Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Installation

A Mechanical Lock Metal Roof During a Storm

Mechanical Locks Required a Skilled Roofing Contractor.

You’ve heard all about the many benefits of metal roofing, and you’re sold. There’s only one problem: your company building has a very steep roof. Traditional flat roofing options are out the question, and snap lock metal panels simply won’t work.

What are your options?

Instead of switching to another type of material altogether, try a mechanical lock metal roof. It’s thick panels offer a fantastic defense against harsh weather, including hail trauma. Despite the higher price tag of standing seam, you’ll enjoy a fantastic lifespan from your roofing system. We’ll connect you with a seasoned contractor from your local area. To learn more about a mechanical lock metal roof installation or other forms of cool roofing, contact our Roofer’s Guild team today at (877) 532-3852!

Why Mechanical Lock Roofing?

As a variant of standing seam systems, a mechanical lock metal roof utilizes specialized panels that lock into place. This adds rigidity to the overall structure, making it even stronger against forceful winds and other weather hazards. With the seams hidden away beneath the interlocking panels, water has a very hard time of seeping into the layers below. That means no worrying about leaks during the next heavy thunderstorm!

What’s the Difference?

“Okay, what makes mechanical lock roofs different from their snap lock counterparts?” While those prefabricated seams make the installation process remarkably fast, snap lock systems only work for gentle sloped roofs. They are also notably more expensive per square foot.

Because of the steeper nature of the roof’s their made for, mechanical lock panels require manual adjustments at the site of the installation. While this may lead to longer installation projects, the material costs drop. Just make sure that your commercial roofing contractor has the experience and equipment necessary to perform the adjustments!

Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Panel Adjustment

Metal Panels Receive Manual Updates During the Installation Process. This Requires Careful Precision.

Additional Perks of Mechanical Lock Metal Roofing

As with any metal roofing system, energy-efficiency is a huge benefit for businesses choosing a mechanical lock solution. The more reflective the surface of the rooftop, the higher the heat deflection. With less warmth entering the building and corrupting the air, your AC unit will enjoy shorter runtimes and lower electricity consumption. Companies can easily add special insulation beneath their panels for even more energy savings.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Standing seam metal roofs utilize thicker panels that your average corrugated rooftop. The 26 gauge (or thicker) metal paneling does a fantastic job of absorbing trauma without sustaining any significant scarring. As a result, the roof only needs a fresh protective top coat every 10 years or so. This coating defends against rusting and ultraviolet fading from the sun.

Long Roofing Lifespan

Metal roofs already have a significant durability advantage over other commercial roofing systems. The added strength of a mechanical lock metal roof however, provides even longer lifetime for your building’s rooftop. Expect your roofing investment to last 50 to 60 years with only minor cleaning and the occasional recoating.

Our contractors also utilize exceptional materials from trusted manufacturers around the country. These panels are expected to be tested against heavy wind forces and fire hazards. They must also pass testing for air leaks to ensure sufficient strength and insulation. In short, expect your roofing materials to provide durable protection and security for your business!

Folding a Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Panel

It Takes Skill and Experience to Correctly Mold a Mechanical Lock Metal Roof!

Installation for Mechanical Locks

Your metal roofing system will require a stable deck for installation. Once the foundation for the new roof is ready, your contractor can begin shaping the panels on site. The long, vertically-oriented panels run down the length of the rooftop, leaving fewer seams. Every inch of the panels must be pulled over to latch onto the previous panel. This will require special crimping tools; the roofing team performs adjustments on site.

Panels attach to special fasteners on the underside of the metal sheets. This protects the anchoring points from rusting and removes the need for cyclical retightening (a must for corrugated metal roofs). Your commercial mechanical lock metal roof contractor will also install specialized flashing to divert water away from exposed corners.

Finding a Seasoned Contractor

Installation makes or breaks the quality of a roof, even with the strongest of materials. Before you start installation for your commercial mechanical lock metal roof, make sure your contractor has the necessary experience and expertise to perform the job! At Roofer’s Guild, we want to make that process easy for you.

Consult our directory to find a qualified metal roofing professional near you. Alternative, you can call our office directly for assistance at (877) 532-3852. We can’t wait to serve you!