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Each homeowner has different needs for their residential roofing project, and other variables also influence a contractor’s course of action. Climate can play a major role in the type of roof a residence is best suited for, as well as which season is the most ideal for installation. While going at it alone can be overwhelming and frustrating, having a massive community of resources to lean on alleviates much of that burden. Roofer’s Guild is a national association of roofing professionals, and our resources include:

  • Community Networking
  • Exclusive Content
  • Industry Insights
  • Research Studies

The roofing business can be competitive and depending on the demand in your service area, can be a feast or famine industry. Having a community of like-minded professionals to help refine your revenue streaming channels can be the anecdote for this exceedingly frustrating inconvenience. As a member of Roofer’s Guild, you will gain access to a litany of resources, each of which will help you and your company improve their overall residential roofing operation. Call (877) 282-8968 to apply for Roofer’s Guild membership/

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The landscape of the industry is changing before our very eyes, and roofers that adapt most precisely, will gain the most from the transition. Being defiant towards digital advancements might seem like a moral victory from a personal level, but when you notice your bottom line being negatively impacted, a change becomes more appealing. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise your ethics to increase your revenue stream. Places to improve include:

  • Brand Development
  • Education / Techniques
  • Internet Marketing
  • Supplies & Equipment

You’ve probably heard about social media, and you might even have a Facebook page. But did you know that digital marketing expands way beyond those elements? There’s ways to increase your online exposure and to control your company’s narrative an perception within your local community. Once contractors understand that marketing can actually help their business, they begin to soften their stance on resisting technological assets. Roofer’s Guild can help smoothen the adjustment period for roofers.

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Speaking with others about the challenges of the roofing industry can be difficult when the other party cannot relate. By joining the Roofer’s Guild, you will have an opportunity to discuss industry topics with like minded individuals. Best yet, solutions used by members of this community can be disseminated to other regions of the country, and executed with precision. There’s only so much a non-roofing expert can tell you about your field.

There’s no need to worry about competing with other members of the group, as we never pit members within the same market against one another. Membership in the Roofer's Guild is a mutually beneficial experience for each member, and can only help your revenue stream. With access to a wide range of digital content, membership can take your residential roofing company to the next level this year, and beyond. Call (877) 282-8968 to join the Roofer’s Guild, a national roofing association.