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Why Join Roofer’s Guild?

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We Preach Community and Helpfulness

Power in numbers. As a roofing contractor, the challenges faced by you and your employees continue to take unexpected turns. Whether it is changes in procedural regulations or shifts in marketing strategies, the influx of new information can become overwhelming. Joining Roofer’s Guild provides you access to exclusive digital content, as well as a community of like-minded contemporaries in your field. Roofer’s Guild aims to keep its members updated on the latest industry news and trends, and facilitate a community through which to discuss these changes in real-time. Benefits include:

  • Community Network
  • Exclusive Content
  • Helpful Information
  • Research & Analysis

As a community that is growing as we speak, the long-term vision is immense. Getting in on the ground floor could be your ticket to a more successful roofing company. With that said, we don’t accept just any roofers. To protect from diluting our community we only accept members who are verified contractors in their respective service area. Furthermore, we strongly prefer to partner with contractors who are committed to ethical and quality roofing services for an affordable price. By upholding the standards set by our founders, we can take over the roofing industry together. Call (877) 532-3852 to apply for membership today.

The Principles of Membership

Contractors on Residential Roof Systems

We Abide By Core Values

Members of Roofer's Guild are expected to practice ethical roofing services regardless of their service area. Each member must also pledge to prioritize the safety of their employees, particularly on higher-risk jobs. Last but not least, members must be committed to the ultimate vision of our community and exhibit the tenants of our association in every workplace scenario. It’s not without duty or responsibility to retain membership, as each contractor is subject to immediate dismissal if in violation of the principles set in place, including:

  • Conduct
  • Ethics
  • Safety
  • Transparency

We’re confident in our current members, as they have displayed their affinity for upholding these principles again and again. It is because of their commitment the the Guild Principles, that we are able to establish a baseline of expectations. When members apply, they are expected to illustrate those same commitments to excellence and do so consistently. The good news for roofing companies is that we are a very supportive group. We can help you grow your roofing business and collectively influence your market reach. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Learn More About Roofer’s Guild

Roofer's Guild Flyer GraphicIf you are unsure whether Roofer’s Guild is a fit for your company, you can always give us a call. While not every contractor becomes a part of an association like ours, the early returns on our community have been excellent. We are working towards a vision that will make the lives of each member that much easier. But better yet, to help roofers grow their business consistently. To learn more about Roofer’s Guild, contact us.

You don’t have to wait to contact our team of roofing experts because you can call now. We’ll discuss your potential application in greater detail and identify the unique needs of your business. No two roofers are exactly alike. While some may share common traits, like a focus on commercial roofing , every situation presents a new challenge, and should be evaluated exclusively from other outside variables. Call (877) 532-3852 to learn more about Roofer’s Guild membership.