Intensive Green Roof Installation

A Large Intensive Green Roof on a Skyscraper

An Intensive Green Roof Reduces Heat Gain During the Day.

Have you ever dreamed of transforming your dull, flat, and unused roofing space into a luxurious garden? An intensive green roof installation incorporates beautiful flora from across the United States, hosting shrubs, assorted flowers, and shade-giving trees. Of course, your company determines plants and overall design to best suit your specific needs. Our skilled contractors ensure that your rooftop receives the essential infrastructure and professional installation it needs to thrive for many years to come!

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What is an Intensive Green Roof?

The name certainly sounds intense, but this term merely describes the scope of the green roofing system. While an extensive green roofing installation utilizes a shallower design, intensive systems incorporate a deeper reserve of growing matter. This allows your rooftop to support larger plant life, including bushes and trees!

Because of the larger size of the structures, intensive green roofing installations (or “living roofs”) naturally require a stronger supporting framework and drainage system. Some organizations prefer to utilize a modular design, limiting the scope of the rooftop gardenscape and enabling larger sitting areas. Others prefer to maximize the cool roofing effects of these impressive systems by covering the entire rooftop surface.

Installing an Intensive Green Roof

The basic structure mimics that of an extensive system, albeit with more structural supports and a much larger quantity of growing medium. Just above the flat roof base lies a waterproofing membrane. It prevents seepage into the building below, but allows excess moisture to run down to established drainage areas. Next comes a layer of insulation and a drainage layer. Above that comes a strong meshwork that blocks roots from penetrating too far downward.

A Modular Green Roof With Large Walkways

Modular Designs Make it Easy to Decorate Your Rooftop and Conserve Usable Space.

Intensive Green Roof Layers (From the Bottom Up)

  • Base Structural Supports
  • Waterproofing Layer
  • Insulation
  • Draining Layer
  • Root-Repelling Membrane
  • Growth Medium
  • Plants

Finally comes the special growing medium, typically 6 inches or deeper. This synthetic soil provides rich nutrients for the plantlife, without the harmful pests that so often ruin our gardening efforts at home! Of course, the plants grow in and above this layer, creating the rich gardenscapes that leave so many in awe.

Intensive Green Roof Requirements

Intensive systems need a significant level of maintenance to sustain their beautiful plant life. Most require a capable irrigation system to distribute moisture and repel the sun’s heat. Trees and larger shrubs also demand fertilizer and basic gardening. Most important, these green roofs must incorporate a capable supporting framework, as intensive systems may weigh as much as 150 pounds per square foot.¬†

While the initial costs and ongoing maintenance may cause some companies to look for simpler options, there are many clear benefits to intensive green roof systems.

An Ornamental Intensive Green Roof

Companies Get Very Creative With Their Rooftop Garden Architecture!

Why Make the Investment?

The pleasing atmosphere is just one of many benefits that green roofs provide. In exchange for the investment, these systems also produce a very effective heat shield for the top of your building envelope. If you look at an intensive green roof through a thermal imaging camera, you can see a dramatic difference in temperature between “living roof” sections and other traditional flat roofing segments.

The resulting energy savings draw many companies to the roofing solution, though green roofing sometimes offers rewarding tax benefits too. The beautiful, clean environment produced by the luxurious plantlife makes the rooftop a rewarding place for employees to relax and release stress from their daily work. Happy employees make for a happier (more productive) office environment. To learn more about the many other perks green roofing has to offer, be sure to check out the U.S. General Service Administration’s breakdown on the solution.

Planning Your Intensive Green Roof

A Lovely Pathway in a Garden

How Will You Decorate Your Rooftop Gardenscape?

Talk with an experienced commercial roofing contractor about your green roof design. They’ll be happy to discuss choosing plants that perform well in your environment, and how to get the greatest energy savings at the end of your project. They’ll also coordinate with your building management to ensure proper weight support for your upcoming installation.

The Roofer’s Guild team makes it easy to find local contractors with the skills, experience, and ratings you can trust. Thanks to our rigorous vetting process, local business owners and building managers can enjoy the energy savings, mental health benefits, and certification opportunities of an intensive green roof installation. To learn more, simply contact our office at (877) 282-8968. See why so many businesses choose Roofer’s Guild!