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Are you looking for an airtight, seamless, and incredibly resilient roofing solution? If so, we recommend SPF roofing, often known as “spray foam roofing”. With only one layer of SPF, which is spray polyurethane foam, required to supply your roof the protection it needs, it’s hard to go wrong with this fast acting roofing solution. Some of the primary advantages to SPF roofing include:



Adding roofing materials on top of existing roofing can put too much weight on the roof; SPF is very light and won’t mess with the structural integrity of the roof or building.


Spray foam roofing is great because it is an added layer of protection for your roof. It is able to protect against UV damages, as well as water infiltration.


Because this type of roofing is able to keep your roof protected against several types of damages, you can reduce the need for commercial roof repair.


Installing this type of roofing system is incredibly easy. All a roofing contractor has to do is spray the foam directly on top of your current commercial roof and that’s it!

Other benefits for spray foam roofing include better energy efficiency, waterproofing, completely seamless, and easy maintenance. Request a quote by calling our team at (877) 532-3852, and discover why we’re the preferred roofer for SPF roofing. Our national network of spray foam roofing contractors have decades of expertise with SPF, and can help you through each step of the installation process. If you have health concerns about the usage of SPF foam, be sure to ask our contractors about the risks.

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One of the greatest benefits of spray foam roofing is its improved energy efficiency. SPF roofing is light in color, and generally very reflective, which produces cooler temperatures inside the building. Your HVAC system may even last longer, as it will no longer require maximum exertion to maintain ideal temperatures. For a lasting roofing solution, you can rely on SPF to defend against common problems, such as:

  • Cracks
  • Joints
  • Leaks
  • Seams

If your roofing system is covered with vents, chimneys, or protrusions of any kind, it may be susceptible to the problems referenced above. In these scenarios, spray foam roofing is the perfect solution, since the materials are seamless, and can reach otherwise impossible to touch areas on your roof, including the smallest gaps and cracks. Call (877) 532-3852 for SPF roofing services.

Spray Foam Roofing Repair

While spray foam is incredibly durable and is able to extend the life of your roof, there will be times when it needs to be repaired. The top layer of the foam roofing needs to be well-maintained, but sometimes that can fall by the wayside. There are a lot of factors that come into play in regards to why spray foam roofs need repairs. The quality, the thickness of the foam, and other elements such as UV damage, foot traffic, moisture determine how major the repairs will be. There are a couple of ways to tell if spray foam roofing repair is needed.

  • Foam Separation: If the foam was sprayed onto a roof that was not cleaned beforehand or was wet can eventually cause the foam to separate.
  • Worn Top Layer: There is a top layer that is added on top of the spray foam–if the top layer is worn away, the foam can become damaged by UV rays.
  • Holes in Roof: If there are holes in the top layer of the spray foam roofing, that can expose the foam to water.
  • Ponding Water: If the water on top of the spray foam roof is not running off as it should, it can cause water leaks in the roof.

If you have noticed that you have water stains on your ceiling or walls or that your energy bills have increased, there is a good chance that your roof is damaged. To get professional repairs for your spray foam roofing, call Roofer’s Guild today! We can hook you up with a roofer in our roofing network that can provide high-quality and reliable repairs. Dial (877) 532-3852 to get a hold of someone today!

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Are you wondering if high quality spray foam roofing is the perfect option for your commercial structure? Our contractors are happy to review all possible options available to you, and perform a full roof inspection to form a more detailed assessment of your structure’s needs. We will never lead you to an uninformed decision, or one that you aren’t completely comfortable with. We consider factors like budget, structure type, climate, and more.

At Roofer’s Guild, our network offers speedy and affordable spray foam roofing, as well as a variety of other commercial roofing services. Regardless of which option you end up choosing, the quality of the work will depend on the experience and competence of the contractors. You can trust that our contractors are highly qualified to perform any roofing job you need. We hold our network to the highest standard of performance. Call (877) 532-3852 for spray foam roofing services.