29 Years of Solid Performance

3 Year Fix Lasts For Decades

Client: Laurelville Mennonite Church Center

Condition: Only one small leak in 27 years!

Contractor: Maynard Brubacher

Date of Original Conklin Roof Application: October 1983

Manpower: One Person

Materials Used For Re-coat: Wac II, Prime Time, Rapid Roof, III Kolor Kote

Project: Recoat of a 1912 Lodge Building Roof

“In 1983, I was asked to seal the roof of a 71 year old structure on the Laurelville Church Center property, so that the structure could be used for three years until its scheduled demolition. I put ¾ of an inch of foam on it, then Prime Time and a gray Rapid Roof top coat with green granules, just to seal it up until 1986. Twenty-seven years later, the building still stands (In 1986, the board reversed its decision to tear the building down), the roof has had only one small leak, and we just renewed its superior performance with a simple recoat!

“This is just another example of how tough, durable, and long lasting roof systems are. A three-year plan ended up lasting 27 years! It goes to show that Conklin roof systems are much more than just a short-term fix!”