Polyurethane Roof Coating

Commercial roofing systems face many hazards over their lifetimes. Considering the time, money, and effort you put into preserving your workplace, premature roof failure simply isn’t an option. Why not try a more convenient solution? A polyurethane roof coating offers outstanding energy, resistance, and preservative benefits for your commercial building. It works with the majority of roofing structures, a professional application could extend the life of yours by years! At Roofer’s Guild, we connect commercial building owners and managers with the professional roofing solutions they need the most. Thanks to a broad association of licensed, experienced, and trusted roofers across the United States, we make it easier than ever to find fast results. Need a fast solution for your business? Consult our directory of roofing contractors, or contact our office directly at (877) 532-3852!
A Rooftop Material Prior to a Polyurethane Roof Coating

Even Tough Materials Like Bitumen Can Benefit From a Polyurethane Roof Coating!

Key Perks of Polyurethane Coatings

Like silicone roof coatings, polyurethane offers exceptional waterproofing capabilities. Where the solution really shines however, is in its resistance to mechanical damage and ultraviolet degradation. Industrial buildings and other large commercial structures see a lot of foot traffic across the rooftop. This naturally wears down the membrane or foam over time. Moving equipment across the roofing system often leads to punctures and tears, which expose the underlying layers to water damage. With a polyurethane roof coating however, you can expect much stronger resilience against these hazards. These products typical fall into one of two categories: aromatic and aliphatic. Aromatic coatings generally serve as a primer, supplying basic mechanical resistance and waterproofing. However, these cheaper solutions yellow and degrade under extended sunlight. Aliphatic coatings cost more, but they generate a much stronger barrier against sunlight while retaining their color. As with other roof coating solutions, polyurethane’s durability slows down the aging process of your roofing system, adding crucial years to your business’ investment. Just imagine how much your company could save with up to 10 more years of healthy roofing!

Which Roofing Solutions Benefit Most from Polyurethane?

Polyurethane works for many types of systems, but make sure your particular product is designed to handle your business’ rooftop material. Common coating recipients include: Rubberized roofing materials sometimes have difficulty receiving other types of roof coatings. Weak adhesion causes poorly chosen solutions to prematurely fail. Polyurethane works exceptionally well with both TPO and EPDM roofing systems, especially in cases with aliphatic (UV resistant) coatings. Of course, this coating adheres very well to sprayed-in polyurethane foam roofs. A polyurethane roof coating also offers wonderful benefits for tough, but energy-inefficient systems like modified bitumen and built up roofing. The coating produces even stronger resistance against mechanical damage, plus new reflective capabilities to reduce heat gain in the commercial structure. That’s a double win! Consult with a seasoned restoration expert to see which brand / category of coating works best for your commercial roofing system.
A Large Rooftop Following a Polyurethane Roof Coating

A Polyurethane Roof Coating Helps Lower Energy Costs from Heat Gain.

The Application Process for Polyurethane Coatings

As with other commercial roof coatings, it’s always best to kick off your coating projects by thoroughly sweeping the project area. Excess debris may cause problems during application or down the road, and we want to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. Also, any significant scarring and/or punctures in the rooftop surface must be taken care of prior to the main coating application. A polyurethane roof coating can fix minor abrasions and surface level degradation, but it will not mend a structural damage. This preparation period guarantees a nice, even coating across the rooftop. Once the surface has been readied, most polyurethane coating projects begin with a primer. This promotes stronger adhesion to the roof’s surface. After the primer dries, any sensitive corners, skylights, hardware edges, and vents should be addressed before moving onto the final application. These areas represent the greatest vulnerabilities to leaks, which is why careful preparation is essential! The last layer of polyurethane roof coating may require a day or so to fully dry. As far as the coating process goes, the primary applications are usually completed with rollers, while careful touch ups can be achieved with brushes.

Plan Your Polyurethane Roof Coating!

When it comes to protecting your structure, a polyurethane roof coating provides much needed defense against long-term degradation and short-term mechanical damage. The lifespan enhancing properties of the coating make it a fantastic solution for any business looking to preserve their building investment. Of course, the energy-saving capabilities make polyurethane an alluring choice for any flat roof structure. Want to learn more about commercial roof coatings in your community? Talk with the Roofer’s Guild team about finding a local professional! We simplify the search process to connect you with experienced (and thoroughly vetted) roofing contractors. Call (877) 532-3852 today to get started!