Infrared Roof Moisture Scan

If you have a flat roof or a low sloped roof on your commercial building, you know how great these roofing systems are. They are energy-efficient, durable, and are pretty cost-effective. Unfortunately, flat and low sloped roofs are one of the hardest places to detect if a roof leak is present or not. This is because wherever the leak starts can extend in any direction on the roof, making it hard to pinpoint where the leak is. Fortunately, there are leak detection and survey to determine where the leak is, but property owners can take it a step further by investing in an infrared roof moisture scan. This type of commercial roofing service is able to save you a ton of money, as this scan can accurately detect where wet roofing and insulation is so roofers can remove it and replace it with new materials. An infrared moisture scan can work on these types of flat roofs. 

If you are looking to extend the life of your flat or low sloped roof, and want to save money in the process, call Roofer’s Guild for an infrared roof moisture scan. We are a roofing network that stretches across the entire United States. Whether you live in Oklahoma or Michigan, we can find a roofer for you that will perform professional and affordable infrared moisture scans. Call us at (877) 532-3852 to get more information.

How Does an Infrared Scan Work?

Many people who want to know if moisture or leaks are present tend to ask how they type of scan works. During the day, the sun inevitably heats up our roofing and insulation; however, when the sun begins to go down and starts to cool down, the wet roofing and insulation is going to take longer to cool down, so the wet parts of your roof and insulation will be warmer than the dry parts of your roofing and insulation. Because infrared measures heat radiating from an object, an infrared roof moisture scan is able to detect what areas have the most thermal energy coming off of them. This type of scan is done during nighttime, as the roof will be cooled down at that point, but the wet spots will still be cooling down or warm. Once the scan is done, the roofer will have images of the roof where thermal energy is most prevalent. Those spots are where leaks and moisture are located and the areas that will require either roof repair or a replacement

Save Money and Have Better Peace of Mind!

There are several benefits to getting an infrared roof moisture scan for your commercial roofing system.

  • Accurate Detection: With this scan, a roofer can accurately detect where moisture and leaks are.
  • Extend the Life of the Roof: Knowing where the leaks and moisture is can help roofers repair the roof easily, which will extend the life of the roof.
  • Scans Are Non-Invasive: This type of scan does not require a roof to rip up your roof to find the leaks and moisture in the roof or insulation.
  • Reduce Costs: Getting an infrared moisture scan is able to reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance down the road.

If you are interested in an infrared roof moisture scan, you can depend on Roofer’s Guild to find you the best roofer for the job. All you have to do is dial (877) 532-3852 to speak with someone about connecting you with a roofer in our roofing network.