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Moisture Infiltration Is The Root Cause Of Various Roof Problems
Flat Roof Overview
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Flat Roofing Contractors

Are you looking for flat roofing contractors? Extending your building’s lifespan is one of the most significant challenges you can face. You’ve made a substantial investment into the security of your building by choosing a durable, energy-efficient roofing system. Now it’s time to make that investment last. That’s where commercial flat roofing repair matters most, extending the life of your system and protecting your building assets below. When you need assistance with finding a seasoned contractor, our team at Roofer’s Guild is here to help.

Common Problems We Address

Commercial buildings with flat roofs require cyclical maintenance. Pooled water and mildew represent typical problems found on flat roofing systems, generally caused by moisture infiltration. With regular inspections, building owners can avoid severe damage from occurring. If it has been a while since your last inspection, schedule one today with Roofer’s Guild. Our expert flat roofing contractors will audit your structure for the following issues:

  • Cracks in the Roof
  • Mold / Mildew Growth
  • Roof Flashing
  • Water Leaks
  • Water Pooling

At Roofer’s Guild, we specialize in flat roof repair and restoration. You can trust that our contractors will provide a fair estimate and suggest necessary and cost-effective maintenance. Roof repairs are most effective when damage is spotted early, as they can otherwise get worse and more expensive. Besides offering a repair service, we can also install a wide range of flat roofs on your commercial building. Whatever the issue arises, you can rely on quick, excellent service from our flat roofing contractors.

Does Your Flat Roof Require Repair?

Business owners looking to improve their commercial structure should consider the many great qualities of a flat roofing system. Every variation of flat roofing material, from foam to PVC, has its pros and cons. As a company that values transparency and honesty, we want to inform each client before making a final decision.

Roofs can avoid ponded water and moisture buildup with a precisely executed installation. Knowing common signs of damage can be an essential aspect of flat roof repair. Be on the lookout for buckled membranes, roof expansion (flashing), as well as the water pooling mentioned above. If you are a commercial property owner in need of flat roof repair that you can depend upon, call Roofer’s Guild today at (877) 532-3852.

Flat Roof
We Educate Our Clients To Make Good Decisions

We Install These Types of Flat Roofs

Built Up Roofing

Because this roofing system has been around for over 100 years, it has a reputation for being a very reliable roof. Built up roofs are UV resistant and can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Built up material is particularly resistant because of its multi-layer construction. It’s also quite suitable for insulation. If you are interested in this roof type, Roofer’s Guild can install it at your earliest convenience.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen, or tar and gravel roofs, comprises asphalt, tar, and gravel, which are layered to create a very sturdy roof. This roof type is a popular roofing system because it doesn’t puncture easily; it is waterproof, flexible, and offers better energy efficiency for your commercial property. Contact us to learn more about this roofing system.

Single Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing is by far one of the most popular flat roof systems due to its insulating properties, lightweight material, impact resistant material, and the ability to withstand UV damage and provide buildings with more energy savings. Roofers through Roofer’s Guild can install single ply roofs such as EPDMPVC, and TPO roofing.

If you need a flat roof installation by a licensed and insured roofing contractor, you can call Roofer’s Guild at (877) 532-3852. We have roofers in your area with the qualifications needed to provide exceptional commercial roof installation. For commercial property owners who already have a roof and need repairs, you can depend on us for flat roof repair service.

Flat Roof Repair Experts

Commercial Flat Roof Covered in Felt
We Offer Repairs As Well As Replacement

It is useful for property owners to understand roofing materials to make an informed selection when choosing a replacement. Roofer’s Guild has the equipment and the expertise necessary to provide the ideal solution for your needs and budget. To meet the requirements of individual clients, our company offers both roof repair and replacements, as well as maintenance, to protect your roof from future damages. If you are interested in a flat roof for your property, we provide a professional flat roof installation service.

Instead of hopping online, searching “find commercial flat roof repair near me” and wading through dozens (if not hundreds) of results, why not make things a lot easier? For dependable and affordable flat roof repair and installation, call Roofer’s Guild. Our local contractors have the experience and ratings you deserve. Our certified technicians work tirelessly to get your roof right the FIRST time, reducing time and monetary costs for the future.

Call (877) 532-3852 to learn more about commercial flat roof repair or installation.