Commercial Roof Inspection

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Annual Reviews Prevent Expensive Future Repairs

Every commercial building should undergo an annual inspection. Not only does this ensure the continued functionality of your roofing structure, but it can identify small wear and tear before it becomes chronic. Commercial property owners have a wealth of responsibility, and forgetting about your yearly property review is not uncommon. If you haven’t had maintenance in several years, now is the perfect time to start. During an inspection, we audit the following:

Cracks and Seams

Drains and Gutters

Roof Flashing

Surface Area

Small problems can become chronic if left unattended to. For example, leaf build up in your gutter system can lead to water pooling. With annual roof reviews, a problem such as this would never deteriorate to the point where roof replacement becomes the only option. Not only do we offer roof inspections to extend the life of your roof, we also inspect roofs to inspect for storm damage or for roof insurance purposes. In other words, spending money on yearly inspections can save you a massive amount over time. To schedule a roofing inspection, call (877) 532-3852.

Why You Need a Commercial Roof Inspection

Get a Commercial Roof Inspection for Your Insurance Claims or If You think You Have Roof Damage.

Our commercial roofing systems are incredibly important to the our productivity, as well as the function of our buildings. Without a roof, we wouldn’t be protected against inclement weather and outside elements. In order to keep your roof in the best shape possible, it is important to get a yearly commercial roof inspection. Not only can a commercial roof inspection extend the life of your roof, but it can also reduce the need for repairs, as well as keep costs down. Although maintenance is the biggest reason you should have your roof inspected, there are a couple of situations in which you will need to get a roof inspection.

  • Insurance Claims: If you have damage to your roof and you want it covered by your roof insurance, you will need to get a commercial roof inspection.
  • Storm Damage: Severe storms can cause a lot of damages to our roofs, so in order to know if you need commercial roof repair, a roof inspection will need to be conducted by a professional roofer.
  • Roof Warranty: Some roof warranties stipulate that you need to get roof inspections in order to keep your warranty.
  • New Roof Installation: It is pretty common to get a roof inspection right after you get a new roof installed; this is to make sure that the roof installation was done correctly.

For a commercial roof inspection for your roof, call Roofer’s Guild today! We only have the best of the best roofers in our roofing community, so we will be able to find a roofing contractor that will offer quality roof inspections for your commercial roof.

Additional Commercial Roof Maintenance

A commercial roof inspection starts with a thorough and nuanced assessment of the surface or “field” of your roofing structure. We look for existing damage, as well as any red flags that indicate probability of future damage. We also check the drains and gutter systems to ensure everything is functioning at its optimal level. Catching the following defects early, can prevent excessive damage:

  • Debris Buildup
  • Mold / Mildew Growth
  • Small Leaks and Punctures

Spotting these symptoms early, allows them to be remedied before they become a financial burden for your business. Upon identification of these defects, we can perform maintenance services like sweeping or pressure washing. Regardless of how old your roofing structure is, an annual inspection is highly recommended. Protect your business and building by scheduling an appointment with a contractor from the Roofer’s Guild network, today!

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We Perform Maintenance Based on Findings

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Roof inspection services offer a variety of advantages to commercial building owners. First, the potential money saved is more than significant. Second, neglecting your roof can cause your building to deteriorate quickly, producing the necessity for costly repairs. Why risk this outcome, when you can affordably prevent it with annual inspections? Regardless of your roofing type, industry, or material, we can perform an annual review.

Premature roof failures can destroy entire businesses. But they are simple to avoid with scheduled inspections and regular maintenance. If your roof has gone too long without a review, now is the time to take the step of changing that. The Roofer’s Guild network can accommodate you ASAP, and ensure your structure is functioning at its optimal level. Call (877) 532-3852 to schedule a commercial roof inspection.