The 7 Best SEO Tools & Apps for Roofers in 2021

SEO Tools for Roofers

Roofing companies can utilize tools to streamline their SEO process and even automate specific digital marketing tasks. As a roofing professional, time is money, and the more time spent performing jobs and earning income, the faster your company grows. But, of course, without a sound marketing strategy, those jobs will never become available. While you can always hire one of the best SEO agencies for roofers, the good news is that several tools now exist to make the SEO process more accessible than ever before. Let’s take a look at the seven best SEO tools for roofers in 2021.

1) DataPins

DataPins changes the SEO game for roofers. The tool allows contractors to turn each job into a blog post on steroids, otherwise known as a “pin.” When roofers repair a shingle roof in Denver, they use their mobile app to tag the location and take some pictures of the job. Once the roofer submits that info, it automatically publishes it to its website on the most appropriate page. If that weren’t enough, the app also sends out an automated review request to the customer through email and text. Roofers also can publish their “pins” on social media profiles, including GMB posts, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts.

Pin Example

2) Google Search Console

Many marketing agencies talk about Google Analytics data, but Google Search Console is more straightforward to use. You don’t have to be an SEO professional to understand data produced from Search Console. For example, GSC will email you your best-performing queries (aka keywords) over the last 28 days. You can also log into your GSC dashboard and easily filter data by date, page, and query. One of the most impressive features allows web admins to compare clicks from the last 28 days to the previous 28 days. The same criteria can apply to any time range you select.

Google Search Console

3) Thrive Leads

Sometimes generating website traffic isn’t enough to produce leads for your roofing company. Installing the Thrive Leads WordPress plugin allows you to capture website visitors and add them to your email list for future promotions. Similar to remarketing on Facebook, Thrive Leads captures visitors’ contact information so that you can promote your services once they exit your website. In addition, Thrive Leads comes with an assortment of pop-up templates and allows web admins to insert CTAs within the content itself. The pop-ups are the least intrusive of their kind and typically result in substantial engagement increases for visitors.

Thrive Leads Example

4) RankMath

RankMath rivals Yoast as the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Like Yoast, RankMath allows web admins to enter their title tag, meta description, tags, and more. The tool also offers an excellent preview of what your result will look like on the SERP. There’s no guessing when it comes to RankMath, as the tool provides an SEO score for your content based on the keyword(s) you input. While many in the industry use Yoast for familiarity, those who try RankMAth come away impressed with its features and ease of use.

Rank Math Example

5) Moz Pro

Moz Pro allows roofing professionals to execute a variety of SEO tasks under a single umbrella. For instance, roofing companies can research keywords, check backlinks profiles, and perform competitor research. In addition, Moz has its link grade metric called Domain Authority, which can help roofers determine where they stand relative to top competitors within their service areas. Finally, Moz Pro also provides an on-page grader that determines whether or not content is up to the necessary standards for top rankings.

Moz Pro Example

6) Link Whisper

For all the talk about link building in SEO, very rarely does it allude to internal linking. However, internal linking is one of the best ways to improve page rankings and is far more of a white-hat strategy than most link outreach campaigns. Luckily, an SEO tool called Link Whisper uses AI to make internal linking straightforward and effective. The tool suggests internal links for your page within the WordPress editor. Which links are chosen depends on the topic, keyword, and user needs. Overall, Link Whisper is one of the best investments roofers can make for their SEO.

Link Whisper Example


7) YouTube

YouTube’s inclusion on this list may come as a surprise to roofing contractors; however, strategic YouTube embeds on your roofing website, blog posts, and pages can increase engagement and dwell time while decreasing bounce rate. Of course, its effectiveness depends on the quality and entertainment value of your videos. With that being said, HQ videos are easier to produce than ever before, with most roofers having 24/7 access to a camera-enabled smartphone. You can even edit videos directly on your device and upload them to YouTube without ever touching a desktop computer. If videos engage your visitors, expect substantial SEO benefits moving forward. 

YouTube Marketing Screenshot