Reliable Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial roof restoration commencing.

Commercial Roof Restoration Experts

Commercial roofing projects need to be managed by the experts leading the roofing industry. At Roofer's Guild, we bring together roofing pioneers from across the country to provide roof restoration that not only revives the appearance of your roofing system but also delivers rejuvenated strength and durability. Commercial roof restoration is one of the services that most practically benefits many commercial flat roofs. For qualifying roofs, restoration is a significantly cheaper process than roof replacement and combines the excellent qualities of preventing and eliminating roof leakage. Due to the fact that commercial roofs can be so vast, securing a qualified roofing company for the job would not be easy without first involving the Roofer's Guild. Our members install high-quality roof coating products that are streamlined to resolve flat roof issues. Call us today at (877) 282-8968 either to receive more information on the perfect local roofer for your commercial roof restoration needs.

This metal sheet roof is receiving treatment from an experienced roofing contractor.

The Benefits of Roof Restoration Versus Roof Replacement

Commercial business owners need to know why a roof restoration is a good option for their roof. Not only is roof restoration a far more affordable alternative, but the cool roof coating involved will also lower the temperature of the roof 10-15%. In climates with high temperatures, this facet of roof restoration is particularly noteworthy. Roof restorations increase the longevity of the existing roof and create a clean, flat surface for the roof. While the restoration process is laborious, it is fairly straightforward and can be completed easily by an experienced professional. Not only is the roof inspected for signs of deterioration and labeled, but it is swept and cleaned to ensure a perfect, even coating. In truth, much of the process revolves around the prep work – the patching, the inspection, and the cleaning. This makes the final product practically sparkle. 

Commercial Roof Restoration Needed for Roof

This commercial roof is in dire need of patches and a new roof coating.

The Roofer’s Guild Team

From coast to coast, there is always a need in residential and commercial communities for excellent roofing standards. Through communication and education, this is possible. The Roofer's Guild unites qualified roofing contractors from all stretches of the country, promoting access to case studies, community discussion, featured content, and industry insights. The Roofer's Guild is an inclusive group that seeks to elevate the roofing industry. To apply for membership, call the Roofer's Guild at (877) 282-8968.

This roofer is applying a layer of material to a metal panel roof.