Commercial Roof Overlay

Installation During a Commercial Roof Overlay

Don’t Have the Time or Budget for a Tear Off? See if a Commercial Roof Overlay Could Work for You!

Sometimes, there’s simply no way to halt business. That’s why a commercial roof replacement is more than a financial challenge for many companies; it’s a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, businesses have another option: a commercial roof overlay, also known as a reroof. While this solution isn’t for every business, many find lucrative savings and stronger protection for their place of business.

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What is a Roof Overlay?

An overlay or commercial reroof is the process of placing a brand new system of roofing over the existing layers. The material involved ranges with some of the most popular choices including metal panels, single ply membranes, and restorative coatings. There’s no tearing off of the old system, which simply sits under the protection of the brand new layer.

Of course, there are many considerations to take into account before a professional can complete a commercial roof overlay. First, the existing structure must be healthy and strong enough to take on the new system. For most flat roofing systems, this isn’t a problem unless the current rooftop is heavily degraded. Repairs and rooftop cleaning may be required prior to the installation.

Why Choose a Reroof Over Replacement?

Removing and disposing of rooftop debris can cost thousands of dollars, especially in cases with larger systems. While a rooftop system may become degraded enough to warrant a new system, that doesn’t necessarily mean that roof can’t still be useful. As a matter of fact, it can serve as a valuable layer of insulation between the decking and a brand new rooftop.

A commercial roof overlay also represents a significantly less involved project. Without the tear off, many of these projects don’t even require the business to shut down. That’s good news for those depending on a steady stream of income every day!

Finishing Up a New Layer in a Commercial Roof Overlay

Single Ply Membranes are Just One Option for Commercial Roof Overlay.

Overlay Roofing Options

Many commercial rooftops qualify for reroofing. Choosing the right material for your overlay could drastically affect your benefits! That’s one reason why you should always discuss your budget and your functional goals with your roofing contractor.

As mentioned earlier, there are three common choices for a commercial roof overlay.

Using a Membrane Top

For flat systems, many businesses choose a second single ply membrane, an easy and simple solution for keeping costs low. This could be the same material as the former system, but there’s also the opportunity to upgrade your system’s capabilities. Want a stronger defense against ultraviolet radiation. A TPO overlay could save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in energy costs. For those with the budget, a PVC rooftop provides even more with enhanced fire protection and chemical resistance!

As mentioned earlier, the flat surface of the existing membrane must be properly repaired / maintenanced to ensure a clean, flat base. This ensures fewer bumps and potential leaks for the rooftop as a whole.

Reroofing Via Coatings

Roof restoration, or coating over the current structure with a protective layer of silicone, polyurethane, etc., is another form of reroofing! Coatings typically run cheaper than a full replacement, and they provide many additional benefits in the process. Not only do they increase the lifespan of the existing system (by up to 10 years), coatings can be tailored to create…

  • A more reflective surface
  • Stronger resilience against ponding water
  • Powerful chemical resistance
  • Anti-rusting protection
  • Greater protection from mechanical damage

Coatings can typically be be applied and fully adhered within 24 hours or less, making it a very fast commercial roof overlay solution.

Metal Roofing Overlays

Reroofing Using Metal Panels

Metal Roofing Makes for a Powerful Overlay Material!

Great for aged, but structurally-intact sloped roofing systems, metal overlays create a fantastic defense against harsh weather conditions. Since corrugated and standing seam metal roofs last up to 60 years, these overlays provide a more long-term solution that other materials. They also require less maintenance than other commercial roofs.

Metal roofs usually require a protective coating reapplication every 10 years. For corrugated systems, fasteners will also need to be re-tightened every decade as well. The potential energy savings, enhanced weather protection, and wonderful peace of mind that a metal overlay can provide however, far outweigh these minor maintenance concerns!

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