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Our Network Does Roofing On Various Types of Government Buildings

Contracting on government property always provides unique challenges. This applies to roofing contractors more than most. Buildings owned by the government require a stable roof to protect the property from inclement weather, moisture infiltration, and other potential threats. An amateur roofing contractor is not up to the standard expected from a government institution. Either because they don’t have the needed experience or because they are not a licensed roofing contractor. At the Roofer’s Guild network, our professional contractors are:





Finding a roofer you can trust can be a tall task. There are ethical breaches that exist in the contractor industry; people can say they are licensed when they are not or lie about the types of roofing projects they have completed. The good news is that the Roofer’s Guild network demands the higher standard. That’s why we are trusted by government institutions, hospitals, and farmers alike. They know that our contractors will discuss each option thoroughly so they can arrive at the best decision possible. Call 877-282-8968 to learn how we can help you with your government roofing services–we promise that we will be able to meet your standards and provide you with the best services for your roofing system.

Types of Government Buildings

There are a wide range of government buildings that require some sort of government roofing services. The good news is that contractors at Roofer’s Guild handles each and every one of them. Our network of roofers are not only experienced, but they are consistently trained in the latest restoration, repair, and installation techniques. You can rely on our contractors for elite level performance. The types of government facilities we work on include, but are not limited to:

  • City Halls
  • Capitol Buildings
  • Courthouses
  • Fire Stations
  • Mayors Offices
  • Town Halls

In an effort to keep each of our employees and vendors safe throughout the project, all of them are educated in OSHA practices, and the project is set up to OSHA standards for the duration of work. The compliance requirements are always either met or exceeded by our contractors. In order to provide the highest quality assurance, we ensure every part of a project is thoroughly inspected prior to completion. Government projects are an important component of helping a community grow, which is why we strive so hard to be dependable.

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Our Contractors Are Licensed And Experienced

We work on both federal and local buildings to provide elite-level government roofing services to government institutions throughout the country. We follow OSHA standards to the letter, so that compliance is met, and projects go as smoothly as possible. We understand that each situation is unique, and requires specification for the task at hand. You can rely on the network of roofers at Roofer’s Guild to get the job done well. We pledge to put the customer first on all projects.

Need a government roofing contractor right away? Call the team at Roofer’s Guild by dialing 877-282-8968. Ask about our government roofing services and how our contractors can meet the specific needs of your building. Our network of roofers are trained and experienced working on government buildings of all kinds, as well as other industrial roofs, and are ready to provide any variation of service you need. For a job of this magnitude, you need a network you can trust.