Commercial Roof Restoration

Acrylic Roof Coating Service

Acrylic Roof Coating

This extremely durable coating material can add to the lifespan of your commercial roof and prevent weather damage both in the near and distant future. Call Roofer's Guild today!

Elastomeric Roof Coating Service

Elastomeric Roof Coating

These coatings are an affordable way to repair and prevent roof leaks which can damage your building’s interior and exterior. Early detection is vital for cost-efficiency.

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Polyurea Roof Coating

One of the easiest coatings to apply, ployurea is affordable and durable. The material dries quickly for a quick and clean installation process which won’t disrupt your business operation.

Silicone Roof Coating Service

Silicone Roof Coating

For superior protection against UV rays and water pooling, invest in silicone coatings from Roofer's Guild. Silicone can be applied to any type of commercial roof you can think of!

Commercial Roof Restoration

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Our Contractors Are Experts in Roof Restoration

Is your commercial roof aging and showing signs of wear and tear? A roof restoration is a great way to extend the longevity of your roof by repairing minor damage and signs of aging. When applied prior to severe deterioration, restoration can be a cost-efficient alternative to roof replacement. With that said, property owners should be mindful of their roof’s condition, as extensive damage makes replacement the only option. There is a critical time period during a roof’s lifespan where it is still healthy enough to be restored. Waiting too long forces that window of opportunity closed. Be on the lookout for the following issues:

  • High Energy Usage: If you have noticed that your energy bills are higher than usual, you might qualify for a roof restoration.
  • Mold Growth: If there is mold growth on your building’s roof, there is a possibility that it could be restored.
  • Pools of Water: Depending on the severity of the pooling water, if it is cleaned up it could be restored.
  • Water Leaks: One leak is enough to get a roof restoration, but multiple leaks might result in a complete roof replacement.

If you are a business that is cognizant of environmental impact, you will find restoration especially valuable. The amount of roofing waste that ends up on landfills each year is alarming to environmentalists. By opting for restoration rather than replacement, you can prevent your company from contributing to an activity that is considered extremely harmful to the environment. But the environment is not the only entity that will benefit from waste prevention. You will also notice a difference in your bank account. Restoration can save business owners quite a bit of money. If you think you are eligible for a roof restoration, call Roofer's Guild today at 877-282-8968. We are a roofing network that can put you into contact with a licensed and insured roofer in your area.

Roof Restoration Options

There are multiple ways to extend the lifespan of your roofing structure. Though each option shares a common theme of restoration, each one offers a unique application that can fit the specific needs of business owners. Consulting with a roofing company in our network will ensure that you get the best roof restoration service for your commercial roof. There are a few restoration services that can offered for a commercial roof:

One way to prevent roof replacement is by scheduling an inspection for your property. By consistently monitoring your roofing structure, you can more clearly identify the time span in which restoration becomes an option. If you fail to regulate maintenance throughout a long period, the chances of replacement becoming your only option ascend substantially. If you require a professional roof restoration company that you can rely on to save you money and extend the life of your roofing structure, call Roofer's Guild to find the best roofer in your area!

Restoration Is Good For The Enviornment

Your Quality Roof Restoration Service

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Harmful Sun Rays Damage Roofs Over Time

Your commercial roof can be damaged in multiple ways, from long-term sun exposure to direct impact with flying debris. While many contractors immediately suggest an expensive roof replacement, a roof replacement doesn’t have to be the final resort. By choosing roof restoration over roof replacement, you can save thousands on labor and materials, as well as the inconvenience of a timely installation process.

If your roof is suffering from cracked seams, standing water, membrane tears, or even leaks and mold growth, a roof restoration may be the optimal solution for you! If you’re interested in roofing restoration, please give us a ring at 877-282-8968. We have state licensed roofers in our roofing community that are trained in industry standards, who will work hard to deliver total customer satisfaction!