Commercial Foam Roofing

Foam Roof Structure
Foam Is a Great Option for Property Owners

Is your commercial structure in need of a new and more effective roof system? For an impactful yet quick installation, look into our polyurethane foam roofing systems, which offer:

  • Coated With an Elastomeric Topcoat for a Resilient Finish
  • Mixing of Isocyanate With Polyol
  • Seamless Composition
  • Simple Installation; Sprayed as a liquid

Created specifically for commercial roof systems, this structure provides exceptional leak protection because it is seamless, and increased UV protection because of the high sheen. If you need a professional foam roof installation, call us at (877) 532-3852 to set up an estimate with Roofer’s Guild! Business owners discontented with the current commercial roof may now ponder a unique, and extremely impressive alternative.

Foam Roof Surface
Foam Roofs Prevent Water Leakage

Why Choose A Foam Roof System?

Multiple layers of roofing material connected with bonded seams allow typical commercial roof systems to repel water. The seams will deteriorate as these roofs age, however, until they subsequently permit the entrance of water. With spray foam roofing, water and age have nothing to abuse thanks to a complete lack of seams. Conservation extends around the roof, as spray foam roofing also prevents flashing. There are other reasons why commercial property owners should choose commercial foam roofing.

  • Flexible: Typical roofs usually expand and contract due to the temperature outside; because this material is very flexible, it can withstand damages caused by expansion and contraction.
  • Long-Lasting: Commercial foam roofing can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.
  • Waterproof: Foam roofing can resist water penetration, which makes it an excellent roof; it is important to note that this type of roof needs a top layer to protect it.
  • Versatile: In terms of versatility, commercial foam roofs take the cake. They can be applied on a wide range of roofs and can be used on new roofs or for roof replacements.
  • Lightweight: Unlike most commercial roofs, foam roofing is very lightweight and doesn’t add extra weight to an existing roof.

Foam roofing’s liquid administration makes installation simple. The foam will bond readily to almost every surface, and workers have the liberty to comfortably navigate around obstructions such as vents and AC units. Following application from expert contractors, the foam will persist two decades or more with little to no maintenance. If you are wanting spray foam roofing for your building, call Roofer’s Guild today! We can find a roofer in our network that is able to spray this type of commercial roofing on your existing roof! Call us at (877) 532-3852 to get more information!

Freshly Installed Foam Roof
Foam Roofs Possess Multiple Protection Layers

Commercial Foam Roofing Repair

Commercial foam roofing is an exceptionally strong, flexible, and versatile roofing system, which makes it great for any type of commercial roof. While foam roofing is very durable, it can still have its fair share of problems. Things like water ponding, the top layer uplifting, or the foam not being installed properly around roofing accessories can be big issues. Although these are things we don’t want to happen, they can when spray foam roofing is not properly taken care of or it has reached a certain age. Below are some of the most common issues to happen to commercial foam roofing.


The top layer of the foam roofing has worn away and the spray foam is exposed to outside elements and UV rays.


Holes caused by lack of maintenance or storm damage can appear on the surface of the roof.


A roof that had foam roofing applied can see signs of the foam separating when the roof wasn’t cleaned or it was wet when the foam was applied.


Water is starting to seep into the spray foam because there are damages to the top layer.


Another cause for moisture to ruin foam roofing is when blistering or bubbles appear on the top layer of roofing.

If you notice any of these issues, call the experts at Roofer’s Guild for help! We can put you in touch with a roofer in our association that is able to help you!

Affordable Commerical Foam Roofing Services!

Unit on Top of Foam Roof
Save 30% on Energy Bills

For an affordable and effective option that can be installed quickly, foam roofing is highly recommended. This roofing material provides extensive benefits that save money now and over its lifespan, including superior energy efficiency. Foam roofs reflect harmful UV rays from the sun which drops your building’s interior temperature, lowering the need for excessive AC usage.

Affordability is always a primary concern when investing in a roofing system. Foam roofs can save up to 30% on energy bills, a number that is intriguing to customers. To discuss foam roofing, its benefits, and how quickly it can be installed on your commercial property, call Roofer’s Guild at (877) 532-3852. Our network of professional contractors are ready to complete a superior installation.