Commercial Roof Fires: Causes & Preventions in 2022

Worried about commercial roof fires?

Fires are one of those natural disasters that cause complete destruction. With a storm, you might see some damage, but with fire, it will leave nothing but ash and sorrow in its wake. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do after a fire to remedy the situation.

Instead, you should be aware of what the most common causes of roof fires are and how you can prevent them from occurring altogether. A roof fire is one of those things that, as a homeowner, can be potentially devastating and expensive to resolve.

There are a few causes of roof fires that are incredibly common and very much possible to prevent. Take the steps necessary to educate yourself, and you will be able to save yourself the sorrow that comes with seeing your home destroyed by a house fire.

Improperly Installed Attic Insulation

Insulation is one of the necessities of any home. They come in different materials, but ultimately this is what keeps your home protected from the elements, allowing it to stay properly heated or cooled during the appropriate times of the year.

The thing is that it has to be applied in a cautious and careful manner, or it could become a potential fire hazard. More often than not, the homeowner is not going to be the one that installs the insulation. It will often come pre-installed in the house, so you might not be aware of its hazard.

Trouble occurs when this insulation is applied over areas with electrical wires or over junction boxes. They can also be too close to your HVAC vents, which can overheat and eventually ignite the insulation. This can lead to a fire at the top of your house that will eventually go down.

To prevent this type of fire from causing havoc in your home, you want to be careful of how the insulation is installed when it is going in if you are doing the installation yourself or having new insulation installed. If you are buying a home, make sure that you have these areas inspected to ensure that they are not fire hazards. You would also need regular maintenance to ensure these areas stay safe.

Faulty Attic Wiring

As you might be noticing by now, your attic is one of the most critical areas in your home. It is where the ever-important insulation goes and is also the leading place for fires. In the vast majority of homes, the attic space is where there is wiring as well as other electrical components. This is because the attic is a great place to keep those things safe and hidden.

House fires can be caused through many different ways.

With fire prevention, the key is proper maintenance and period checkups to ensure everything works as it should. Unfortunately, you can’t just put these things out of your mind because they could lead to serious consequences.

But out of sight does not necessarily mean that they are out of mind. Electrical shorts and issues with the wiring are some of the most common causes of fire in the country and end up causing substantial damage or destroying homes entirely.

Save yourself the trouble that comes with a house fire or a roof fire, and ensure that you have your attic wiring inspected periodically. This will ensure that your wiring is working properly and that your home is safe from these sorts of fires.

HVAC Systems in The Attic

Another one of the most common causes of roof and house fires is that the HVAC ductwork gets too hot and causes a fire in the attic. This generally leads to fires on your roof, spreading quickly to the rest of your home.

Your heating ducts and the vents can collect lint and dust, quite a good amount of it, over time. This leads to a fire hazard because these can ignite if they get hot enough. If there is a fire within your ductwork, this can ignite the insulation throughout your home and other components in the attic. Fire can spread quickly through this cause, and the results are never good.

As part of your regular roof maintenance, you should make HVAC inspection and cleaning a part of this. HVAC-sourced roof fires are one of the most common, and you can keep your home safe through regular maintenance. It might not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but you will be glad you did.

Leaky Roofs

Leaky roofs are a huge problem, even if they aren’t preventing fires. When leaks occur, they can result in structural damage to your home that could cause lasting issues. Not only that, they can lead to things like awful smells and mold, which can lead to respiratory issues.

But you might not have considered that those leaks can also lead to a roof fire. If leaks in your roof could trickle down into the wiring and electrical junction boxes. These can cause a short that will ignite the insulation as well as other materials that are located in your attic. The next thing you know, you have a roof fire that is causing irreparable damage to your home.

As always, proper maintenance is the key here. Unless the leak is so big that you notice it permeating into other areas of your home, you might not even notice that there is a leak. And when leaks go unattended, this can lead to serious issues.

Take the time out every couple of months to ensure that your home is getting proper maintenance and that there are no leaks. You don’t want to wait because it could be too late by the time you notice something is amiss.

Poor Roofing Materials

When it comes to natural disasters – storms, wildfires, lightning strikes, and other things that can cause fires to your roof or home – there isn’t much that you can do other than hope for the best. You likely just have to deal with these things and work around them when they occur.

Don't let a roof fire destroy your home when proper maintenance can go a long way.

The key to preventing fires to your roof or home is to be smart about the materials used and perform preventative maintenance. It might be a bit of a pain, but you will be thankful that you went through the trouble when you see a house fire hit a neighbor or friend.

But if your home has the wrong materials in the attic and roof area, you could end up with fires that were entirely preventable. It’s bad enough when there is a fire, but knowing that you could have done something to prevent it from happening makes it even worse.

One thing you can do to save yourself a little bit of hassle if you live in areas where storms or wildfires are more common is to install fire-resistant materials. Things like ceramic, metal, tile, or shingles with high fire-resistance ratings can give you peace of mind when living in high-risk areas.

Putting your head in the sand and ignoring these factors won’t help you, and materials like wood will leave you at risk for fires if you live in these types of areas.

Preventing Commercial Roof Fires

While there are certain instances in life where the fire just can’t be prevented, you can help yourself by taking the proper methods to prevent fires from occurring in your home or attic. A fire that starts that high in your home means that your home is at risk of getting completely destroyed.

The key, as covered a few times above, is to take the steps to have the necessary repairs done in short order and ensure that they are done correctly. The fewer hazards you have in your home, the lesser the chance that you have fires started in your attic or roof. Take the steps to implement preventative maintenance, and you will find yourself with the peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to the safety of your home.

Preventing fires is not something that should be treated off-handedly or with any flippant attitude. Your home is the most valuable thing in your life outside of your family’s health; keep both protected by ensuring that your attic is insulated properly and that all the electrical work is properly installed and maintained.

Most house fires stem from improper maintenance and installation; you can prevent these things with enough foresight and a little TLC. Don’t let your home fall at risk when you could save yourself trouble and money with a little bit of work.