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Owners of Roofer's Guild

Owners of National Roofer’s Guild Group

Roofer’s Guild is a national community of roofing contractors that unites for a common goal. The roofing association was founded by Nolen Walker and John Hess to establish power in numbers. We are affiliates of Conklin roofing group, which gives us valuable industry insights that we can share with our members.  Each roofer we partner with pledges to uphold our standards of excellence. We assist one another in both the process and final results of roofing. We provide the following to members:

  • Case Studies
  • Community Discussion
  • Industry Contacts
  • Media Accesibility

Performing roofing jobs, whether it be residential or commercial, is simpler with resources from trusted industry professionals. Being able to bounce ideas off of industry allies makes your life as a roofing contractor more resourceful. During a time where digital media has changed the landscape of roofing as an industry, it’s time to use those changes to our benefit. By forming Roofer’s Guild, each and every one of us can become better at our jobs, and most importantly, make money. Call (877) 532-3852 to join Roofer’s Guild.

The Roofer’s Guild Standard

Being accepted as a member of Roofer’s Guild puts you in rare company. Only the best and the brightest from around the U.S. of A are selected for this outstanding honor. Why are our standards so high? It’s for the betterment of our members. If we accept roofers who do not provide valuable insights to the community at large, we dilute the group in its entirety. Instead, we hold each member accountable to provide excellent roofing services in their respective service areas. Best yet, we provide virtual resources to help them meet and maintain that standard.

There are other groups of roofing professionals, but few if any rival the all-consuming nature of Roofer’s Guild. From informational documents, to helpful videos, the available resources are extensive, and each one is screened to ensure its helpfulness to roofing contractors throughout the nation. As a networking community, we also facilitate valuable discussion between industry professionals, who as a result, can run a more informed and more profitable business. You too can join the Roofer’s Guild today.

How To Join The Team

Applying for membership with Roofer’s Guild is simple. Call and ask about becoming a member! While not every applicant will be accepted into the community, ample opportunities will be given to make your case. We accept applications from commercial, residential, and general roofing contractors. The region of your business is immaterial as long as you operate within the United States of America. We look forward to hearing from you today.

Becoming a member of the Roofer’s Guild can be a career-changing accomplishment. With so many resources available to members, it’s no wonder that their productivity increases once gaining access to them. Talking with our current members, what they enjoy most is the camaraderie between their contemporaries, and the feeling of community that parallels this dynamic. There’s also a sense of accountability that each member feels to uphold the standards of the entire group. Call (877) 532-3852 to join Roofer’s Guild today.