Green Roof Installation

Overview of Green Roofs
The Concept of "Green" Roofing Is To Help The Enviornment
Green Roof
Preventing Landfill Waste Is an Important Function

If you are not entirely certain what green roofing is, you aren’t alone; the term often references more than one type of roofing. In some cases, green roofing can refer to applications that reduce your building’s carbon footprint, such as a roof coating. By allowing contractors to apply a coating over your current roof, you prevent landfill waste from tear offs that would have otherwise ended up in the dump. Another type of green roof is when plants and other vegetation are installed on top of a commercial roof. With vegetation installed on top of a roof, you are helping the environment and producing more oxygen for the surrounding area. Common qualities of green roofs include:

Drainage System

Proper distribution of rainfall promotes plant growth and avoids moisture infiltration, aiding your roof's functionality while also protecting it from water damage.

Plants / Vegitation

The name "green roof" directly refers to the plant and vegetation growth that takes place on top of the structure. These plants have a positive impact on the environment.

Waterproof Membrane

To truly be considered a green roof, one layer must be a waterproof membrane to prevent leaks, and promote longevity, which reduces the output of environmental waste.

Is your commercial roof older than 15 years? Is the performance of your roof causing your energy bills to rise? In either scenario, you are a candidate for affordable green roofing installation. Whether you want green roofing that involves installing vegetation or a green roof such as a roof coating, each roof will be better for the environment and offers years of protection. Our network of contractors is extremely experienced in the roofing industry, and can assist you with a variety of high quality roofing services. To discover more, read on, or speak to one of our roofing experts at 877-282-8968 now!

Green Roof Installation

Contractor Performs Fresh Roof Coating
Roof Coatings Are Often Considered "Green"

Due to the reflectivity of roof coatings, they can easily bounce back the sun’s UV rays, which in turn decreases energy usage, and ultimately reduces energy bills. Roof coatings are considered green roofing options thanks to the many benefits they provide. The aforementioned waste prevention is another impactful advantage of roof coatings and further establishes their reputation as an environmentally friendly roofing option.

Green roofing can also reference roofs that foster living vegetation. More commonly utilized in European cities, such roofing systems retain the dual responsibility of cooling the structure itself, as well as the air surrounding it. Reduction of greenhouse gases along with the “urban heat effect” make these roofs an additional variation of green roofing. Green roof systems have even been used for vegetable gardens, and refuges for local species of birds.

Green Roofing Benefits

If you are interested in a traditional green roof that includes vegetation or green roofing such as roof coatings, there are a lot of benefits to get out of both. Not only can green roofing benefit a commercial property, but a green roof can also positively impact the environment and the surrounding community.

  • Reduce Cooling Costs: If you invest in a green roof, you will have a roofing system that has great insulation, which is able to reduce your cooling costs.
  • Reduce Heating Costs: Just like a green roof can reduce cooling costs, it can also help reduce heating costs, as well.
  • Minimize Stormwater Runoff: A green roof that uses vegetation is able to absorb water, which can minimize stormwater runoff that can cause floods and sewer overflowing sewer systems.
  • Lessen Heat Island Effect: The urban heat island effect is when an urban area absorbs heat and traps it in that area. With this type of roof, it can reduce this effect and make it a lot cooler.
  •  Improve Air Quality: Green roofing who uses plants and vegetation can also improve our the air quality outdoors.

There are a ton of reasons to choose a green roof for your commercial property, but if you need more information, call Roofer’s Guild at 877-282-8968. Our network of roofers extends across the United States, so if you are interested in green roofing for your building, we can put you in touch with a great roofer!

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As any person who has lived in both urban and rural areas understands, areas with plant life are often much cooler than heavily populated cities. Urban cities consume space that would otherwise be utilized for plant growth, so green roof systems compensate for this congestion, by cultivating native plant species on top of buildings.

Roofer’s Guild can help you with every step of the process. If you’re interested in discovering more about green roof installation, call our network at 877-282-8968! Our contractors have years of experience in the roofing industry, and we are happy to assist customers with any of their commercial needs. We understand that premium roofing solutions require the highest quality materials, which is why we use Conklin products.

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