Case Study Project Recoat After 19 Years

Contractor Re-coats Roof

Coatings Can Add Decades Of Additional Roof Protection

Re-coat Adds Another Decade of Protection to a 19-Year-Old Roof

Client: Playtex Manufacturing, Inc. Dover, DE

Company: Delmarva Roofing & Coating, Inc.

Condition: Leak-free for 19 years

Contractor: Sheldon Swartzentruber

Date of Original Conklin Roof Application: August 1991

Manpower: Three crew members

Materials used for re-coat: WAC II, Prime Time, and Benchmark Base and Top Coats

Project: Recoat of an 18,000 square foot roof

Time Frame: One week

Warranty Extended Period: 10 additional years

Re-coated Rooftop

Annual Roofing Inspections Reveal Previously Unknown Damage

“The quality of the original Conklin coating on this roof was incredible! After 19 years, the system still looks great, and its performance has far exceeded our client’s original expectations. The client has had no problems or leaks whatsoever with this roofing system.”

“We have been conducting annual roof inspections since original application, and amazed at how it has aged (or not) and performed for our client. I would put this 19 year old coating system up against any other coating on the market of the same age.”

“Our recoat procedure included pressure washing with WAC II, then spraying Prime Time at a rate of ½ to ¾ per gallons per square. Nicks, blisters, and cracks were repaired with Benchmark basecoat and fabric. We then applied 2 gallons per square of Benchmark Top Coat. This will give our client a roofing system that will last at least another 19 years before another re-coat is required.”