Single Ply Roofing Membranes

During the process of looking for a commercial roof, it doesn’t take long to realize that there are plenty of choices on the market. Among the many options you’ll see, single ply membranes will stand out as a particularly effective one. Created as a single layer over the top of your roof, these aptly titled membranes offer some serious protection for your roofing structure. Advantages include:

  • Ease of Installation: Single ply roofs are incredibly easy to install, taking less than time to traditional flat roofing systems.
  • Energy Effeciency: Because of the reflective materials that are used, single ply roofs are very energy-efficient.
  • Insulation: In order to keep your building cool and warm during the corresponding seasons, its important to have proper insulation; single ply roofing has excellent insulation properties.
  • Lower Weight: Heavy roofs can add significant weight to your building, which can compromise the structural integrity. Single ply roofing is very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the roof hurting your building.

You can contact our expert network of contractors today at (877) 532-3852 and receive a quote for single ply roofing, anywhere in the United States. The Roofer’s Guild professionals can assist you with any of your commercial roofing requirements and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Single Ply Roofer

Single Ply Roofing Varieties

Each type of roofing material offers its own set of advantages, but almost every single ply membrane option provides reliable leak protection, flexibility, and UV damage resistance. We understand that choosing a commercial roof type is an important decision that should be considered from all angles. At Roofer’s Guild, we offer the following options:

EPDM Service


An exceedingly durable form of rubber single-ply roofing for commercial buildings. EPDM is most commonly used on low-sloped roofs in all parts of the United States.

PVC Service


To extend lifespan and add protection against the elements, PVC roofing is the perfect option for commercial building owners throughout the country.

TPO Service


If your main concern is heat reflectivity and energy usage, you can't go wrong with TPO roofing from Roofer's Guild. This is a fast growing material in the industry!

Vulcanized Rubber Service

Vulcanized Rubber

Want to ensure the avoidance of harmful chemical usage? Invest in a vulcanized rubber roof from Roofer's Guild. Vulcanized sheets are pre-cured for installation!

Rubber roofing is sold in large pieces, which often allow us to install membranes in a single chunk. This efficiency cuts the amount of seams on the roof and creates a straightforward installation process. Roofer’s Guild is considered the industry leader in singly ply roofing in throughout the United States.

Single Ply Roof Repair Service

Single ply roofing is one of the most popular roofing systems on the market. They can last up to 50 years depending on the single ply roofing system you choose, they are fire resistant, they are UV resistant, and they are very durable. However, single ply roofs will need repairs just like any commercial roofing system. There are pretty common issues that can plague single ply roofs, with them being.

  • Punctures: If you have trees hanging over your roof or your single ply roof gets a lot of foot traffic, they can become prone to punctures. This is because single ply roofing materials can be very flexible and lightweight which can tear and puncture when heavy things fall on top of the roofing material.
  • UV Damage: Installing the roof, as well as sealing the seams, utilizes adhesives. Overtime, the sun’s UV rays can deteriorate the adhesive, which causes the membrane and seams to come up and become vulnerable to leaks and tears.
  • Water Ponding: Not all single ply roofing materials are going to be susceptible, but it can happen. The reason that water ponding is an issue is if there isn’t proper drainage. When there is water ponding on a roof, it can decrease the life of a roof, become infested with mold, attract insects and animals, and also cause your roof to sag.

If you suspect that something is wrong with your single ply roofing system, you can call on the experts at Roofer’s Guild to help you. This roofing community is able to connect you with the best, more reliable roofing contractor in your area so that you always get professional and effective single ply roofing repairs. To speak with one of our team members, please call us at (877) 532-3852.

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EPDM Single Ply Roof Coating
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If you’re interested in single ply roofing for your commercial property, make sure to give us a ring today at (877) 532-3852. A reliable installation is the key to a long-lasting single-ply membrane roof. Our professional network of roofers has decades of experience, and utilize Conklin roofing products. Roofer’s Guild holds ourselves to the highest professional standard!

As a national contractor business, Roofer’s Guild is proud to be a source for finding the best single-ply roofing services counted on by various communities throughout the country. We understand the magnitude that roofing decisions can have on your business, both from a large scale perspective, as well as the day to day operation. We take this responsibility very seriously and look forward to working with you soon.