Case Study of Warehouse That Caught Fire

Warehouse – Frederic, Wisconsin

Overhead Shot of Warehouse

Conklin Roof Systems Are Incredibly Durable and Damage Resistant

Challenge: Leaking metal roof, high energy bill

Client: Mike Broten, owner

Insulation: sprayed polyurethane foam over existing roof, added R Value = 14

Project: 18,000 square foot building

Reflective Value: 84 Percent

Solution: Conklin Foam Roofing System and Rapid Roof III

When Mike Broten arrived on the scene that June night, he didn’t like what he saw. A warehouse adjoining his wood products business in Frederic, Wis was engulfed in flames. Mike worried about the intense heat and the prospects of his roof catching on fire.

Fire crews had stayed on the scene most of the early morning hours as explosions from flammable materials inside the building intensified the heat. When the flames were braught under control and Mike was able to survey the damage, he breated a sigh of relief. The roof came through with flying colors. “I thought there would be a lot of wood and sparks and other debris that would damage my roof,” he said. “When I walked around on the roof after the fire, I was very impressed how it held up. I couldn’t tell you what the temperature of that fire was, but it was hot — very hot.”

Conklin Fire TestimonialNine months earlier, he made the decision to use Conklin’s energy-saving Rapid Roof III system; a base of sprayed polyurthane foam insulation coated with Rapid Roof III, 100 % acrylic elastomeric coating. Sitting in his office break room a few days after the fire, he said it was the best business decision he ever made. Rapid Roof III is the third generation of Conklin’s original coating system. The system has a fire package designed to stop most embers, which might fall onto a roof. In fact, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the testing agency for insurance companies, has given Rapid Roof III a Class A Rating, the highest standard for roofing systems.

Mike said he initially heard about the Conklin roofing system from another contractor. “When it came time to fix the roof on my business, using Rapid Roof III appealed to me because it represented a significant savings in both time and money. Initially, we were going to tear off the existing roofing system, but it was extremely cost prohibitive. The foam could be sprayed on top of the existing roof, which saved me almost 50 percent off the original estimate. I also like the insulation factor: it makes the building cooler in the hot summer days and warmer in the winter.”

Looking out over his business, Mike said he would recommend Conklin’s roofing and building material to anyone because it is reliable. “It does exactly what it’s supposed to do.”