Case Study of Built-up Roof Longevity

Foam Coating Over Built Up Roof

Conklin Roof Coatings are Long-Lasting, Durable, and Reliable

Client: Masonic Temple Association of Williamston

Contractor: Tom Warschefsky / Noble Enterprises

Date of Original Conklin Roof Application: 1984 Foam application, recoats in 1990 and 2001

Manpower: One contractor, two full and three partial days

Materials Used for Re-coat: Wac II, Kwik Kaulk, 360-S, Benchmark Top Coat

Project: Repair and recoat of 4,300 square foot foam roof over smooth built-up roof.

Warranty Extension Program: Five Years

The Masonic Temple Association building stands in Downtown Williamston, Michigan an area noted for its antique markets and century-old architecture. What a perfect opportunity for a long-lasting, protective Conklin roof – or so thought Tom Warschefsky, owner of Noble Enterprises, in 1984, we put an inch of foam, plus Conklin coatings, over a smooth built-up roof on the property,” says Warschefsky. Per warranty guidelines, Warschefsky re-coated the roof in 1990, and again in 2001 before the latest re-coat in 2001, which gave the building owner a 5 -year extension on the warranty.