Tile Shingles Any residential structure can acquire some pizzazz from our synthetic tile shingles. Impacts also manufacture less of a danger for breakage with synthetics.
  • Synthetic Wooden Shingles ServicesSynthetic Wood Shingles Wood shakes and shingles present a handsome choice that needs a lot of maintenance. Synthetic shingles offer every benefit of wood, without the disadvantages.

If you have questions regarding roof repair or a roof installation for synthetic shingles, call us today at 877-282-8968. We connect homeowners with roofers in their area, so they can enjoy the best premium roofing services.